Memo to Vox: "no-platforming" doesn't work because no one is reading your bullshit, either.

Vox is a moron’s publication that is filled with sophistry, and mostly just motherfuckery.

They don’t get reality. They are Reality Deniers, Left-wing Edition, Subsection, Millennial Ass-Kissers.

They are gleeful that professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos is broke, and speculate the reason is that “no-platforming” (i.e., collective demand for censorship) is to blame.

No, it isn’t. That is an illusion.

Imagine you not having cancer, and then someone gives you a pill, and says you are now cancer-free.

Did the pill cure you?

That’s bullshit: you were never sick to begin with.

That is the delusion these Reality Deniers cannot face is one: they are bitching and kvetching on the Troll Scroll, banning people who no one was ever actually reading.

What people like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos did was court media attention by being obnoxious trolls and assholes. The press, who are lazy and have no idea what this “news” thing is, gave them loads of publicity, never noticing their own ratings and circulations plummet.

Then these hucksters, who have all sorts of carny tricks to seem as if they have social media followers, get one of the now Sister Five to pay them big bucks for a book deal. They get paid as pundits — and that’s how they make their money.

It is hype, aided and abetted by journalists.

Then these grifters push their luck and keep going for the gutter, trying to keep in the spotlight, and they push one step too far, frighten a jittery press who all run away because they are looking for a safe and sure thing with zero effort, trolls on Twitter rant like idiots, and then the scheme collapses.

The outlets who paid thinking they had some sort of find or get, stop footing the bills, and the house of cards collapses.

But the numbers aren’t really there to ever justify the lavish attention.

Not even the hate watchers.

Everything is inflated. No-platforming doesn’t work because there is no real platform to begin with.

It’s a sham.

You have people play up to the press, buy fake followers, and put on a dog and pony show, and then they are somehow “celebrities” or controversial newsmakers.

And Vox ought to know it is all a shell-game considering they aren’t a very popular publication.

I have a small, but stable readership here. I had a much bigger one a decade ago with Chaser News, but even back then, I could see the writing on the wall. You don’t have much to work with given the climate and the me-focused population who would rather look at their own social media feed than get genuinely informed.

And now they are even boring themselves as they are also abandoning their own outlets.

I don’t try to drum up business for myself. I spend nothing on advertising. I post links on Tumblr and Twitter automatically, but the bulk of my audience come from searching for something on a search engine, stumbling on me, looking at the “Who is She?” section, and then sticking around.

And to these people, thank you. Thank you for being your own thinkers and making your own decision to stay.

That’s the audience I want: the ones who think for themselves, and arrive here absolutely on their own volition.

Tomorrow, some trolls may target me and have Twitter and Tumblr censor me.

It will not make a dent because I don’t “work” those sites.

This is my base of operations, and I am in a good place with that.

The strange world of Reality Deniers.

I find Truthout to be very silly.

Here they are slagging a dead president in an article, and then beg for money because fewer people are reading their slagging.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.11.29 AM.png

You are not “independent news.” You are Left-wing propaganda, and it costs no money to say something easy like George 41 was an Establishment president. Duh.

But welcome to the world of the Reality Deniers who do not know what is real and what is fake.


They think they know, but they always run to the lie.


I had my fill as a teenager of the lies of the press, and I said enough.


People treat Reality Deniers with kid gloves, lest the snowflakes are inconvenienced.

Never mind the kind of hell the rest of the world endures in the name of protecting a few psychopathic and manipulative cowards.

The fortresses Reality Deniers have created are huge and thick, but they are built on lies.

They rigged the battleground, and then covered up the battleground with distorting mirrors.

Enough is enough.

It is time to uncover the battleground, and show the rigs, but not in the old ways that no longer work.

The Reality Deniers are getting brazen, thinking they can just do whatever they wish. See drunk drivers ride around, and one police department want to shame them because nothing else is working.

Because Reality Deniers are allowed to throw tantrums, feign victimhood, misdirect by villainizing people who they destroy, and rig laws to work in their favour.

But there is another method to dealing with Reality Deniers.

And it is more than just exposing them.

It is turning over their own rules, and being the Nightmare of Reality.

But not in the traditional way that journalism once did.

That doesn’t work because that profession got infected with Reality Deniers, and fucked up the profession.

So, there comes a time when you have to get the joke, and find the right mindset to deal with those cowards and liars.

