The State of Journalism, 2018.






That office used to be mine until I sold my house, and then the new owner gutted it and turned it into an ice cream parlour. I wish him luck. I have even more books now than I did then, and you can’t see all the bookcases in that picture.

My life was different then, too, but I did not have it easy during that era in my life by any stretch. I was forced to deal with very toxic people who had no business being in my life. I cut them out one by one. I cultivated my garden, pulling out the weeds. I made a conscious decision to exercise free will, and the end result was that harmful people who thought nothing of trying to cut me down and belittle me got their access denied without any drama. No fights or grand soliloquies. I just stopped having things to do with them, and vetoed any and all attempts to give them “another chance.” There was no discussions or debates, and anyone trying to spin me as being selfish also got dropped from the roll call.

I had more than enough on my plate at the time. I had two relatives to look after for very different reasons. One passed away, and one is still alive.

I was also being expected to drop my own ambitions and careers on the drop of a hat. My career did get seriously derailed, and it wasn’t just life getting in the way. I have been deliberately sabotaged in more ways than one.

But fortunately for me, and unfortunately for those saboteurs, I am determined and focussed.

2018 was horrific, and some of you know a little bit about what happened to me, but not all of it. I am leaving the whole story for 2019 for my own personal reasons, but I promise to dish on myself.

But even as epically shitty as 2018 was, I beat that little motherfucker into submission. My book got published, but the sales were not where they should have been because of the absolutely ridiculous obstacles put in my path. Do not think I am walking away from it. I will promote it. I am in it for the long-haul.

I just have to use lateral thinking and create an alternate way.

But then I got another book deal on a completely different subject. Getting any book deal is a big deal, and this will be book #5. I have cued up at least five other books, and when it is time, I will get them out as well.

In other words, I am still fighting using my well-honed natural talents.

I looked at my teaching and decided to upgrade my skills. Harvard has a course for that, and I just wrapped up taking it. It doesn’t come easy or cheap, but I loved it because I love learning, hearing other perspectives, and improving on my techniques.

My teaching career was not where it should be. Some of it has to do with my circumstances of always being expected to settle for less. Some of it has to do with having too many catastrophes hitting me at all sides at the same time. Some of it has to do with the how post-secondary institutions do not appreciate innovations and stick to unrealistic and antiquate scripts.

And some of it has to do with me settling for less than what I am capable of doing.

I never compromise with my writing, but I had been with my other great love, teaching. For someone who hated school with every grain of my being growing up, I was the opposite when I began to teach. I love, love, love it.

I am also an artist, but my art is restricted to teaching, but I pushed a boundary, and it will be something I author a book in. Weaving my loves together in a Kumihimo weave is something I gravitate to naturally so that I can remain focussed on the big picture.

When I was lying in bed one night at my lowest ebb of my entire life, I did a lot of thinking, not wallowing or stewing. I was as vulnerable as a person could possibly get, but I started thinking about the whole of my life: what stupid bullshit garbage I was putting up with, how I was capable of doing big things that benefitted others, and what the returns were on my personal investments.

I got very angry at God. I still am livid. I got angry at life. That, I got over because I got through it.

I got angry at certain people who had very bad attitudes and willfully chose to hurt and try to manipulate me, and even though they failed, I was still putting up with it for no good reason, and it is tiresome to tell people to their faces that you know what they are doing, and why they are not getting anything from me, only for them to try to do it again. They have been humbled by their own machinations, and have no emotional outposts in my heart. There is no reason to be mad at people who could have lived like royalty and now are forced to face their peasantry. They punished themselves and live worse now than they did in the days they chose to see me as their target. I pulled out from the rubble without them, and went on with my life, and they know it.

I got angry at myself, as well because Alexandra Kitty has always been capable in chaos, Batman-prepared, Mycroftian-smart, and all around independent. I have had many people over the years say to me that I am the smartest person they ever met — and the strongest.

It is not arrogant for me to say it is true because 2018 would have destroyed others in their mind and spirit if they weren’t clever and strong.

But I transmuted into someone even smarter and stronger. I didn’t sell my soul to the devil, but even though I did transmute for the better, what did I actually have to show for it?

Not what I should have, and that was on me.

I got distracted by bullshit. What did Alexandra Kitty need and want? Did she know anymore? Who was she?

I couldn’t pull myself together overnight or in a month. I had devised several plans, thought about the risks and benefits, worked on several strategies, and then held my breath until November to see what would happen, although I did start my course two weeks before the date with destiny because I was not going to retreat.

I got the news I both wanted and needed; so then the plan went into action.

I started to focus and categorize what areas in my life needed work, and that turned out to be everything. I am out of shape, and that’s not exactly on me, but now that the worst is over, I could diet and exercise my way back to my previous kickass figure. That regime starts next week.

I decided to look at what books I wanted to publish, and now that’s full steam ahead. Anyone who tries to get in my way will get hit over the head with one of my previous four books of their choice, and I am a very good hitter.

Then I decided to create a plan for my teaching, and what are the things I will not settle for. All I need now is feedback from my final assignment, and I am good to go.

Then I decided to look at my art. I haven’t focussed on that, but now I have a plan for that in 2019.

Then I looked at the Hat Trick of this web site, Chaser, and A Dangerous Woman, and decided this was my lab, and I still have to refine things. There is no set plan, but a series of experiments that will tell me how to bring those three elements together to produce a fourth — the ultimate goal.

Then I looked at my personal life. There was more than just neglect, but rubble because Alexandra Kitty forgets that she should look after herself first. That is not being selfish. 2018 taught me that lesson. I started going out to lunches with friends more, but there is room for big improvement there, too.

Every benchmark ended with me taking action in order to improve things. Yes, there are some assholes who were horrible to me, but I still could move away from those toxic dynamics, meaning I knew if I altered and modified my behaviour, things would improve.

So even though I am out of shape, and not exactly where I am, I am on the right path that I am creating with my every step. I can see the destination, as I am enjoying the journey. I have a few things I have to read to ready for my book writing, and I am writing this year-end review, but after that, I have boxes to unpack and then the rest of year is for me to get conditioned to march forwards and upwards with the focus, ambition, levity, determination, and ambition that I have never had before.

I don’t need to make a list or have symbols or inspirational logos as I search for omens and godwinks. I decided and that’s good enough for me.

So here is a woman who had a horrific motherfucking year, and was as lost and uncertain as a person could be, and she soared before once again landing on her feet. Ta da!

I am forty-five years old.

I was never married. I never had children.

Yet my life was as harried as a woman who had a demanding husband and a brood of ungrateful children to protect from the cruel world.

And I said, “Fuck you, enough. I have control. I have dreams, ambitions, goals — and every motherfucking right in the omniverse to reach them having the time of my life doing so.”

So I changed my ways. It wasn’t an admission of defect. It was an admission that I am much better than I thought I am. I learned and now I am on the cusp of having the best year I ever had in my life.

Despite everything, I am happy, grateful, and optimistic in my own abilities. I am so glad that I had me to see this through because I became a great friend to myself to the point of being my own bestie.

I didn’t let myself down. I learned to reflect in new ways, and now I can’t wait.

And I had no one who gave me any sort of advice or pep talk. Not a single one.

I didn’t need it, either.

So why can’t journalism be more like Alexandra Kitty?


Journalism seems to be the anti-Alexandra Kitty. It had more power, resources, connections, and clout than Alexandra Kitty ever did, yet Alexandra Kitty survived worse, and journalism collapsed.

So how did journalists spend 2018?

Not the way Alexandra Kitty did.

Alexandra faced reality. She assessed her situation. She made changes. She took control even as there was so little control she had to take, yet created the control she needed and wanted. She is still in the process of getting more of it. There is still plenty of room for improvement. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect.

Journalists began 2018 blaming Donald Trump for everything: for their losing their sway with the little people, to destroying the environment with his flatulence. Their bullying of him never stops. It has become abnormal to the extreme as it is wicked. I dare any journalist to agree with that level of vitriol if we took their loved ones and did to them what the press does to Trump — and we can even find excuses to do it.

There are no facts to this reportage, just propaganda.

And begging for money.

