The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Two: What is journalism's role? Don't ask The Narwhal. They have no clue.

There is too much sophistry and muck in journalism, and it is deliberate. The more you drag your feet and ponder bullshit, the more you put distance between you and the need to make changes.

The philosopher kings and queens are shallow thinkers and it shows. Sophistry upon sophistry and journalists never do anything substantial.

Here is a pile of worthless trash from the Whole Story and I wrote why it was a pile of garbage earlier. It is not worth the pixels it was written on.

But it is a piece of propaganda that serves as a jumping for the article:

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining Ripley and about 25 other journalists for a conflict mediation training in New York. We collectively grappled with big questions like: how do we tell “complicated” stories that allow for contradictions and expose people to the “other side” without giving oxygen to fringe groups and opinions that aren’t based on facts?

Are you serious?

Do you understand a thing what it means to be a journalist?

Can you imagine these knuckle-draggers covering the Second World War?

Their coverage would have no mention of the Nazis because they would not want to give oxygen to them.

Yes, this is how patently stupid the profession has become.

But do not think this is a real article:

There’s no doubt that part of what drives highly polarized news coverage is that news organizations are often rewarded with clicks for writing sensational, outrage-inducing stories — and clicks drive advertising revenues in the traditional business model. Thankfully, that’s not our business model at The Narwhal

As a non-profit, we are driven to serve the needs of our readers — who support us directly — first and foremost. This opens up the opportunity to prioritize a different set of values: how can our stories contribute to healthier public conversations? How can we portray Canadians in all of their complexity and steer away from the caricatures we so often see in the media? How do we slow down, take a step back and write about the systemic issues in a way that might lead to solutions?

That’s right, kids: this isn’t an actual piece of journalism: it is advertising for the Narwhal.

It babbles and spews, but now that we know that this isn’t an actual piece of reportage, we can ignore it.

And we do not need any more narcissism and propaganda.

If you have to ask what journalism’s role is, you have no business being one.

It is a sad thing that journalism has been reduced to shit-posting…

Conde Nast kills Glamour's print edition; empire shrinks once more.

No surprise here.

Print as a medium never kept up and the Internet supplanted them, even though there are big advantages print has that the Internet does not, such as it permanency. Technology changes and things become obsolete, but a hard copy is a very good thing to have. It is a record and a document. We have millions of pictures vanish because phones or laptops get destroyed or files become corrupted. The Internet has publications vanish and there is no backup available.

You have a hard copy and you have proof that something was published.

It is too bad, but Glamour really lost its influence a long time ago. Vogue is the last of the pack with any grit, but even their grains are eroding.

In times of anarchy — and we are living in anarchy — stalwarts often take a pummelling and Conde Nast of a prime example of it…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-One: Impossible times call for sensible measures.

Patient is a virtue.

And I am patient as well as persistent.

I make mistakes and frequently, but I work at improving myself, admitting errors, correcting them as I learn and improve, and then move on.

I don’t know everything. That is the reason I am such a rabid researcher.

I think and I muse, but I also test and experiment.

You’d think journalism would be the same way.

It’s not.

It is the reason the profession flounders. When you cannot admit your weaknesses, you lose your strengths in the bargain.

CNN’s resident clown Jim Acosta may have gotten back his hall pass, but principal Trump has new rules, and even though reporters say they will still ask follow-up questions, the problem is a briefing is a canned, event, and hence, meaningless because it is pseudo-order used to mask chaos.

Participating in it is a disingenuous act that keeps the charade going.

It isn’t just the truisms and rote habits that have the profession behaving impossibly.

BuzzFeed wants to merge with “rivals” to have even fewer voice and venues, and then have a paid subscription to their stupid quizzes and listicles filled with stupider gifs.

It is an impossible strategy that is doomed to fail.

Chaser is about sensibility, even during impossible times.

It will not follow rules, nor will it be dysfunctional.

It is based on a flexible matriarchal structure based in emotional literacy.

It doesn’t ignore content or intellectual literacy.

But it is about a multi-faceted balance.

Even in the worst of times…

Misunderstanding Reality: Why the Conversation should just shut up.

The Conversation has always been the dumb person’s attempt at thoughts, and it shows. It spews sophistry and appeals to authority without questioning their own simpleton methods, and this article is no different:

You can’t characterize human nature if studies overlook 85 percent of people on Earth

This is a direct appeal to political correctness and a misunderstanding of diversity, but I am not going to tackle the nuts and bolts of the article (I could if there is a demand), but how my own career contradicts this.

As in, real-life application that trumps spewing.

It is posh these days to think people all think differently and different culture and races are different.

Throughout different times and places, every place on this globe has had misogyny, xenophobia, violence, inequality, tyranny, war, exploitation, and patriarchal structures.

Your culture can have no virtuous airs over any other culture.

Propaganda from ancient times is identical to what is being spewed globally right now.

Where people get it wrong is that they have an obsession with the content of their thoughts. They think it makes them different.


There has always been competition and pecking orders.

We have aways had castes. We have always had inequality — socialism and communism had it as bad as capitalist societies. People rig things to benefit them and their relatives.

I know because I have bothered to look at cultures other than Western European ones.

Every society has had their own weapons; so when people tell me how violent some designated Them are, I always point out how their own culture is equally violent, too.

And then I rattle off their own in-group’s sins.

You may have justified it or become adjusted to it, but that’s not the same.

That is a myth.

What people look at is content.

So let’s take a gender-based one.

Women think they are the only ones who society pressures into worrying about their bodies.

They will cite anorexia as proof that their gender is the only one to have this problem.

There are men who suffer from it, the ratio is skewed.

And then women get smug with me.

And I say, yes, the content is starvation.

But what about the structure?

Men are also pressure to have muscles and abs, and their outlet is to abuse steroids, which is no less dangerous.