And turn the world into a laboratory, and a stage.

That’s what I intend to do.

And that is your message from…


Bad journalism and why Chaser has become my driving force.

I have been writing about perception misaligning with reality for a long time — since 2005 when my first book was published, and multiple times here.

My undergraduate thesis was on the topic, after all, and it is something I know well.

After all, my book through A Dangerous Woman Story Studio Dr. Verity Lake’s Journey of a Thousand Revelations studies the phenomenon, and her signature course is Truth, Perception, and the Nature of Reality.

So the Atlantic’s inferior copy of my musings were of interest to me.

Reading and listening to this ignorant bullshit from oblivious motherfuckers reminded me why journalism needs an alternative.

Because journalism is akin to reading a medical book, and then deciding that you can now be a doctor.

That’s what we have, and that’s not acceptable.

Not anymore.

Chaser is empirical. It is more than just an art or craft — but an actual science.

And when I read bullshit from the Atlantic, it makes me more determined to combat their kind of cancerous garbage that pollutes the information stream to do it in a more professional way…

Martyr? Superheroine? Crusader? Fuck that. Try Ringmaster to the Sucker Circus.

I feel bad for three men: Julian Assange, Eric Snowdon, and Dr. Radovan Karadžić.

They all made the same amateur mistake.


They actually believed that the Middle Class are some sort of moral core.

Some are, of course, but you have too many people who abuse their children, sabotage their siblings and coworkers, needlessly tattle on their neighbours, gossip and spread rumours about their friends as they fuck their spouses, and ran away when someone in drowning or being mugged.

People allow others to molest their children, and when those pained and vulnerable children run to their worthless parents for help, pretend not to believe them or tell them to shut up.

Then walk over homeless people feeling superior to the dispossessed.

And should they be called out for being selfish psychopaths, they always have an excuse.

What these three men have in common is that they thought all they had to do was expose evil, and people would rise up and overthrow these evil people, and they would be grateful to those who risked everything to stand up to them.

Snowdon is in exile, and will most likely be caught and go down as a villain, even by those who are strategically cheering him on and supporting him for their own political gain. Assange is in serious trouble and has been painted as a Russian agent by the Left who pretend to be the moral voice. Dr. Karadžić got caught in a civil war, and got arrested and painted as a war criminal.

No one will ever thank you for exposing the evil shit they are eating.

I learned that as a teenager during that civil war when I had evidence of the lies the press was spewing, and was told “So what?”

People who wear suits are brutes and barbarians, and they are enabled by the middle class.

You have several choices if you are someone with a moral core, but if you think you are going to save the world and get gratitude, you are being naive.

But you cannot sit in silence, either. You are allowing scum to influence your life, and then you become a different kind of prisoner. People get rich and famous at your expense. They steal your ideas, resources, and happiness; so to stay silent is a rather passive and cowardly thing to do.

You don’t let people get away with garbage. For all the virtue-signalling and moral masturbation raging on Twitter, it is all shallow, cosmetic things and people picking of celebrities who are easy and inconsequential targets, or just ordinary people who did something silly.

It is nothing that would bring real change or progress.

So what to do you?

You don’t play a martyr as Snowdon did. His fake American supporters aren’t lobbying to have him receive immunity, and they could have made his fate an election issue. So he is up the creek.

You don’t play crusader like Assange because people will turn on you for exposing to the world what wretched and ignorant minions they are to people in power. They want to believe they voted for moral servants you can support amid the fake laughter at boring cocktail parties.

You don’t play superhero like Dr. Karadžić because you’ll end up taking all of the blame as you wither in a jail cell at the Hague in some fake trial that is absolutely rigged to paint you as the bad guy.

But you do not stay silent. You call out the fraud. When you call out sanctioned insanity as sanctioned insanity, you complicate the schemes of those losers. They want the façade of respectability, but if you point out what vile and pathetic motherfuckers they are, they lose control and control freaks shit their diapers when that happens.

Because they think they can fool all of the people all of the time.

But calling out is not the real work.

You are merely drawing attention to something that no one really wants you to draw attention to because there is potential for work, contrition, humiliation, shame, and the loss of rewards.

Which is what you should be doing. You are pulling more than just a carpet, but also raising a curtain.

Meaning you are exposing the Hell for what it truly is.

Yet when you raise a curtain, you are signalling that a show is about to start.