The New York Times has the gall to have an Op-Ed piece claiming The Weekly Standard’s editorial staff were oh-so-valiant, and yet they stuck this piece of rank propaganda on their cover.


I have yet to see a single rapist, serial killer, child molester, or murderer get that treatment on a magazine cover; so let’s not pretend this is normal or healthy behaviour.

This is a manipulative gambit to remove someone who you have not managed to break and get to do things for you: so now you are going to punish them and clear the way for your guy to waltz in.

But those games didn’t change the outcome, and the situation was getting worse.

So then journalists began to blame their employers for the mess, but not in an honest way. They blamed asset-squeezers for their demise, which was a lie because asset-squeezers are interested only in properties that have no long-term viability: they sell of things, and then close up shop. If the property is viable, then you get another sort of buyer. This is by-the-numbers, and not very hard to figure out.

It is the same with housing. Good houses are bought by people who want in a move-in ready house to live in, or one that needs some work, but isn’t out of their budget. Houses that need more work, but can be salvaged are bought by flippers who do the work, and sell at a profit, but they do not live in the house they are renovating as a general rule, except for the amateurs.

Then there are unliveable houses that are falling apart. You cannot go into them to even have a look: the floors are rotted, there is black mold, the roof may collapse. It is condemned.

You are not buying the house: you are buying the land to tear down the house and rebuild.

The house is a write-off.

Journalism is that kind of house that is a write-off.

It needs to be torn down. It needs to be completely rebuilt, but the real estate where it stands is fertile enough for an architect to get creative.

But journalists don’t want to admit that.

So then they started to blame social media. They turned on Facebook — once their darling because they were kissing up to it in order to try to turn their fortunes around — and then were relentless in their attacks. Mark Zuckerberg had no idea what hit him.

It didn’t help that people are getting bored. How many OMG and Nametests instant games can you burn through before wondering why in fuck’s name you are sinking your life on bullshit.

But tearing down social media didn’t save them, either.

So then they started to blame people who abandoned them. They called them “populist” and saw them as lesser beings, then wondered why those people weren’t being shamed into coming back.

They got miffed when high school kids called them liars, never realizing that that generation made a comparison to news and the real world, saw the bullshit, and walked away.

Then came the big finale of trying to trick the public into thinking they were “guardians” and “crusaders.”

Yeah, you go show that Kanye West who’s the crusader! You report on Ariana Grande’s personal life and whatever bad skit is on Saturday Night Live, and then have the nerve to say you are risking your lives to inform people?


Ahem…umm, umm…well…to that I say…


Bullshit, you assholes.


The running theme in 2018 for journalism was “It is everyone else’s fault because we are superior to you.”

There is no salvaging this profession. The j-schools are too lazy and too timid to say, “Fucking hell, this isn’t working, and the universities are going to shut us down; so let’s do something about it.”

Local papers are closing, online publications are floundering, and those are the only two places where any j-school grad it going to cut their teeth. Magazines are also dead.

But I have studied this profession for all of my adult life, and I know what is needed, from the ground up.

I know because I made it my business to know. You cannot improve anything if you do not hold yourself accountable.

And no, Poynter, journalists getting unionized cannot do a thing because the business is dead. Canada has had unionized journalists and they are worse off than their US counterparts.

Social media has done a big disservice in that area because it allows dysfunctional cliques to find each other, and then validate their justifications and excuses before they go on bullshit tears about how they are “misunderstood” and being “shamed.”

No, you are causing people trouble. You are being destructive and impeding other people whom you expect to accept your bad behaviour, and work as your servants, cleaning up your messes, propping you up, and then funding your black hole instead of investing time, money, and energy on things that will produce functionality.

That’s not being a social rights activist: that is trying to game, manipulate, prime, groom, and rig a system so you don’t have to be held accountable for your failures and shortcomings.

You want equality? Then you have to be ready to be held accountable just like everyone else.

Journalists still refuse to be held accountable for their profession’s demise, begging for money, being destructive, and not doing their fucking jobs.

We may have rights in a democracy, but we all have responsibilities and if you shirk your responsibilities, you erode your own rights.

Journalists never want to pay the piper, but the piper collects his due through reality. Sophistry, propaganda, gambles, and delusions only squander the opportunities to correct the problem before there comes that point of no return.

That’s how I turned a horrific year around. Everything came crashing at me all at once even though I am brave, clever, honest, and a prepared realist, and these were things no one could reasonably expect to just all come crashing from every quarter all at once. The statistical probability of all of that happening in one lifetime, let alone less than one year, is nil. I had a better chance of winning the lottery. Except I got the former, not the latter.

But I still took ownership of those problems. Every single one. Once they became my problems, I could analyze them, assess them, reflect on their essences, test them, break them down, see their composition, and then take other things and turn the knowledge and wisdom into solutions.

Turning lead into gold.


It is the reason my year is ending on such a high note.

It is the reason I have lost respect for journalists: they are still stuck in the same arrogant vortex that destroyed them.

No, assholes, you kiss up those in power, not hold them accountable, and throw fits when those marked sugardaddies aren’t fooled but manage to fool you time and again.


They are behaving like spoiled brats and spoiled brats cannot accurately reflect reality. It always comes back to the slights of others they want to punish so they can destroy any and all evidence of their shortcomings.

They cannot see the big picture or what needs to be done, and they are running out of people to blame or tricks to fool people.

All of it is backfiring and deservedly so.

And it’s a real knee-slapper to watch.


I didn’t lose my sense of humour, darlings.


Journalists really need to get over their biggest obstacle: themselves and their inflated egos.

They aren’t getting a clear reception of reality.

That is the reason I am pushing for the alternative to journalism.

And I am determined, and if 2018 didn’t stop me, then 2019 knows better than to even try.

Because I am still around and most of 2018 is gone.

I am looking forward to my continued transmutation and transformation in 2019. I will become a far better person for it, and I am happy and grateful.

That’s not to say that I am a defective person. It means there is always room to grow, improve, learn, and share.

I am a loving person. I am a wise person.

I am also a determined person.

I can be silly, playful, and fun.

I always have the backs of people who need it.

But I don’t take abuse or play mind games where my self-esteem is dependent on your approval. Remember that.

And watch out world, because here I come!

Bwah ha ha!


Alexandra Kitty

Author, Artist, Actrivist, Matriarchal Storyteller, and Woman About Omniverse…

Living in a Zero-Risk country: It isn't as safe as you think. Nepotism, no regulations, just big promises, and then that big drop.



NPR had a dumbass story about how regular citizens are now completely helpless because the newspapers they weren’t buying or reading anymore were gone.


If those papers were useful, they would have read them, but journalists don’t see how much of their selfish bad attitude makes their work unusable.

For example, Rodney Stafford did not look in his local newspaper to find out that both of his child’s killers were transferred to Healing Lodge and Easier Jail. He found that out all by himself, and I commend him for it.

But the CBC’s response was very cruel, but disguised it well. They had this slap at him:

Why even the 'worst of the worst' criminals get transferred to medium-security prisons

Read: it happens all the time, and your kid isn’t that special.

The piece was an outrage, and an absolute spit in the face to the Stafford family.

And the reason why we need to appreciate and respect the Rodney Staffords of the world a little more.

Because he is living in the same country I do: the Zero-Risk Nation.

And it is the reason why one of his children was snatched away from him through no fault of his family, and then gets disrespected by a media outlet that has the nerve to pretend their ilk have value.


A Zero-Risk Nation gambles in the name of safety. A Zero-Gamble Nation builds by employing a series of risks. The goal to any utopia is to build on risk, know there is no such thing as a “sure thing”, that citizens may be cared for, but not nannied into passivity or self-entitlement, and not stoop to taking gambles, especially not those based on wishful thinking, arrogance, or folksy Middle Class logic.

Citizens are not nannied because should a threat come from the outside, citizens are active, vigilant, and capable enough to hold their own. That threat is unlikely to be an invasion, but there is economic downturns, natural disasters, grifters, and the like.

True journalism requires a Zero-Gamble Mindset. Canada is a Zero-Risk Country. Our journalism has collapsed, and the mindset of the profession holds much of the blame.