You may have one group starve themselves, but other pump all sorts of dangerous things into their system to achieve the same ends.

The content differs, but not the structure.

We look at shallow difference, while ignoring the silent similarities.

The human brain is the same regardless of race or nationality.

And we are far more alike than different.

When I was a psychology student, I didn’t just study and memorize theories in psychology or take anyone’s word as gospel truth.

I went out a tested that theory on different people in subtle ways to get feedback and verification.

And I could have a diverse sample size.

And lo and behold, the results held up.

If we are looking at 15% of a global population, that is a fair sample size.

Besides, studies usually rely on a single profile of a test subject: a first year university student.

There will always been variation and difference, but even for the same subject depending on the conditions.

There should be diversity in empirical testing, but that is true for studies looking at content.

But structure of thought is remarkably consistent.

Because we never question the structure of thought.

Testing is a form of intangible biopsy. You do not need to drain someone of all of their blood to see what is going on in their bodies.

A few vials usually does it.

What we need is diversity of structure.

And anyone can take up that mantle.

I have, for instance.

We have to stop thinking that there is no such thing as unity.

Diversity is one half of the equation. Unity is the other.

And we have to stop thinking that we are better or superior to others.

No, we are humans.

And that is scary enough as it is…

Memo to Car Bernstein: Press Conferences were always canned events that were also photo ops and propaganda.

Carl Bernstein wants to rig the optics of White House briefings by suggesting media outlets should edit them.

Oh please.

Briefings are press conferences, and those were always canned events. They are rigged to seem more important, but what they are is live press release, and that’s not news.

At best, it is free advertising, and at worst, it is state-sponsored propaganda willingly disseminated by journalists.

It doesn’t matter the president or the political affiliation, it is just a canned event, and now to suggest to increase the propaganda by cutting out everything journalists don’t like isn’t an actual solution that will give people more facts.

It’s a silly game, and why canned events have ever been given any journalistic legitimacy has always been mystifying to me…

EU wants to tax for links; Google News threatens to cut Europe off.

As well as they should.

Only a brain dead bureaucracy would suggest charging a tax for linking to original articles, but Western Europe never got itself into the modern era.

Spain played that game once, and Google News shut them out, and their publications took a serious hit. The EU should remember that Google doesn’t actually need them.

If their publications need money, they can improve their product. Google gives them free advertising and a global platform.

Stop thinking leeching on to the strong is going to save you from your archaic selves…



This is some wacky exercise your j-school program thought up to get some attention?

Leeds Trinity journalism department issued the prohibition in a memo to staff, explaining that uppercase print could "scare [students] into failure." The missive about "enhancing student engagement and achievement" included a number of other dos and don'ts. 

Lecturers were advised to write to students in a friendly tone and to avoid overbearing language and negative instructions. As the Express noted, among the prohibited terms listed were "do" and "don't."

The memo, which was obtained by the newspaper, said: "Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all."

Your j-school students cannot handle ALL CAPS, then how will they handle death threats, threat of law suits, war zones, belligerent sources and the like?

They have to brave as soldiers because that is what they are signing up for.

An intangible war to liberate truth from lies.

This is why journalism education failed. They are not strengthening or toughening up students.

They are grooming them to spew press releases.

I hope this is a joke from someone with a silly sense of humour.

Either way, no wonder journalism is no longer a thing…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty: Journalism was supposed to be about the interpretation and gestalt of reality. Time for the reboot.

Another dead body in Toronto the Violent.


A record and it is still November.

One city.

You have a City of Hate.

And yet the Toronto Star is too obsessed with a single man who they constantly knock:

Premier Doug Ford and the politics of spite

Excuse me, but that body count started before Doug Ford won the leadership contest, let alone was premier. Toronto has serious problems, starting with its tolerance of violence and homelessness, and when someone isn’t applauding you, you accuse them of being spiteful.

Look at your squalor and not your cocktail parties, please.

Toronto has a problem, and it is not Doug Ford.

We have columnists ask what has Donald Trump learned from defeat.

What defeat? The pendulum of voter switches in the US is predictable, and switching political parties at midterms to the rival party is nothing new.

Which means it doesn’t matter which president it is, or how well or badly he is doing, the results will be the same.

The same.

That means the electorate have settled on a rig, and party affiliation or popularity have nothing to do with it.

But why don’t journalists ever see it?


Look at the Washington Post going on yet again about “fake news” merchants.

The same newspaper that brought you the fake news story Jimmy’s World.

The same newspaper that brought you the fake news of Private Jessica Lynch, and then had to apologize:

A Long, and Incomplete Correction

The same newspaper that in 2016, used a dubious website as a legitimate source of what was decreed fake news.

Watergate and the Pentagon Papers are but a distant memory.

Why are you looking at other merchants of lies when you have a chronic problem with it of your own?

Then there is the New York Times that has such blinders when it comes to the man they helped make the current US President, that they have lost all rationality, using sophistry to demonize his every thought and idea.

Now they have gone off the rails to argue that poor people who want jobs to get out of poverty are misguided idiots:

Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They’re Not.

All right, people at New York Times, let’s take away your jobs and blacklist you all from getting work for, say, five years.

Tell me how good life is for you then.

Let us remind the world how it came to be that you are obsessed with your ex-boyfriend Donald J. Trump when you wrote your first love letter to him on November 1, 1976:

He is tall, lean and blond, with dazzling white teeth, and he looks ever so much like Robert Redford. He rides around town in a chauffeured silver Cadillac with his initials, DJT, on the plates. He dates slinky fashion models, belongs to the most elegant clubs and, at only 30 years of age, estimates that he is worth “more than $200 million.”

Flair. It's one of Donald J. Trump's favorite words, and both he, his friends and his enemies use it when describing his way of life as well as his business style as New York's No. 1 real estate promoter of the middle 1970's.

“If a man has flair,” the energetic, outspoken Mr. Trump said the other day, “and is smart and somewhat conservative and has a taste for what people want, he's bound to be successful in New York.”

That’s why you are now straining your brain cells trying to say his private sector logic is completely wrong.

No, try going on without employment for any stretch. It is emotionally draining, devastating, traumatic, and life-altering.

People are made to work. They are made to be productive and create. That there are people who exploit it is true, but there can be simple checks and balances put in place to keep things honest; so do not start telling lies just to spite your ex-idol.

That is mere jealous and manipulative propaganda.

But that’s what happens when you forget what you are supposed to do as journalists.

You are to report the sum of the parts of reality to show the whole.

You bring facts that society integrates.

As the gestalt psychologists famously noted, the whole does not equal the sum of its parts.

But you cannot see the undivided without its fractions.

Like pieces of a puzzle, each piece has a story of its own, but when put together, those smaller stories vanish and the big picture emerges.

That is what journalism once vowed to do.

It doesn’t anymore.

And that’s where Chaser comes into play.

It is not about the sticking it to people just because they aren’t impressed by you.

It is more important than personal grudges.

It is about seeing reality and then finding the truth....

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Nine: Idiots and incompetents are in charge? You don't say, Irish Times!

Every once in a while, someone in the press makes an obvious observation that is absolutely accurate, as the Irish Times did with this article:

Brexit shows that idiots and incompetents are in charge in the UK 

The lesson of the first World War is that terrible things happen to ordinary countries who neither desired nor deserved what happened next

Yes, yes, thank you for telling the truth.

Absolutely true.

But how did those idiots and incompetents get that far?

Because the weren’t warnings. Journalists play along, building them up and not defying those games by brainlessly following candidates on their election photo ops.

I remember once commenting that election debates were useless in that they only measure how well a person debates and nothing else, and I had been accused of being cynical and not getting it.

Except I do get it. We dance around everything but the very thing we need to confront because we are creatures of routine.

So we keep doing the same things as people star to figure out how to game the system and then rig it to keep competent and capable people from entering the fold and the grifters and bunglers look bad in comparison.

Journalism has the same problem and that’s why it collapsed: it rewards grifters and conniving bunglers who keep quality people out as they use hacks and cheats — and steal — to keep those paper crowns on their heads.

If journalism truly wanted to save itself, it would not try to scare or manipulate people — which doesn’t cost money, and would invest in rebuilding itself.

But you won’t see that happen anytime soon.

When I launched Chaser News in 2007, I was an outsider who didn’t wait for the insider to let me work to improving the product.

I did it by myself.

And I will do it by myself again.

The world is full of idiots and incompetents who work on keeping right people away from them.

They will not be able to do it at Chaser, and I am in a good place with that…

Deutsche Welle's bigoted interview with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

In all the years of me watching Serbian political players get interviewed by North American and Western European journalists, I have yet to see one reporter treat a Serb with a modicum of respect or decorum.

Deutche Welle (DW)’s Conflict Zone kept up the horrific tradition by interviewing Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic with the usual contempt.

You do not see this kind of bad attitude when journalists interview other world leaders. Compare this interview with 60 Minutes’ recent interview with Donald Trump.

Brnabic held her own, of course, as Serbs have had to do for decades. You do not have to behave like an ill-mannered swine: ask your questions in a respectful tone, and give the person a chance to answer.

Do not cheerlead. Do not malign. Interview and don’t look down on those who have agreed to sit on that hot seat…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Eight: Journalism lies. Social Media lies. At what point do we just stop wanting lies?

Just as journalists have been creating monsters under people’s beds, Facebook tore a page from their playbook, and now the New York Times is pretending to be outraged:

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

And other media outlets are treating this story as if it were some sort of big shock.

Only if you are an oblivious moron.

Facebook has been falling out of favour even before the 2016 US election. Facebook skews older, and that is the demographic that is overly cautious and jittery to begin with. Most of the people on my Facebook list are my age or older, but I am also on the vastly superior Ello where it skews much, much younger.

But Ello has a professional purpose: it is a venue for artists and some writers to showcase and sell their work as well as submit to various galleries and publications. Facebook is just for bragging and killing time.

But Ello was never the media darling. Facebook was. It was the special one and the Chosen One, more so than Twitter or LinkedIn. Journalists fawned all over Facebook for the majority of its existence, but then are surprised when it bought the hype:

Jonas Kron, a senior vice president at Trillium Asset Management, a US investor which owns an £8.5m stake in Facebook, last night called on Mr Zuckerberg to step down as board chairman in the wake of the report.

“Facebook is behaving like it's a special snowflake,” he said. “It's not. It is a company and companies need to have a separation of chair and CEO.”

Of course it is behaving like a special snowflake.

Journalists brought Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook there.


So, let us review reality:

The news media built up this kid and gave him a free pass, never asking hard questions because they were too busy fawning and drooling all over him and his company, portraying him as a Great Man and Titan of Industry, a hero and a winner.

And now he is the Bad Guy.

People were becoming bored of Facebook and disillusioned once they saw that their fake lives they bragged about weren’t as cool as other people’s fake lives, and they weren’t becoming rich and famous on social media as their business page wasn’t making them into breakout successes.

That’s why Facebook fell out of favour. The narrative that there was lying and invasion of privacy was just an excuse.

Because Facebook got called out on the same stuff for years, but everyone, including journalists ignored it because people were still counting on Facebook to give them exposure where they could razzle dazzle the world and everyone would fall in love with their genius and give them money.

Including journalism outlets.

When their fortunes sank even lower, that’s when their rose-coloured glasses got yanked off their face by the repo man.

But journalists were lying all along by kissing up to Mark Zuckerberg. They drooled all over him, and now they are spitting on him.

It’s your own damn fault.