When you appeal to authority, you are taking a gamble, but when nepotism brings you those authorities, you can be sure the reason is (a) people are familiar with the name, thinking there is no risk, and (b) they are taking a gamble assuming one relative is a reasonable facsimile for the other.

And Canada, like Serbia, has a serious nepotism infestation. If we look at the names of the current roster of politicians in play: Trudeau, Ford, Mulroney, Blair — what we see is people in power who have built-in name recognition and had careers predicated on their relative’s name.

It is seen as “safe”, and even if it is proven to be a bad strategy, a Zero-Risk society still uses the same formula because it requires risk to alter it.

I find the brouhaha over OPP Commissioner a telling sign of Zero-Risk: Ron Taverner is a friend of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, and despite the protests, various levels within the province did not stand in its way — that is, until the interim Commissioner Brad Blair (no relation to Bill Blair in a shocking twist) wrote a letter urging the province to stop gambling with its choices.

Mind you, if Ford were a Liberal, the press would have remained silent. His victory threw a monkey wrench in all the Left-wing nepotistic games, and now they are merely drawing attention to the Right’s versions, hoping that the misdirection will draw attention away from their own. If it sucks when the Right does it, it sucks the when the Left does it.


A Zero-Risk Mindset is an unnatural one: it is a lie and a con, and all lies and cons require a narrative to lure in prey. A Zero-Risk Society breeds nepotism, but to keep the racket going, you need to groom people to be happy with having no real upward mobility because the real glass ceiling is nepotism.

Because the leaders have an expectation of entitlement, they are passive by nature: people give them things. They do not actually have to go out and earn them. Their mindset is passive. They gamble because they think they are innately entitled and fortunate.

And that means they do not struggle. They do not understand strategy — a form of thinking where you cannot rely on any script — nor do they understand risk.

They follow the script that worked for their predecessors. They are misaligned with the times and the places, meaning they are removed from reality.

And when you have regimes who do not understand the nuances of failure, defeat, pain, loss, or suffering, they are not intellectual alchemists.

They have suffered no spiritual death; hence they cannot turn lead (defeat) into gold (victory). They assume people will just give them gold because of who they are or that they have a Midas touch, which they cannot.

In Canada, where the Middle Class embrace Zero-Risk, we see how their perpetual ignorance has harmed them. They are as passive as the nepotistic leaders they elect. They make no demands because that would draw attention to their own slumps and problems, going against their sunny Facebook posts.

Because no one wants to draw attention to problems, those problems are never confronted, and it is the reason why Canada has so many people lose their life savings in various scams, and the news media covers it only after it is too late.

Like the Globe and Mail’s piece:

Inside the fall of Fortress

Fortress Real Developments raised $920-million from 14,000 Canadians who thought they were getting low-risk, steady income. Now, as the company comes under the pressure of an RCMP investigation and faltering projects, some face the prospect of devastating losses.

The Globe had the nerve to label this under “Investigations”, but that’s bullshit: investigations means cutting it off at the pass, not when bankrupt people come crying to you.

But the mindset of the victims of Zero-Risk is very telling:

Four years ago, Mr. Narciso was framing a roof in Toronto when he fell several metres, breaking his spine and leaving him partially paralyzed. Confined to a wheelchair and unable to work, the now 58-year-old received a $500,000 insurance settlement to help support himself, Ms. Cortes and their daughter, now five years old.

The couple wanted to put the money into a safe, income-generating investment but had little experience with investing. An acquaintance introduced them to an adviser well-known in Toronto’s Portuguese community, who suggested one of their best options was to invest in a so-called syndicated mortgage, a pool of funds that would help finance early-stage real estate projects.

We have hit every single benchmark of Zero-Risk thinking within the first paragraph: they wanted “safe.” They trusted an acquaintance, not someone they researched. They went with a “name”. They went within their own ethnic group.

But it goes on:

“He said that the only way it could go wrong was if the real estate market collapsed, which was extremely unlikely at that point,” recalls Ms. Cortes, 35.

In 2015, the couple agreed to hand over their whole $500,000 settlement, joining 600 other investors who would collectively pool $36-million for the Collier Centre project.

What Mr. Narciso and Ms. Cortes didn’t know was that Collier Centre was just emerging from bankruptcy protection and that a group of earlier syndicated mortgage investors still had not been repaid the $16.9-million they’d put up back in 2012.

“If we had any warning of risk anywhere, we wouldn’t have put all our money into this,” says Ms. Cortes, who is expecting a new baby in the spring.

To avoid risk, they took an enormous gamble with their entire investment, which has gone to money heaven. They worked on trust, not on finding out something about the Centre that turned their gamble into a sure-fire money-sink.

To avoid risk, they gambled a painfully-earned half million.

But they think the trouble was risk. It wasn’t.

It was the gamble on a “sure thing.”

But it isn’t just about the money. Let’s go back to the reason why they had that much money to give to grifters: the husband did work that crippled him.

How come?

It wasn’t his doing: we live in a country that has no rules or regulations because to have them is an admission that things go wrong and that people do bad things. You use tools that do not work and malfunction. You have jobs with no real security or safety. You are playing Russian Roulette every time you go to work, and the government’s solutions have businesses howling, even though those measures don’t actually address the problem.

As a college instructor, I had to watch online videos from the Ontario government about workplace safety.

And it was total unhelpful bullshit.

But in a Zero-Risk Society, that’s what you can get: simple and simplistic answers because it is too scary to admit there are real dangers that can be catastrophic and permanent.


The worst problem with a Zero-Risk Mindset is that level of conniving manipulators who pollute societal function. They play mind games, try to shame and sabotage genuine talent not just ot break them and prevent them from achieving what they can and should — but in such a way as to trick them into becoming their servants in order to make them look good.

Sooner or later, people stop trying, and then begin to sabotage the saboteurs.

The latent anarchy is neither good nor bad — it all depends on the filters used to see it.

A moral and constructive group in anarchy can turn it into paradise where no one is exploited, ignored, abused, or impeded.

An immoral and destructive group in anarchy can turn it into the place below hell where everyone exploits and abuses everyone else.

It depends on whether the collective take risks or gambles.

Canadian journalism is defined and entrenched in a Zero-Risk Mindset.

To rebuild, it takes a Zero-Gamble Mindset, but too many people have made careers on gambles, but no risk because they praised the very scripts that destroyed them, and as they do not want to admit flaw or fault, they will cling on to the script until their last breath.

It is the reason an alternative to journalism requires to completely bypass the old wreck with the mindset that Risk is optimal.

It also requires Utopian Scholarship.

Utopian scholarship, she says?

What is that, you say?

Something to discuss at a later date and time, but suffice to say, I am a Radical Centrist, and to be one means to be an active risk-taker whose genre of empiricism is utopian scholarship.

2019 will be a very interesting year for me.

Stay tuned…

Journalists continue to blame their own owners for their troubles. It is everyone's else's fault, never their own.

It never ends. The “It’s Everyone’s Else’s Fault” narrative that has turned the journalistic collective into stupid children continues, this time, in The New York Times, with this opinion propaganda:

Who Killed The Weekly Standard?

The bureaucratic mind has a temporary triumph.

The entire thesis is Evil Owner up against Hero Victim Reporters.

No, really:

John Podhoretz, one of the magazine’s founders, reports that they actively prevented potential buyers from coming in to take it over and keep it alive. They apparently wanted to hurt the employees and harvest the subscription list so they could make money off it. And Anschutz, being a professing Christian, decided to close the magazine at the height of the Christmas season, and so cause maximum pain to his former employees and their families.

The Grinch who stole Christmas? Has the Times actually noticed the number of companies not being able to make it to Christmas this year?

But the paranoid conspiracy theory does not end there:

In reality, this is what happens when corporate drones take over an opinion magazine, try to drag it down to their level and then grow angry and resentful when the people at the magazine try to maintain some sense of intellectual standards. This is what happens when people with a populist mind-set decide that an uneducated opinion is of the same value as an educated opinion, that ignorance sells better than learning.

In that sense, the closing of The Standard resembles Chris Hughes’s destruction of the old New Republic. This is what happens when the commercial forces trying to dumb down the American media run into a pocket of people trying to resist those forces.

Yes, because journalists are flawless and valiant crusaders, and those big meany Pro-Trump owners are taking out their big guns, stuffing it with cow shit, and firing it at them.


Opinion magazines are redundant in a world with social media because people like their own opinions better than other people’s. Opinion is cheap and easy filler, and opinion magazines are cheap to produce; so if an owner wants to get rid of an opinion rag, there is a good reason for it.

The self-serving narrative isn’t aligned with reality. Those in the profession still don’t get what has happened. They are thinking in the same scripted way they did thirty years ago, and the rules no longer apply.

If they weren’t so busy being arrogant, they would see that they aren’t smarter than the “populist” people they keep seeing as beneath them.

If the profession truly wanted to save themselves, they would start looking at themselves, and writing an exposé on their own.

The way I have been writing exposés on the profession for years.

I want a better method to inform society. I want progress and improvement.

I don’t want to sit in cow shit the way everyone else in the profession sits in cow shit and wallows how everything stinks.

Yes, motherfuckers, sitting in cow shit stinks. You stink. Your profession stinks. Your attitude stinks. Your work stinks.

And it is so unnecessary. It is like dealing with a stubborn, but stupid child who cries that he smells like cow shit after he jumps in a pile of cow shit that you repeatedly told him not to jump in.

Then he bitches how it is yucky and stinky as no other kids wants to play with him, calls him smelly, and it’s all their fault.

And you just sit there and wonder if it is the arrogance that makes the brat a worthless dummy, or he is just unteachable.

If you want change, march yourself in front of the mirror and look at all the cow shit on you. Acknowledge the cow shit is the same cow shit you jumped into despite repeated warnings from the world, especially Alexandra Kitty. Admit it is a stupid thing to do. Then go wash it off. Get rid of the cow shit. You may have to take multiple baths.

Then dry yourself off and look in the mirror again.

Then do not go running into and rolling around in another pile of cow shit ever again.

The end.

Happy ending!

Yes, is a free resource for journalistic rehabilitation services and sensible advice…

Why journalism never understood the truth of science: The New York Times does the same thing I did twenty years ago, just unscientific and with ego.

For those of you who have read this site, you know how I discussed various empirical experiments I did when I went into journalism in order to study it.

I studied the rejections I received during that time, and I chronicled that escapade in various posts, including this one.

And this one.

I also did a Story Studio offering as well.

The New York Times decided to venture into rejections, but with very telling, if unscientific results in this piece of perky, egocentric dreck:

I Got Rejected 101 Times

Being told no is inevitable in most creative endeavors. But maybe I could win by losing.

That it is written by a comedian isn’t here nor there, but the content considering the venue leaves much to be desired:

As 2018 began, though, I felt empowered by the knowledge that turning my failures into accomplishments would mean I’d be gaming the system. Both acceptances and rejections would count as a sort of win, and I liked those odds.

In pursuit of 100 rejections, I put myself forward for opportunities I’d previously thought were for smarter, funnier, cooler people. And sometimes I wasn’t rejected. I wrote for new publications, got a joke-writing gig on my favorite comedian’s radio show and interviewed guests on my podcast who I’d thought wouldn’t waste their time on me. At a stand-up show this fall, a peer told me the thing every comedian wants to hear: “I see your name everywhere! You’re killing it!”

This is the typical let’s-look-positive-on-the-negative that got the profession into trouble, an the adding pop psych touch of Angela Duckworth didn’t give the piece any value (and I had to do the same test for my class because this it required a me-centred thought process to evaluating your abilities, etc.); it was gratuitous, and it is one of those things you slap on to eke out an opinion piece that isn’t totally self-indulgent, which is fine for a blog post, not fine in a journalistic product.

What this piece happens to be is a patriarchal me-centred narcissistic narrative with no empirical or informational value: who hasn’t had their own personal narrative of getting many rejections, and persisting in spite of them? Whoop-di-fucking-do.

But that the chose to publish this piece says a lot about why the profession collapsed: it sees nothing wrong with patriarchal me-centred narcissistic narratives instead of you-focussed empirical facts.

What they should have been doing all along.

What is the difference? Let’s take a journalistic staple to explain it: the Christmas/Thanksgiving stories that take place in a food ban or a homeless shelter to show how (a) the media outlet notices such dispossessed people, and (b) how there are concerned citizens who volunteer to help those unfortunates.

That is a pure me-centred narcissistic narrative with no empirical or informational value. It is virtue-signalling at the expense of poor, broken-down people.

That may be cold-hearted bullshit, but it is not objective or rationally-gathered information.

The narrative is selfish. The focus is also selfish. The homeless people are cannon fodder and a plot-device to give an excuse to praise people who are not homeless.

What would be a you-focussed empirically-gathered piece with actual utility?

Simple: today, a total of 5671 came to the shelter for sustenance, up from 5290 people last year. The sheltered spent/gave fro donations $2.67 per person. The shelter’s funding comes from several sources (see Appendix A for sources, amounts, YTD changes). The head of the sheltered earned $125000. We interviewed every person who walked in, and in the following section, they described how it is they became homeless, the resources they had used prior to their homelessness, and the programs and supports they use now. The section after that are the responses from various government officials about what they have done, how much was spend, who oversees the implementation, and what they are planning to do. Appendix B shows their previous year’s responses for a direct comparison. We also looked at the food to see expiration dates and nutritional value of each meal, and Appendix C discusses with various nutritional experts on whether this is sufficient for people living in the elements where their immune systems are challenged.

Not as fun as cheering the little Middle Class people for volunteering, but more instructive.

The fact that we don’t have journalistic focus on what counts speaks volumes.

We have things that shouldn’t be published in those venues because it sounds clever, when it is the same old patriarchal stories repackaged. The hold doesn’t break.

When I studied my rejections, I did it by charting those rejections to circulation figures, editorial firings, publication closings, and the like. I plotted the careers of editors who gave the yays and nays, for instance to see if there were patterns to their responses (there were, and several of them).

Unfortunately, I only had my own acceptances and rejections to work with, but I still had reliable and valid data that had both predictability and utility. If I had access to other responses, I would have had a motherlode of viable information about the profession.

But the Times always misses opportunities to actually see reality. They like their narratives and their egocentrism, and have polluted their paper with both for decades…

Memo to NPR: Stop pretending local papers were guardians. I worked for a local paper. It was all about keeping on the good side of businesses.

Here is a piece of journalistic propaganda from NPR:

Local Newspaper Closures Come With Hefty Price Tag For Residents


Local papers aren’t exactly in the investigative, hard news business. They cover county fairs, tell you who won Miss Small Potatoes, and get their reporters to cover happy and feel-good dreck, like bridesmaids dresses and foreign exchange students. They kiss up to city council, and they pander to businesses.

It’s community advertising.

I worked at a local paper when I started, and there wasn’t some sort of drive to uncover any dark business.

Companies polluted for decades and were lavishly praised in local media. Churches had child molesting priests — where was the press to cover that when it was happening in real-time?

There is no “hefty" price.” Even now, local news is not broken by journalists — but by citizens on social media. No journalist found out about Tori Stafford’s murderers getting easier places to serve their time — her father broke it on Facebook, and only then did the CBC essentially say, yeah, this happens all the time.

Where the fuck were the local papers?

Covering bad boy politicians with positive press.

One of the things I do is follow and graph press coverage when a scandal breaks. I take the person or event, and then go back to the local press and look for every article or newscast I can find about it prior to the scandal.

100% of the time in North America, the local press coverage gives no hint about it.

So NPR is bullshitting the public yet again.

But journalists are being heavy-handed with their self-serving propaganda, trying to make the public believe they were doing their jobs — if they were, they would still be strong.

They are not, and that tells all you need to know…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Seven: The Live Out Loud Era only want Happy Advertising for themselves. It is time to bring in reality.



If modern Western journalism made a tactical error, it was fellating Titans of Industry and celebrities as if that was news. It’s just advertising that made people’s egos look for publicity and then be control freaks who throw tantrums when it doesn’t drool all over them.

CBS’s Les Moonves and Jeff Fager want to sue because all their ugly shit is on display, and both men are used to fawning coverage for themselves, and even their accusers want to sue because they didn’t want people to know.