You did it with Donald Trump,

Now you are doing it with Mark Zuckerberg.

The New York Times story does not make a whole lot of sense, but the Times never works from reality or facts.

The Blame Russia scam is silly: so what if Russians were lying on Facebook?

They weren’t the only ones doing the lying on that platform.

All the lying cancelled each other out.

Why people walked away from Facebook is that it was no longer a magic solution to their obscurity problem, and then it was a slow slide until the fall gained traction and everything imploded.

Facebook will never go back to its glory days because it was all predicated on a greed scam.

The press bought into it trying to seem in the know and cool.

Now that we know that you aren’t going to be famous liking nonsense on the Facebook, people are looking for something else, and will continue to lie about why they left just as the press lied why Facebook was the Promised Land in the first place.

It would be nice if the lies stopped, but that won’t happen any time soon, either.

When I started Chaser News, Facebook was in its infancy.

And I had a Facebook page for it. It was populated mostly by people who knew me, and with regular readers.

It never expanded my base, and I knew it within three months of going through the trouble of setting it up.

I still have my page for A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, and while I have over a hundred people following it there, it does even less for me, and I have very little maintenance. I did things differently, but the outcome was as useless as it was the first time.

Chaser is relaunching, but there will be no Facebook page for it.

There will be no Twitter page for it, either.

Or Instagram or whatever else is out there.

If you are interested, you will come here.

And that one place will suffice…

How defending Jim Acosta and throwing Julian Assange under a bus could cost journalists a whole lot more.

The narcissistic and short-sighted strategies journalists employ are a sign that this is a profession that does not think about the future, consequences, or strategy.

They painted WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange as some sort of Russian agent or dupe because his group revealed unflattering but accurate truths about Hillary Clinton. It was all true, and everyone knows it.

Instead, they were jealous, and now some are realizing how dangerous things will become if Assange is prosecuted.

The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald said it best:

Over the last two years, journalists and others have melodramatically claimed that press freedoms were being assaulted by the Trump administration due to trivial acts such as the President spouting adolescent insults on Twitter at Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzer or banning Jim Acosta from White House press conferences due to his refusal to stop preening for a few minutes so as to allow other journalists to ask questions. Meanwhile, actual and real threats to press freedoms that began with the Obama DOJ and have escalated with the Trump DOJ – such as aggressive attempts to unearth and prosecute sources – have gone largely ignored if not applauded.

But Greenwald is the lone sane man in that journalistic nuthouse. The obsession the press has with hating Trump has blinded them to how stupid their knee-jerk spasms are or the consequences of their childish games.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is not Bob Woodward. He is not breaking news or doing any actual journalism. He is a clown who behaved like a moron, and when he lost his hall pass, journalists defended him, which was a supremely bad move.

The White House banned a single idiot for being an idiot, and a low-class one to boot. No one else from CNN was barred; hence, they should have taken a hit on Acosta, and then leave it alone because if it becomes a shoving match, they are unevenly matched and the regime can do worse things that cost everyone much more in the long run.

They went to court and cheered that Acosta was allowed back in as if this would be the last of it.

Stupid, stupid move.

Now there will be rules in place.

Rules that had never been there before.

And now it dawned on the press that the rules will far worse than what they had before.

And they have CNN and Jim Acosta to thank.

Politico was very naive when their headline blared in part:

Trump discovers new weapon against media

Never considering that Trump's banning Acosta was a probe for him and he was actively seeking that weapon all along. Acosta’s selfish antics was a costly mistake and the press should know by now what happens when they resort to nose-tweaking Trump.

They never think ahead. They never plan ahead. They have some narrative running through their heads that they are good guys and if they slap back, everyone will back down and they will win.

Memo to journalists: at what point do you wake up to reality?

At what point do you change your ways?

You have had people like me research and point out rationally why you were actively being the agents of your own self-destruction.

You chose to ignore me and shut me out repeatedly.

And you chose to give free publicity to a knuckle-dragger like Acosta and cheerlead him even though you all know who he is.

You earned this wallop.

You earned the fallout because you never listen to people who speak the truth because they are brave enough and loving enough to see reality.

That is the reason you all have become a joke.

You were cruel to Assange, and he was an idealist who had a good idea. He is in over his head, and you are all responsible for it.

He knew what direction it should have gone. He has flaws, but he knew something and had a piece of the puzzle to your resurrection.

Now you whine.

But you were always lousy friends to the truth, and to the people who actually were trying to do something to save an industry.

Shame on you for that.

Shame on you for being as selfish as you are….

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Six: Alchemy is the sport of detectives, magicians, authors, and victors. Bringing the lost philosophy into a new mindset.







When you have two bickering sides of the same basic entity, it is only the in-group who see their differences and think that there is a pecking order as the two fight for who will be the victor with one being decreed right and good and the other wrong and bad.

But outsiders see one big dysfunctional mess and see that the entity is is just bad and wrong — and not as morally superior as the outsider’s group.

Watching the slap fighting in the US is such a case: the Left and Right are just opposite sides of the same coin. Both tweak, both judge, and both backstab one another.

And the outsiders just wait on the sidelines hoping to take advantage of the same group for their own purposes.


It is the reason why I have always been a Radical Centrist. Fight all you want. Scheme all you want. Create narratives all you want.

I am not interested in being your hero or villain.

Or victim. Fuck that.

I have my own life and my own dreams, goals, ideas, aspirations and plans.

When I did Chaser News the first time, I wasn’t political in the traditional sense.

And in Western culture “political” is defined by running in Left circles or Right circles.

It is binary, and so boring.

As if everyone is following the same stupid script, but are just standing on one side of a line or the other.

That is not being political.

That is being a follower.

You might as well play dodgeball and get exercise instead.


Politics has always been a milquetoast version of war the way dancing is a milquetoast version of sex.