You work in a public job, them’s the breaks, especially if you mug for cameras when they want to fawn over you.

And that was never supposed to be the job of journalism.

Enabling delusions of grandeur was a way to pander to the egotistical Middle Class who shit their pants whenever someone challenges them and then “get offended.”

You are? Good, fuck you, asshole.

You want me to be impressed with your shoes you bought at Winners?

I am more interested in real things, thank you very much.

People want to Live Out Loud, but only the good stuff. For the bad, they want to Hide In Silence.

We have a very bad relationship with reality. We have media reports on a real tragedy, but then a focus on the wrong things.

People want to hide things from others and themselves. They don’t want to have to fix and clean their own messes, or deal with problems or admit flaw. People will overcompensate, muddying the waters, but we either have a press that presents people as doing no wrong or doing no right, and there is a problem with that.

Journalism is not there to be insensitive. It is not there to put a positive spin. It is not there to put a negative spin.

It is there to tell you facts.

It is not there to reassure the Middle Class. It is not there to be politically correct. It is not there for social engineering purposes. It is not there for free advertising. It is not there to persuade.

It is there to give you relevant information so you know where is the troubles, how bad they are, and what is happening until the troubles are dealt with.

The focus should be on the problem. If you have a police force not doing their mandated job, that is the problem. Who is causing it? What problems? How severe are they? When did these problems begin? Where was the breakdowns? Why did they go unnoticed?

That’s fact.

That’s news.

That’s information.

It doesn’t matter if you want positive publicity and are miffed that you are bring exposed for doing shitty things. Who cares? Perhaps I want to be The Queen, but that’s really not worthy of someone doing a news story about how I should be Official Queen of Some Region Willing To Have Alexandra Kitty as Their Beloved Queen. (And don’t ask even in jest: the answer is no. People love their leaders until the first bump, and then they want to destroy them. Fuck those collective mood swings. I’d rather play there theremin to no one in particular).

Journalism never learned to be empirically objective to the point where what they disseminate isn’t seen as a potential place to shill. You don’t talk about Great Men. You don’t condemn people nor commend them.


Like Ikea instructions. No commentary, just how do I put the fucking pressed wood together. It is not the ephemera to reassure you that your political beliefs are correct or that your little precious princess can carry a tune.

We wouldn’t be having lawsuits in the first place: is this a fact? Is it important? Yes? Deal with it. It is not about your ego.

Chaser won’t be about telling you how to think, but how do you go about doing that?

That’s something I do think about very carefully, and I will come up with my prototype soon enough…

The Weekly Standard goes to the same media grave as the Village Voice. Times are a-changing.

The Weekly Standard is dead meat.

And press coverage galore. Lots.

And lots.

So many temper tantrums. Mostly wrong.

That it was critical of the president wasn’t a reason for its demise. That is a face-saving excuse.

What this happens to be is a sign of partisan fatigue. Expect to see more ideological rags start to fade away. It is not as if Republicans welcomed Trump with wide-open arms. They never did. The Bushes expected Jeb to be the one sitting in the Oval Office. Mitt Romney and John McCain both had something in common, mostly likely a dart board with the Commander-in-Chief’s face on it. I do not recall Paul Ryan gushing over Trump, either.

It is hard for the press to understand that the Weekly Standard were the extremists on the scale, not actual centrists. They are more polished. They can spin a more reasonable-sounding argument than the Tea Party’s brightest ever could.

But any faction that doesn’t support the regime that has the same political alignment cannot be centrist.

I am a radical centrist, and I would not affiliate myself with either party. A centrist is a pragmatist, and the Standard wasn’t of that ilk. They were an ideological illusion of sorts, and as they did not make any alliances with centrist Democrats, we can see who they were all along: Establishment Elitists who wanted someone who could play a part, but not buy the contents of the script.

There is a lot of denial going on right now. No one wants to believe that very shortly, broadcasts and publications that are partisan propaganda are going to take a serious hit.

But the Village Voice is no more, too, and it was never a Right-wing publication.

The glut of propaganda is starting to take its toll. We are seeing Vox, Vice, and BuzzFeed spluttering as well, and Mic is also fired crisp. When these tricks and stunts backfire, that’s when those in the dead profession will have their ultimate meltdown.

Print takes the hits first, then broadcasting. Both Fox and MSNBC are praying for an impeachment trial to keep things going, but don’t count on a prolonged interest, especially if the economy takes a hit, or if something bigger and more dangerous to the Middle Class appears. Those outlets stick to scripts, and when something that doesn’t align with that script arises, it is not going to be pretty.

We are going to see more of this kind of closures in the coming months, and it is an interesting, but not unexpected turn of events…

Memo to the Deputy Mayor of St. John's: Fuck you and your call for propaganda.

Shirley McAlary, the Deputy Mayor of St. John’s wants something very bad:

Deputy mayor of Saint John calls for ban on bad news, wants more positivity

The Reality Deniers are always jonesing for propaganda that makes them look good instead of facts that doesn’t.

Yes, You Majesty, let us hide all of your regime’s incompetence and report on advertising! Positive news is advertising, not news.

She tried to backtrack, but no one with a brain is buying it:

McAlary suggested, during a committee meeting this week discussing the city’s growth priorities, that there be a four-month ban on negative news.

“Part of that was said in jest,” she said.

“I know the media are not going to start not reporting the news, but I want us to be more up on the positive stories. I don’t know how many times I’ve read in national media that in the last few years we’ve had a decline in population, for example. We don’t have to say that every time we have an interview with somebody.”

Nothing was said “in jest”. News isn’t drooling over some kid who won Miss Small Potatoes at the county fair: it is about the dangers and troubles that need attention. There is no such thing as positive news. That’s propaganda.

And politicians shouldn’t be meddling in it. If journalism was done right, no politician would ever be smiling for the camera. You’d all go running to puke whenever a real information-gatherer came knocking and asked you how much your desk cost, and how much taxpayer money you were wasting on yourself today, or to draw up a list of all of the work that you did that day that fixed a problem.

No sunny spinning rot. No trying to find “happy news” and really, Canadian journalists always look for the bright side, even during disasters; so what the fuck are you complaining about?

Life may be grand for a deputy mayor, but there are children in your town who are getting raped, tortured, pimped out, and exploited. The news will never be good for them.

There are homeless people there, and life isn’t good for them. There are sick people who can’t work and are being bullied into ending their lives as to not to be a burden or spend all of the inheritance money, kids getting bullied at school, women getting pummelled by their mates, businesses ripping people off, drug addicts who have no sense of self anymore, prices rising without wages following suit, and all sorts of other shit going on each and every day.

And you want more “positive news”?

Fuck you.

You should have your office in the worst part of town, or in a homeless shelter, a psychiatric ward, prison, drug rehab, emergency room, or women’s shelter. That is where I would stick politicians: not in an ivory tower, but in the place that is the worst and needs the most attention.

Then we’ll have a discussion of how wannabe news director Shirley McAlary deals with reality.

Even when the National Post gets a clue, they Lestrade it. Mycroft Holmes they are not...

I have been saying for months that Canada is being isolated from the global stage, and this has been a slow, strategic, and deliberate process.

I will say now do not expect this game to be over anytime soon. We are merely in the first arc of this torture.

The game is strategic and the Canadian federal regime are arrogant morons and trolls who keep making things very easy.

Look at the how strategic this isolation has been:

The United States has slapped “national security” tariffs on us. Not just any tariffs. Our prime minister was accused of being a slimy boyish deceiver by the US president, and we lost our rights with USMCA. That takes care of North America.

Then came the dispute with Saudi Arabia with big dummy Chrystia Freeland mishandling that as well. Saudi Arabia has marked us and struck at us with no sign of ending their punishment. That takes care of the Middle East.

And now China. They, too have declared Canada an enemy with no forgiveness in sight, and their retaliation is only beginning. That takes care of Asia.

Do we see a pattern, children?

Do you realize South America and Europe will also have powerful players on the Hate Canada list in the near future, and those streams are already starting to show themselves?

This is a political and economic Gesamtkunstwerk: this methodical take-down has an artistic flair with everything being part of this disturbing masterpiece.