Both are thought of as two parties getting together to either create or destroy with one as the dominant and the other as the submissive.

It’s the competitive streak that always gets in the way.

Sex is Eros, but war is Thanatos.

Dancing is Eros, but politics is Thanatos.

And in the centre of these peculiar dynamics, is a radical centre that sees the rigs of both.

Because both are just a pretext to control the other half of the equation as if one side is more right than the other.

And they are equal.

What is on the left of the equal sign is another way of expressing what is on the right of it.

If I seem as if I am speaking in Gibberish, I am.

But I am not talking nonsense.

Just the language of the birds.



Chaser News played around with the concepts of alchemy, and heavily so.

A Dangerous Woman Story Studio came from it, right after I did a peculiar website called Monsters and Queens that was storytelling told in a pure alchemical tradition.

But had my previous bluechrome not gone under, that would have been my follow up book to Consumer-isms in 12 Easy Steps.

Monsters and Queens had no overt narrative online, but the book did and an outrageous one, but they were told in short vignettes and musings.

But after bluechrome was gone, there would be no publisher who could possibly take it one. It was too exotic.

So I started playing around with the outré elements.

As alchemy sees everything as having a soul, Truth become Alena Love, and Love became Vivian Love.

And so, A Dangerous Woman Story Studio came to be.

And is still going on. It is a quiet little venture with zero publicity, but I have regular readers and consistent ones.

But I never abandoned Chaser.

I just wasn’t in the place in my life where I could relaunch it.

Technically, it’s still not, but who the fuck cares?

I have been given enough lead to last an eternity.

And I prefer turning it into gold.

That’s what journalism used to proclaim to do: turn lead into gold.

Find problems and then when the lead is exposed, it turns into solutions.


Journalists turned the problems into facts.

Lead into gold.

That’s alchemy.

What they have done know is turn lead into cyanide.

Definitely in the wrong direction.

They are making problems into the fodder for war.


And that’s not journalism, but propaganda.

But they got poisoned by the lead and cannot tell the difference.

But I still can.

The Radical Centre is the centre of alchemy.

You don’t move lead from the Left and have gold from the Right or vice versa.

You do not reduce things into simplistic or binary quantities.

You expand, not constrict.

As alchemy’s Axiom of Maria states:

One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth.

Psychologist Carl Jung was fascinated by it as I was, but our interpretations of it greatly differ.

But they do not conflict.

He merely sees one application, and I another.

Chaser is slowly coming back to life.

Slow heat.

And when it does finally arrive, it will not be the same as it was the first time.

Yet the alchemy will still be there, but in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

Start small, and move on to something bigger without getting lost in the translation.

As above, so below.

No propaganda.

That’s not alchemic.

And propaganda has no place in Edenic equations.

Because the goal of all alchemists is to die and go to Eden.

Not Heaven.

You aim higher, or settle for more.

Alchemy is not well understood by the emotionally illiterate, but for those of us whose hearts and souls are naked for the world to see and are brave, we get it.

It is the noble art of taking your broken pieces and fusing it with the gold of wisdom.

And it makes Kintsugi a form of alchemy.

But it is not the only one.

If journalism was once a form of alchemy, then its alternative is a better version of it because it didn’t stumble blindly.

It crawled before it learned to walk and then soar.

It understands the four stages: nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, and rubedo.

Blackness, whitness, yellowness, and redness.

It is also the four colours of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse.

But it all depends if you understand the direction alchemy is supposed to take you.

Higher than you thought you could reach, against all impossible odds where nothing and no one can either stop you or move you.

You cannot be intimidated, nor can you be manipulated.

You are the core. You are in a radical centre.

You are the atom of truth and reality.

Even in dreams.

And when you become unleashed, you can alter outcomes because you have the combination of facts that actually get people to take notice.

Journalism lost that sense.

And it is why they died.

But for those of us who resurrected ourselves, we learned from our mistakes and o the mistakes of others, and like the Phoenix, we are reborn from lead and allow ourselves to make gold no matter how strongly those who do not understand our ways try to stop us from doing what comes naturally to us.

We don’t take sides. We see both sides and bring them together.

With the glue of gold.

And not even broken pieces deject us or stop us from working from our own little worlds.

It is not about left or right.

But expanding a core that has no use for artificial boundaries and linear divides.

It is about truth.

And creating life where there are nothing but omens of violence, despair, and death…

STEM-education doesn't have the same problems as the why isn't j-schools moving over to STEM?

My alma mater McMaster University does not get back to me when I give them proposals to transform journalism education, but they are hiring for the following bird course:

Date of Posting: 15 Nov. 2018 to 29 Nov. 2018 (inclusive)
Department Contact: Shelley Anderson, Program Administrator
Arts & Science Program, LRW-3038
Course Name/Number: ARTSSCI 3IE1/ Interdisciplinary Experiences:
A Celebration of Winter as Place
Term: January 2019 to April 2019
Number of Section(s) Available: 2 sections (C09 & C10)
Number of Units per Section: 1 unit
Location (on/off campus): Central Campus
Projected Enrollment: 30
Projected TA Support: N/A
Start time and Duration: To be scheduled, Winter term
Wage Rate*: $2,469 (1/3 of $7,407/3 unit course) as per Schedule
A of the CUPE, Local 3906, Unit 2 Collective

Course Description
Winter is the misunderstood season. This module will explore winter as a fundamental expression of Canadian identity through the lenses of history, geography, and literature. While travelling by snowshoes and skis, and of course sitting around the fire, we will examine key stories and characters in our Canadian understanding of winter, including Franklin, wendigos, Sam Magee, and Grey Owl. This exploration will also include the “idea of North” and the Norwegian friluftsliv approach to winter outdoor life. The central goal is to embrace the winter season as a “place” in our personal psyche and Canadian consciousness.

A long, rambling sentence, kids.

A celebration of winter as place?

Really, Mac?

What kind of job can students get trying to positively spin the deadliest season that is heartless to the sick and homeless?

You cannot be serious about this opening.

Though I understand that one of your Commerce professors was doing his job so badly, students filed a petition and he was removed.

Where is that innovation Mac was once renowned for?

Is it hiding under your bed and you have mistaken it for a monster to fear?

Come, come, you are home to the Marauders, live up to the ferocious name, please.

You used to be very innovative. Once upon a time you were trail-blazers.

And now you are giving away degrees by offering garbage like that.

I do not want to knock my psychology degree, but if you don’t listen to empirical reason, that’s what’s going to happen.

But it isn’t just McMaster that does very foolish things when it comes to the Humanities, that has become the sewer of academia.

STEM-disciplines may have their numerous faults, but it is about having reality-based goals that confront problems, not avoid them.

Journalism education was more Humanities, than Social Science or Sciences, and it is the reason it imploded.

I feel like the lone sane person who is trying to bring change to the way universities deal with how they teach young minds who lack the experience or the savvy to know how their thinking is being restricted and not expanded.

Yes, it is a shameful waste of resources of both the taxpayers, donors, and students, but the waste will blithely continue until enough people put their foot down and demand that Humanities begin to show STEM-like discipline and revolutionize their archaic and frivolous ways...

Toxic is the word of the year? You don't say!

Oxford Dictionary has decreed that the word of 2018 is toxic.

You don’t say!

The National Post has always been the Establishment’s best friend. They are sycophants to the Man, and do all that they can to scorn and deride anyone who dares question an authority figure.

Of course, that is propaganda, and the Post is nothing more than propaganda.

Christie Blatchford has made a living being a managandist, and she does her best to push around a university student who did not like a speech from a police officer and lodged a complaint against him to the Edmonton Police Service and demanded he be suspended.

In the column, Blatchford appeals to authority, and decrees that if other students didn’t mind, then the student was wrong, but then repeatedly makes fun of the young woman’s surname, as if that was a legitimate reason to put her down.

If you have to stoop to making fun of someone’s name, then you have no argument. That is bullying, and when you are picking on someone who has less clout than you and you are belittling them for complaining against an authority figure, you are indulging in cowardice.

People will complain and if something bothers them, they should. It doesn’t mean they will get results or be seen as correct by others, but that’s called feedback.

And if you have a problem, you should still speak up because there are times when you are right.

When you are young, you have to learn to complain and you should speak up and learn from trial and error. You will not be right every time. You will not get results every time, but you do not become discouraged just become some timid troll misuses a media outlet to try to break you into silence because they are slaves to the minion mindset.

And memo to Blatchford: a veteran police officer doesn’t a mommy hack to defend him, unless, of course, you think he is not competent enough to do so himself.

But 2018 has been a very toxic year.

In the US, voters didn’t get an actual platform from either the Democrats or Republicans, but cheered that they keep voting in the same patterns, thinking they have made progress. If voters weren’t drowning in toxic propaganda, they would have demanded both parties give them a reason to vote for them, and should have lodged complaints that they have two political parties that are allegedly different, but believe they are entitled to rule just because they are special.


And CNN and Jim Accosta are prematurely celebrating because a judge ruled being a spoiled brat is glorious and that immaturity and a lack of producing factual reports is no reason to revoke press credentials.

I wouldn’t spin the ruling as a victory for CNN. Trump has lost in court before, but consistently gets the last laugh, and his own way in a more unpredictable second round. Doug Ford lost in court when he slashed the number of seats on Toronto City Council, but he pulled out the notwithstanding clause, and the election went ahead with a leaner council.

And speaking of Ford, the Toronto Star has childish toxicity, decreeing in an editorial that, golly, life isn’t fair:

Ontarians did not sign up for deep cuts in services

So what? People don’t sign up for getting cancer, either. Reality doesn’t heed to what you will and will not “sign up” for, and Ontarians have been very stupid by allowing the previous regime to amass such a colossal debt that the next entity that owes more is an actual country.

But Ontario signed up for trouble because they thought they were getting something for nothing. Teachers threw fits because they wanted more than what the province actually had to give.

So yes, Toronto Star, Ontarians did sign up for it. They allowed themselves to be self-entitled and nannied for years, and then abandoned the party who enabled that to happen. Voters got greedy, and voted for the NDP, and the house of cards collapsed.

It is called consequences.

And voters in Ontario do have to take some responsibility and stop throwing temper tantrums in order to grow up and get the house in order.

A premier is not a concierge who is in charge of making you happy. The job is to guide and make complex and complicated decisions based on the bottom line and the resources at hand. Sometimes inequality is the most pressing matter and that is what needs top priority. Sometimes youth cannot find work because they have been inadequately prepared by those teachers who want even more for doing less, and that needs to be straightened out.

And sometimes the place is broke and needs to work on paying down their debt.

But a toxic editorial wants to incite people so that there is an identifiable people can blame for the woes of their own making.

An honest one looks at the books and reports on the numbers and sources of income.

But the toxicity has made people complacent: they have no facts to guide them.

Just toxic propaganda.

Facts are the cure for toxicity, but they are in scarce supply these days, and the stupidity and barbarism runs rampant unchecked…

The Cult of the Enterprising Chicken Littles: It's the end of the world...unless you do what we tell you.

The Guardian has been brazen in begging for money, and it shouldn’t be surprising that to force people to use their product, they are now stooping to doomsday propaganda to give an impression that the world cannot survive with the Guardian.

Take a look at this column for instance:

The Earth is in a death spiral. It will take radical action to save us

And let me guess: we have to do what a wealthy Leftist cabal decrees is right.

Big Brother, you are relentless in trying to scare us into compliance.

And this is brazen.

We know how the “iGen” cohort are fragile and dependent on their godphones, and we have shameless news outlets trying to frighten them into being dependent on them and the masters they serve.