Canadians get snooty and pride themselves on being liked globally, and now, all of a sudden, that narrative — the only trick in our bag — has been disproven.

It took the National Post this long to realize that Canada is being isolated.

You don’t say! Reading my web site for story ideas again, children?

And memo to the National Post: your “guide” for watching the Fox News Channel is seriously wanting.

The superior one was written in 2005, by me, and it still applies.


What are we going to do with you, children? What is going to happen when the dumbass motherfuckers of the federal government get so stymied that they can’t give away monies to the newspaper owners in sneaky ways, anymore, like they did for your pals at the Toronto Star who had their contract canceled after word got out?

Canada is in serious shit. It is in serious, mothefucking shit up to its eyeballs. It has zero to do with us babbling about “human rights.” No one is actually buying that bullshit story when they see First Nations people live in shacks without so much as electricity as they mourn of the women that vanished; so just because a few universities have a faculty and make a disclaimer that they are on First Nations land, means nothing but lip service and insincere virtue-signalling.

It also has nothing to do with our paltry economic power or political clout.

It has everything to do with our natural resources.

China has been busy in this department for years, buying up mines and other raw areas in Africa and Serbia — all for a song.

You don’t think they were making nice with Canada because we’re so cute and cool, did you?

And now that they see the US has staked their claim and their intentions and mean it, it is war, and Canada is the battleground.

We are in uncharted territory without allies, but plenty of vulnerabilities, and a regime of goobers that the press insists on trying to pass off as competent, although others have seen how they could have dodged a bullet, but didn’t.

You have no idea what’s in store for you. Ontario tried to cut it off at the pass, but Moody’s still downgraded this province at the worst possible time. Think about it.

2019 is going to be an ugly year for the Reality Deniers, Script Followers, and Thought Thieves. They are in for a series of serious shocks and jolts like they have never experienced before.

But it was all avoidable, if only they thought their own ideas and faced reality instead of looking for scripts to crib…

Why do mainstream media outlets keep insisting that women be victims?

The Atlantic is true propagandistic dreck, and this article is vile:

The New Authoritarians Are Waging War on Women

Donald Trump’s ideological cousins around the world want to reverse the feminist gains of recent decades.

First of all, stop pretending other countries needed Trump to be sexist. Are you really that stupid?

You woman-hating manipulators are so full of shit.

Women have to realize the fight never ends. You get complacent, and you pose as a weak spot to overtake.

It doesn’t matter what is your gender, race, or whatever, you get too comfy, and someone will see you ripe for picking.

You have to fight like a demon in hell for your paradise. You watched Kardashians instead of your local city hall meetings? Fuck you, you worthless dumbass.

You made fishy face selfies on Instagram? You moronic piece of shit. There were more important things to do than imply on Facebook that your cupcake recipe is better than anyone else’s.

Men are in power because they never rest.

As in, ever.

Because someone else can overtake them.

So keep that in mind and at heart.

Set your priorities and do the damn fighting yourself.

Do not expect some They to come rescuing you.

But should you be focussed on what’s on sale at Marshall’s or what quackery you wish you could order online on Goop, and people who do not give one flying fuck about money-sinking garbage start taking away your paltry rights, do not do this:


Because that just makes you a loser who indulges in cosplay and passivity because what does that bullshit accomplish?

Who is going to take a buffoon like that seriously? What kind of opposition is that?

Learn what works.


You pull shit like that, and you will make an energetic and eloquent fuck you to the Man.

You don’t have to say a word. You can be silent, but still mean business.

When women learn to make damage to show they mean business, their rights will firm up real fast.

You don’t dress up like a clown and expect someone in power to say, “Gracious, look at those women dressed like gaudy Amish. I have completely changed my ways and mind, and will now do all of the work and give them lots of rights because they are just standing around wearing a cheap costume.”

You didn’t vote for that motherfucker and he still won the election.

Do the math.

And stop being passive and allowing propaganda like The Atlantic to frighten and manipulate you.

They are no better than Trump. They are just trying to find some sort of coalition to gain power.

Because that’s what men in power do.

Your choice is to either be proactive or be a warrior who means business. If you can’t live in peace and have a place to call your own, then you have to put everything on the line and make sure your oppressor doesn’t have it, either.

That is the reason I believe in the nonviolent proactive option. You have to cut things off at the pass. Women should have founded their political parties by now.

And you can never be predictable.

The sooner women start using a new approach to their age-old problem, the faster their problem will be solved. If you want control, then you have to fight for control. You can’t shame people into giving it to you, and you can’t give a flying fuck what they think and waste time arguing with them. It is all about action.

If the legal system doesn’t give you justice, you create your own legal system. If the political party isn’t pushing your agenda, make your own. If businesses aren’t promoting enough women, boycott them and reward the ones that do.

The first question women need to ask is, What’s in it for me?

How will you benefit? If you don’t, then it is time to put out the ultimatum: if there is nothing in it for me, then there will be nothing in it for you, either.

No votes, nothing.

No symbolic bullshit. What is the tangibles in it for you?

Once the collective grasps that these sexist games would vanish, there would be no stopping women.

But so long as they wallow and allow their voices to be co-opted by partisan propaganda, things can never get better…

Memo to the CBC: You are a bunch of manipulative trolls, but your propaganda ain't all that.

Journalists are trying to justify their existence, and they think they found a loophole, but let’s take a closer look at how their deceptions know no morality.

The lying motherfuckers at the CBC are the dumbest of deceivers, and their latest attempt at making themselves sound important takes the cake of their bullshittery.

This is the piece of amateur propaganda in question:

News media under fire: 251 journalists in jail worldwide, most facing 'anti-state' charges

All right, you dumb fuck assholes, how many CBC journalists are on that list?

Zero, you say?

Canadian journalists?




So why are trying to get some of that glory without being the ones in actual danger?

Oh, I see; so you can pretend that you are guardians when you are mere gossipers. јеби се, говно.

And let’s not pretend this is a journalism problem. These are places where any civilian gets arrested, from teachers to store owners to even other politicians.

It’s like me trying to make myself look valiant by going on about how Serbs are vanishing.

Sure, in Kosovo, where there is tyranny against them and a land grab by enabled organized criminal elements over there.

Not here in Canada.

How low are you going to sink?

You know, you assholes, it is far more dangerous being an Aboriginal woman in Canada than a journalist anywhere in the world because that number in a population of 7.4 billion is not even a drop in the bucket.

Not even a blip of a blip, you manipulative and deceitful trolls.

So just shut the fuck up, and stop pretending you are in any danger because of your jobs…

And, oh, by the way, CBC: do you know why teenagers think journalists are full of shit?

Because they caught them telling lies, just the way I caught a CBC producer in a lie when I was a teenager. The difference is I called and confronted the National on a news story that was a lie because I had the same report sitting in my lap at the time, and then she tried to lie to me by omission, forgetting people could record a newscast and rewatch it to confirm it.

So if you are genuinely wondering why people think you tell lies, you ought to consider the fact that they know something to be fact, and that’s not what journalists are reporting.

Just a helpful tip…

Are media owners jerks? Yes, but usually they have to be turfed out before the ugly truth comes out.

NPR feasts on the carcass of Michael Ferro, the turfed overlord of Tronc, which is hilarious.

Come on, journalism sucks because the owners all suck. We all know where the troubles in journalism started — it started with assholes who were control freaks and power-hungry motherfuckers who wanted propaganda and saw owning an outlet as a “permit to print money.

They didn’t invest in the content or the structure. They did everything on the cheap and on the fly.

I covered the business of that industry. I wrote books on it. It wasn’t owned by people who truly believed in democracy or benevolence, let alone finding cutting-edge ways to improve the business. It’s lazy as much as it is greedy and vain.

So you can see why journalism collapsed: with people like that at the helm, it can be nothing else…

Memo to USA Today: the only ones unhinged are you. Half the country approves of the president. Most don't approve of you.

Hot off the heels of Time magazine declaring journalists Person of the Year, USA Today is upping the propaganda machine with this piece of obnoxious bullshit.

The fact remains that Trump is, in fact, a president whose approval ratings are on par with other US presidents. That means that people are not following journalist decrees and are making up their own minds.