Humans cannot help their manipulative little selves: if it isn’t gods and devils who are going to destroy the Earth, it is foreigners, and if it is’t foreigners, it’s Mother Nature.

Just stop.

Stop trying to manipulate people with fear-mongering. No wonder this generation have become timid, dysfunctional, and defeated. They think there is no tomorrow.

And journalists should remember if there is a generation who think there is no tomorrow, they are not going to buy your product because there is no point.

And stop being exploiters, Guardian. Your stealth paranoia isn’t going to save your tomorrow, either…

The Sucker Circus: The Good Samaritan Hoax is exposed.

The middle class love their feel-good stories.


And journalists love spewing them because they are cheap and fact-free yarns that are easy to do and no questions asked.

Mark D'Amico, Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt were spinning a yarn: McClure ran out of gas, homeless Bobbitt gave her twenty dollars for gas, and she and her boyfriend D’Amico set up a GoFundMe page and netted over $400000.

And then the truth came out that the story was a scam.

And a very different picture emerged.


No one bothered to verify any of it, and when you are dealing with a crowdsourcing story, it is extremely important to verify.

It is a sucker circus out there, and the carnivalesque antics I have covered in 2005 in my first book.

This yarn had all of the markings of a typical grifter’s scam.

But journalists are not trained in spotting those feints and ruses.

And I have been fighting for the last two decades to change that.

But it won’t.

And you are left on your own if you want to donate money to shady people who know how to manipulate reporters…

Memo to Dawna Friesen: Journalism no longer is a pillar of democracy. It is actively trying to destroy it.

It is very common these days for journalists to misuse their outlets to run little propaganda campaigns to instruct the little people how they cannot live without them, and Global News’ Dawna Frieson is playing that same arrogant and deluded game with this propaganda spew:

I’m going to take advantage of you — my captive audience — if you’ll indulge me for a few minutes, to talk about journalism.

So right off the bat, Frieson acknowledges what she is doing is unethical. Wonderful.

Just like the war propaganda movies Hollywood churned out in the 1940, people are being asked to listen to a narrative how they would be moronic savages who did not know right from wrong if it weren’t for people parading as journalists.

Canadian journalists have no right to consider their profession part of democracy.

Media concentration in Canada was always abnormally high; so where Friesen gets her bullshit ideas from is anyone’s guess. Torstar and Postmedia are just about it in print, and Torstar’s recent acquisition of iPolitics has resulted in layoffs because a diversity of voices is too democratic a concept for media owners.

Yet she spews on:

You know that journalism is a business, too. And it’s a business that is seriously under threat. The business model of the traditional newspaper, radio and TV station is broken. Advertisers are going elsewhere — mostly online. The way we consume news has changed rapidly.

Journalism was never under threat: they fucked up their own fortunes by thinking they were perfect and in no need to change or bring in fresh and innovative ideas. You alienated yourselves from your audiences, what else do you want? This paranoid ideation has no basis in reality. Journalism isn’t a damsel in distress: it is an obnoxious spoiled brat that never listens to reason or thinks reality applies to them. You made your bed, sister, now lie in it.

And now the arrogant delusions become unleashed:

But here’s the thing about journalism. It’s more than a business. It’s a pillar of democracy. Journalism underpins every free society. It informs, it uncovers truth, and it holds power to account. Without knowledge about what’s happening in your town, your province, your country, you can’t be an informed citizen. And if you aren’t an informed citizen, you can’t make informed decisions about the kind of community you want to live in, and the kind of political leaders you choose to represent you.

No, journalism has proved to be anything but a pillar of democracy. People found alternative modes and bypassed the gate-keepers.

Journalists were given special powers of having access to communications — that is far from having democratic underpinnings. Now that everyone has the same access, you should have reinvented yourselves: instead, you are asking people to give you more credibility and powers than other people. That’s vile.

You have no standardized empirical methods to do your jobs. You are not licensed, nor have any governing body to investigate your transgressions. You are not doctors, teachers, or lawyers who have to go through hoops to get those letters after your name. You spew a few snippets: that’s not information people can actually use.

When I was asked to speak at a book club yesterday, the complaints I heard about all the things journalism didn’t know was rational and true.

I can personally attest to journalists cribbing from press releases without disclosing the information because that was the impetus for me becoming a journalist in the first place.

The propaganda continues:

Right now, journalism is under assault not just because the business model is broken, but because there are political forces actively working to undermine it and discredit it. An army of online trolls and activists question the veracity of stories they don’t like, attack individual journalists they don’t like, and ridicule institutions that for decades have been trusted sources of news.

State-supported trolls from places like Russia and Saudi Arabia seed our news feeds with false stories and conspiracy theories, and actively work to undermine western liberal democracies.

Paranoia and fear-mongering trash. So Friesen openly decides to scare people into maintaining her job. She is being a troll, and not a classy one to boot.

Journalism isn’t under attack: it made its own messes by being willfully irresponsible. I have written three large and well-documented books on how they did this to themselves.

Do not buy the lie. Journalists have told so many bullshit stories, that they should all be held legally accountable.

And the shameless and vile manipulation goes on:

I think we are living in a dangerous time. We live in Canada, not America, but we’re not immune to the rancour and the division and the political dysfunction that we’re watching unfold in the United States.

It is journalists who are causing that division because they are livid that Donald Trump unrig their chess board and outsmarted them. They fellated him in their outlets for decades, and then, when he realized he could win without those losers and proved journalism is dead, they were going to destroy their own country to prove a point.

It is journalists who are inciting war and making a mockery of justice. You people played games in the former Yugoslavia. You played games in the Gulf Wars. You played games in countless countries in my lifetime, and the psychopathic machinations are unforgivable.

Yet she continued to write babble because no one thought to hold an intervention:

So here’s my message to you. Be an active part of the solution. Don’t be drawn into partisan ugliness that paints political opponents as traitors and the enemy. Support quality journalism. Think of it as a public service.

Yes, just take the partisan Left side of the press and give them lots of money for them to tell you how to think. Lovely.

Journalists used to be seen as the public watchdog. Don’t fall for the line that we are the enemy of the people. That’s the talk of a dictator who wants to silence those who question him.

No, Ms Friesen, you are the enemy of the people. You were once the almighty ideological dictators who destroyed lives. The fact that you people use press releases to cover international hard news stories convict you of the charge. The traumas I have witnessed thanks to Western journalists are shocking. Stop pretending to be moral. When I had procured videos of Serbian soldiers being tortured by enemy sides and offered Canadian news producers the chance to see them so they would stop presenting Serbs as Nazis who weren’t being victimized in the war, they said So what?

I wrote countless letters to news outlets — including your Global News, and was dismissed no matter how much evidence I had to flat-out counter the lies told night after night.

And I would discover that Serbs were hardly the only ones.

Then a real knee-slapper:

A well-functioning democracy requires free and diverse news media capable of keeping people informed, holding powerful people to account, and enabling informed public discussion of public affairs. It is not elitist to value the truth.

Perhaps, but none of your practice what you preach; so enough with the moral masturbation.

And then, the sales pitch.

Quality journalism increases public knowledge, political participation and engagement. It helps reduce corruption, expose the nefarious. Just look at the power of the #MeToo movement, which was driven by strong women who came forward, and journalists who told their stories.

And here’s my most important point. Don’t expect to get quality journalism for free. It’s not a giveaway. You need to pay for it.

The big failing of the internet — which gave us access to the world — is that we expect to get it for free. Unless news organizations are owned by a billionaire like Jeff Bezos, that’s not sustainable.

So pay for news, subscribe online. Demand quality. Consider the source of what you are reading and watching.

Don’t get sucked in by clickbait. It just panders to sites which thrive on viral video.

Read and listen and watch a variety of sources. Keep yourself informed. Learn to recognize a bad argument, a false equivalency, and a poorly sourced story.

Give us money!

Are you throwing a free Slap Chop if we do?

This isn’t an article.

It is an advertorial.

Notice there is not a shred of proof of anything in this piece. No hard evidence of what journalism has actually done: she merely rambles and takes it as a truism without coughing up the goods.

Notice not once does she ever entertain the notion that journalism should look inward to see how they can change and improve.

Nope, it is Trump’s fault.

Uh-huh. Likely story.

A lousy journalism outfit.

And even worse salespeople.

At Donald Trump knows how to sell, and he knows what your lot is truly worth…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Five: Journalism never got out of the Stone Age. Neither did j-schools.

Journalism is still a very misogynistic industry.

The managanda from the National Post is obnoxious, and the fact that they pay women to spew self-loathing propaganda doesn’t make it okay.

The structure is still Patriarchal. The assumptions are still skewed and rigged to favour those who oppress others. You can pretend to be politically correct all you want, but if you have a system that shames people for thinking differently than you do, then you are not a free or democratic society.

And sexist it remains. We see articles on white male doctors who have breakthroughs, but I doubt you know Person #23 on the List of People Everyone should know.

Dr. Jane C. Wright.


You may have heard of her breakthrough treatment from the 1940s.


That’s right, for those of you who fought against cancer and won thanks to that treatment, that’s the African-American woman who saved your life.

Yet do we talk about her at all? Do you know who we are discussing?


Not at all.

The whitebread folks never do.

Women have a lot to contribute, but when they do, they are not appreciated.

And it takes years for them to be able to see their plans through.

I have been fighting that fight for over a quarter of a century.

Try getting j-schools to listen to a radical new approach to journalism.

I am white, but female, and the road is no easier for me.

And yet, Google sees me as a person of note.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 1.03.16 PM.png

Twitter won’t give me a blue check mark, but the biggest search engine does.

And so does Bing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 2.52.32 PM.png

McMaster University recognized me with their Arch Award — and I was the first female to receive it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 3.02.02 PM.png

I am referenced in academic articles. I am referenced in serious scholarly books. I have students from Ivy League schools interview me for their own scholarly work. I give talks, as I did to one lovely book club yesterday. I gave interviews.

And yet, I am shut out. Repeatedly.

My work is sound. My research goes beyond thorough — one of the members of yesterday’s book club marvelled at me having 61 pages of references.

Nice catch: I did have 61 pages of references; almost 14% of the book contains references I used.

That is thorough research.

I was as thorough with Chaser News, just as I was that thorough as an author, journalist, and academic student.

I use references from multiple countries and multiple languages. I use references from the distant past to the present. I have used interviews, studies, legislation, transcripts, you name it.

And I am certain many of you have stumbled upon my site, and have to click on the Who Is She? page to figure out who is this fiery woman who keeps saying journalism is dead?

How would she know?

I know because I am the creator of Method Research. I know because I have no trouble doing the legwork and seeing things up close for myself.

I work tirelessly on this problem and have done so for many years. I have had comments that I should be creating programs at the university level to change journalism’s ways.

And as I have said, I have.

Read When Journalism was a Thing, and see how much I have crafted the blueprints for such a thing. Read Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news because that is a textbook for information verification for journalists.

But I am routinely ignored.

I do not stop trying.

And I am still actively working on it. Chaser as well A Dangerous Woman Story Studio figure into F.R.E.E.D. and Matriarchal Storytelling and prominently so, and both have been around for a while now.

But unfortunately, too much of the toiling could be entirely avoided and placed where it should be placed: at creating something innovative and new — not having to create the space to make it.

And don’t think I am expecting a statue, building, or huzzahs for this work.

Dr. Wright invented chemotherapy, and you all still don’t even know her name…