But journalists are not very clever. They want a predictable president: one who follows rules so their pundits can look smart reading off a script. They hate mavericks and eccentrics because those people have something they always lacked: courage.

Barak Obama was a safe president. He obliged the script. He wore the mask and dutifully did what reporters thought he should do.

Trump doesn’t play. As I have said repeatedly, he is playing a far more complex game than journalists can compute. They aren’t just mad that he bypassed them to win the election; he is not marching like a dutiful little soldier to their specifications, and they are in a prolonged meltdown mode.

It is reporters who have become unhinged.

I have had no problem deciphering Donald Trump, for example from the day he announced his candidacy. If you understand the Game of Go, you can understand Donald Trump. If you understand the science of risk-taking, there is no murkiness here. None.

You would think that by now, journalists would calm down, stop being hysterical temper tantrum throwing lunatics, and observe and learn.

But they are very conniving. They do not want to admit any defect. They want the bygone days where they had all the power and control.

Assholes, the ship has sailed.

Journalists do not get that they are the villains, not the heroes in this farce, no matter how hard they try to sell a lie to the little people.

But how psychopathic is this self-serving bullshit story?

Try this for size:

Fixing our politics requires draining the office of both its formal powers and out-sized importance in American life.

In other words, we should ignore the Constitution, and the will of the electorate and take away the president’s powers because he isn’t playing by the rules sanctioned by the news media.

That is beyond sick. That is trying to overthrow a president by inciting a public, and it is treasonous.

Fuck you, USA Today. You scumbuckets never knew fuck all about journalism, and now you have decided to try to manipulate the public into regaining the power that you were never given in the first place.

No wonder the president calls you fake news: if you were real news, you would be reporting, not conning people into fucking up their country just because you couldn’t stop democracy or rig an election to suit your own vile purposes…

Why we need real shit disturbers.

WikiLeaks had the right idea. Just look at this bullshit front-page from Australia:


You’re “here for us”, but don’t have the guts to go against the Establishment?

The “media can’t report it there” decrees the Washington Post.

Fuck the gag order. If every single media outlet in Australia said that Cardinal George Pell was found guilty of sexually abusing children, and removed from the Pope’s “inner circle”, then the government would have had a war — and if your mandate is to warn people and inform them, sometimes, you have to tell the Man he’s a worthless motherfucker and he can take his decrees and shove it.

And what will the Man do? Risk having their own sins exposed picking a fight? Go after the press when they damn well know that the Middle Class are going to side with people who tell them a bad man molested and raped their children, and then not re-elect those fat cats come next election?

In life, sometimes you have to get your ass in trouble. Rosa Parks got in trouble.


And she got arrested by The Man.

She stood her ground, and now, there is no crime for fucking sitting on a bus seat regardless of race because there never should have been a crime in the first place.

So, a child molester got convicted of being a scum bucket. Don’t tell me how you are following a stupid law.

Tell me who the fuck got convicted and why so that other victims can come forward, too.

And everyone in the world can see why authority figures are total assholes who cannot be trusted to be unsupervised.

That is the reason why journalists should not be sheep, but shit disturbers.

Too bad that WikiLeaks wasn’t appreciated the way it should have been.

Because that’s what you need. Not another lie about how great it is to be a follower.

But how you have to be vigilant because you never know who is misusing their power to destroy you…

A system with a thousand things wrong with it: journalists shouldn't be fact-checkers for Facebook. Facebook shouldn't be in the fact-checking business, either.

The Guardian has an oblivious article about how journalists who “fact-check” their own by working for Facebook are upset with Facebook.

First of all, Facebook is a Middle Class, amateur vanity press release site. They have no business being any sort of “fact-checkers”. They know zero about news. They are not structured for it. Facebook fact-checking news is like Victoria’s Secret fact-checking news.

Or Harley Davidson.

Or Walmart.

Or Wheel of Fortune.


So right off the bat, the entire idea is ludicrous.

Facebook should have just put a disclaimer. We see it in broadcasting when they tell you the following is paid advertising or for “entertainment purposes only.”

That was the answer: to let the Middle Class people know that the pink spongey mass inside their motherfucking skull has a purpose, and they should use it themselves. Fuck the hell off. Facebook gave the stay-at-mall moms a platform to post pictures of their brats in tutus and superhero costumes, what the fuck more do they want?

For all Facebook knows, that’s not even their kid.

But Facebook wants to be an authority; so they gave in and hastily cobbled together “fact-checkers.”

Journalists should not have been the fact-checkers because that is a conflict-of-interest, and if you are going to do things differently, then you have to be more scientific about it, and not drink from a poisoned well.

Get fresh eyes and expertise, not the same old guard who cannot be trusted to get quotes in the proper context. The end.

And now journalists are griping that Facebook isn’t being responsive to them.

Why would they? They are not a news outlet. That is not their mandate. They just stuck your ass in that chair to appease the jittery classes who have a Zero Risk Mindset. You messed up your own profession, let Facebook mess up their own. They do not need your worthless input.

They needed to tell the little people that Facebook is like chewing gum: it’s a sweet distraction you can favour as you chew, but don’t swallow it…

Party Poop: No White House Christmas Party for you!

Spy magazine used to have a section called Party Poop, of the kind of celebrity candids that were extremely unflattering.

But now there is sad news that the White House has no Christmas party for the press.

But the Fox News Kids get invited to other White House parties.

Those aren’t parties: they are ways to network and get select leaks, but since the president has no use for the press, he can shut them out, more or less.

With cable propaganda outlets Left and Right duking it out, the White House is giving the FNC a huge advantage, which will most likely come in handy in 2019…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Five: Perceptional Filters can be hazardous to your health.


Canada just cannot orient itself with its spat with China.

The old scripts do not apply, and yet those collective perceptual filters keep getting in the way.

The US President has essentially said he will bail us out of this mess if it secured a trade deal.


But the Globe and Mail doesn’t get it:

Trump should be more careful not to cast doubt on his administration’s commitment to the rule of law, said Roland Paris, a University of Ottawa international-affairs expert who was Trudeau’s first foreign policy adviser.

“The president’s remark was troubling,” he said. “Canada is acting in good faith, responding to a U.S. extradition request in accordance with the law.”

This spectacle has nothing to do with those fucking rules: it has to do with showing Canada that they do not have options, and that their leader is the junior partner who is less capable than the senior one.

Senpai and kōhai and unfortunately for the kōhai, senpai noticed us.

Macron made the fatal error of talking down to Trump, and now he has no backing from his own people as the fires of discontent are spreading to other parts of Europe. It is not as if French citizens have any love for the US president or are marching directly because of him, but now that the global rigs have been torn down, the old playbooks no longer apply.

Any world leader who has coasted on memorizing rules, and then functioning on autopilot is going to crash and burn.

Memorizing rules is not the same as being intelligent. You can memorize the scripture, but it works only if everyone else sanctions those rules, and there is no one whose will can turn over and break the rules to challenge that scripture.

Using adlibtures — following your own strategies based on critical and lateral thinking as you assess your environment and are aware of its unstable nature — is what true intelligence is, but when society follows a script, they focus on the rules, not the environment. All it takes is someone in an Establishment position to snatch that book, piss on it, and then slap you across the face with it, and reality of the chaos is revealed behind that façade of order.

Canada is a nannied vassal state that doesn’t see its leaders have been making tactical errors because the old rules no longer apply and they haven’t been able to think.

Both former prime ministers Stephen Harper and Jean Chretien were adept at active thinking in very different ways. Both were excellent strategists who could read not just the signs within their borders, but understood the US, and could navigate and negotiate with those stronger powers.

The current prime minister is not of that ilk. He coasted on his name and jeunesse, and isn’t a strategist. Vanity is an optical strategy that is contingent on everyone agreeing what seems flattering. Wearing weird socks and taking selfies is cute and all, and works in a Sanrio world, but the global genre has suddenly changed, and now it looks like childish incompetence.

Canada’s problem is that the other two party leaders are of the same ilk. All three look like middle managers at some mid-level marketing company.

And the US has a bonafide Titan of Industry who has decades of experience.

What you have is a federal regime who do not have survival skills up against a shark who has been slowly luring the bait into an ocean filled with angry sharks. Within a span of a year, Canada has stepped in dog shit after dog shit, thinking everything will somehow magically turn around.

There is no magic to the turnaround. Step one is to stop stepping in dog shit. Step two is to look at your feet to see where you have been going until now, and face that reality. Step three requires to admit that you keep stepping in dog shit, and there is no benefit to stepping in that dog shit, and that you have developed a habit of stepping in dog shit because you do not seem to have an ability to look where the fuck you are going because you have stuck your nose in a rule book because you are too afraid to exercise your brain without someone else telling you how to think and what to do.

The other steps require you to learn from your mistakes, know where you truly need to be, and then turning around on your own as you learn to be vigilant and careful not to step in dog shit again.

The end.

You do not try to lie as you argue that it is the master plan to step in dog shit. You do not try to fib and say there are benefits to stepping in dog shit, or go so far as to deny that you stepped in dog shit.

You are not fooling anybody, not even yourself.

Those who have the ability not to step in dog shit in the first place use their brains and are aware. That is A-list leader material. The ones who avoid it, but unleash the hounds to make piles for others to step in are more devious, but if they know how to avoid it, they are still competent leaders.

The B-list are the ones who step in it, but admit it, clean up the mess, and prove to have a learning curve.

The C-list keep stepping in it, knowing they do, but don’t seem to know how to correct the problem, but at least can figure out that there is a problem that someone will have to correct.

The there is the D-list who keep stepping in it, and deny everything as they keep stepping in it because they do not want to admit they have flaws and make mistakes. They have no intuition, emotional literacy, or gut instinct, and it shows.

Canada has had A-list prime ministers from both the Left and the Right who have taken care of this nation, but now we have a D-lister whose dog shit-stepping has become a serious liability.

Just as I have pulled out from under a mountain of rubble and I can still stand and still have the drive to get on with my goals.


If I were a character in a well-known fairytale, I would be the little impudent brat who called out the Emperor for not wearing any clothes. “Hey, the dude is naked!” I would be shouting because I have no filter. Fuck politeness, fuck fear, fuck the rule book, the loon is running loose on the street without wearing anything, and he if doesn’t know he’s naked or that he was taken in by a couple of hucksters, then what else doesn’t he know?

In the story, everyone had to acknowledge the obvious — except the Emperor who keeps marching. He is the D-lister and it has finally been exposed.

These days, half the town would say it is a grand and glorious thing to march naked, never mind how it came about: because the leader trusted the wrong advisors who swindled him. The kid would be accused of being some Russian troll, and citizens would be flaming each other on Twitter.

And the fact remains that there was a breakdown in the leadership.

So how do you begin?

You point out a trouble spot — you show where a problem is naked for the world to see — and what it means.

Sure, you will have people agree with you — assuming that you also agree with their filters that allow them to see certain things, but not others.

But what happens if you don’t wear filters, or at least the same filters, and you point out the rot that they don’t like?

Brett Kavanaugh veered off a script, and now you have former supporters accusing him of betraying them. This is the level of tolerance you are dealing with these days. March lockstep every step of the way — or else.

This kind of brattiness doesn’t give any incentive for marching at all. I mean, if you are going to be a tyrant, then go march by yourself. Fuck you.

When you do not adhere to a sanctioned ideology, you are not mainstream, but when you are Radical Centrist who is in the the core of a spectrum, but are still considered to be an outsider, it makes for an interesting, but still uphill battle.

In a world of impossible demands, to be sensible is radical. When you believe that different people have different life requirements and that there is no need to be competitive, but cooperative and tolerant, even of people you do not like — all while everyone pulls their own weight and don’t hoard resources just because they are selfish — you are seen as either naive, stupid, or strange.

And that’s where I begin. I do not have the last name of an iconic prime minister. I would not want it, either, because it would only get in my way. I am not someone who panders.

But I am someone who speaks from the heart. I do not wear blinders or filters, and even though the world is filled with scary, cruel, and mean, I believe there is a better way than hatred, anger, and fear.

I am also nobody’s fool. I have had people say seemingly mean things to me, but I adore them because they are being honest, and what they said is true. I have had people give me seemingly big praise, and I know they are playing a game with me because it is not real praise, but a secret insult.

I don’t chase praise. I am not trying to impress.

I am informing. I believe that nothing liberates individuals and collectives more than facts.

I don’t want Chaser to become some sort of ideological hub. I want it to be the place where you get facts, and then use them in the way you need in your own life without Alexandra Kitty meddling.

It is no different than going to the hardware store and buying a hammer and nails. You might be building stairs, and deck, or a dog house. You might be boarding up an old house, or building a new house.

But this will be the intellectual hardware store for your building needs.

I will leave the projects up to you.

This will be a Dog Shit Free Zone, at least in the intellectual sense, anyway…

The Chaser Dilemma, Part Four: The Internet's dirty little secret is that it is in decline. But it is still surpassing print.

Pew has a study that says that social media surpasses newspapers as the more common source for people to get their news (with television still seen as dominant).

But Pew does not define what it means by “news” because we have had many news stories break on people’s Facebook or Twitter posts, which is a form of citizen journalism.

And what a journalist sees as “news”, and what a regular citizen sees as “news” are very often two different beasts; so this study is not a good one, and one not worth using to prove anything.

People have been using social media for their primary source for a long time, and it has supplanted traditional news because what people see as news often is looked down upon by professionals.

And that can’t be ignored.

But something else can’t be ignored: that Internet-only outfits, such as Vox and BuzzFeed are not doing well, with Variety predicting mergers.

So if social media is becoming a dominant force, but one that is in decline, it poses some very interesting questions.

For me, too.

Because if social media is not the future, then where does a new media outlet plan to go?

That’s my question right now. I can start here, but it is not going to be the place where I land.

And it is a very interesting quandary I think about…


Apple tries its Texture hornswoggle again, but this time, publishers aren't biting.

When legacy media ruled the communications routes, they screwed over content providers by paying them a pittance with very little compensation.

CanWest wanted writers to sign away their moral rights, for instance.

And now Apple is trying to turn those media outlets into content providers to do to them what they did to writers, photographers and artists long ago.

Publishers spot the con a mile away because they know all about pulling that one.

Texture will not revive a dead profession. Apple is merely seeking more content to exploit and is running out of stuff. All it will do is allow Apple to exploit publications who will then take it out on their content providers, such as writers and photographers. It is a bad deal through and through, and it won’t bring any revival to the industry.

When tablets came on the scene less than a decade ago, publishers thought the calvary had arrived, but all it proved was the content had problems that couldn’t be solved with technology. Now the legacy media see that Apple isn’t a god, they aren’t looking to the company to save them…

Canada losing more liberties in the Trumpian Game of Go.

Once upon a time, it was good enough for a strategist to know chess and cruise to victory.

Trump changed those rules, and the Left, who are rule-memorizers, hate him for it. Just as you put together the finishing touches of your Script The Guarantees The Game Is Rigged To Your Advantage, he blusters in, reads the script, calls it fake news, and tears up the playbook.

Canada likes to follow the script. It is easy to shame people and make them feel stupid if they veer off a stupid, dumb ass script.

So now that the script is gone and the game of chess is now the game of Go, Canada keeps losing liberties.

Two Canadians have literally lost them now.

The National Post is not computing what is going on. They think Canada getting involved in a US-China spat was a good thing because China isn’t following the rules.

That’s not the point.

The point was that Canada was forced to make an arrest by the US, meaning it is a vassal state, and the action guaranteed that China would interpret it as a conspiracy between Canada and the US, and retaliate as hard as they can.

If we have a scorecard going, the US has hit Canada with tariffs, citing “national security.” Saudi Arabia has cancelled all sorts of things because of a Tweet. Now China has started its own campaign against Canada.

And Canada is not used to having three powerful nations look at us with contempt. We are in uncharted waters, and completely unprepared.

Because the federal regime are script-followers, not actual thinkers with genuine intelligence.

The press here doesn’t get it: they are so used to currying favour with the government that they do not see what’s up the road ahead.

Big hint: it is a swirling storm of stones surrounding us, removing our liberties one by one until we have no place to turn…