And that the centre of gravity is not with the schemers — or their enablers.

It is a Sucker Circus, and you’re not an act in it.

But the ringmaster.

You are not there to appease or change minds.

What you are there is to ensure the clowns are seen as clowns.

And the animal shit on the ground is labelled as such.

You expose how the tricks are played: the trick wires, the hidden players behind the scenes, everything.

But the trick is comedy.

People get into unnatural habits and then go running on a hamster wheel.

And you then show the Hamster Wheel Runners as part of the Sucker Circus.

You are putting everything on the record, but not to save people.

They are more than capable of saving themselves.

You are not some sort of holy crusader. People can get off their fucking asses. If those suckers are hoping for a They to save them, or God, Santa Claus, or the Great Pumpkin, you expose them as the Invisible Friend Seekers as part of the Sucker Circus.

You are not some sort of superhero swooping in to save the little people from governments. They voted those motherfuckers in there, and kept voting them in election after election, even though they get fuck all for their votes. You expose those Futility Voters as part of the Sucker Circus.

You show that the Left side is as ridiculous as the Right side. There is no comfy loophole to hide in.

You have to earn your place in the Radical Centre.

The ringmaster’s seat.

You ride on the wavelengths as part of your act. You don’t try to alter those frequencies.

You expose them, but not in the way that you think people will change because they are moral.

You expose both sides of their calculations to show just how moronic they are, and then clear the path for you to live your own life on your own terms.

Freedom from the shackles of conniving lunacy is the goal of Chaser. You want to live as a follower, minion, loser, or moron, go ahead. I won’t stop you.

I won’t try to change you. Whatever sanctioned insanity floats your boat.

But don’t try to confine me or harm me with your bullshit.

Because you may very well be the debut act in the Sucker Circus…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Five: I was a girl scientist doing strange things in the name of science. I still do the outrageous, but in the name of truth.

When I was a little girl, I was precocious.


I skipped grades. I was in my high school’s gifted program. I won awards.

I was also very much into science, even as a toddler.

I was a girl scientist and girl inventor, and I did very strange things in the name of science.

I poured orange juice into the television set to see what would happen (it makes a popping sound before it explodes and black smoke comes out of it). That experiment was a failure.

But I had many successes. I took apart the stereo, fixed it, and put it back together working better than before as a kid in grade school with no help.

I still got punished for it, but it went down as a victory in my science journal.

I made little contraptions. Some worked, some really didn’t work, and some really, really did not work as intended.

When I hit university, the nature of my experiments radically changed from basically engineering to psychology.

Experimental psychology opened up a whole new world for me, and suddenly, I found myself doing a very different kind of science.

I still conducted outrageous experiments. At first, to test whatever theories I was learning in my classes, but then when I got a hang of it, I invented my own.

No one ever knew it or figured it out. Not the quiet ones, and not the surreal eccentric ones.

Then came the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, and I decided to put my peculiar talent to good use by conducting experiments as a journalist.

Those were instructive beyond my most optimistic expectations, but sometimes I pushed the limits, like the time I struck up a conversation with a Secret Service Agent when then Vice President Dick Cheney was giving a speech in Toronto to journalists.

I thought someone was going to have to bail my ass out of some sort of secret jail, but the shocked and jittery agent indulged my questions without overt incident.

That is how far I was willing to go to find out the reality of a situation, and my books are empirically solid enough to be used in academia and have been repeatedly.

When I began Chaser News the first time, I upped the outrageous factor of my online experiments, and found out a lot more about people than I had ever expected.

Then when I stopped Chaser, life focussed my energies on far more serious matters, and I had no time or mindset for them.

Until 2018 and then my life was thrown into a place below hell, and then suddenly, those old ideas transmuted and came roaring back with a vengeance.

So I started conducting even more outrageous, but empirically sound experiments. From tweaking noses of social media moderators by creating such a tangle of fine lines to make a spider’s web and see their increasingly angry responses as they have no clue how much I am tweaking their noses just to see how much Big Brother information that have on me as their user (throwing bricks to get jades, kids — and you would be shocked how even dinky little sites have big data on you), to other more subversive experiments, I am gathering data, and the Internet allows it on a global scale, but I am not lying, hacking, cheating, or stealing.

I am just doing something small, subtle, and peculiar.

My latest invention is something I dub mind wild: mix in Mission: Impossible, experimental psychology, culture jamming, Candid camera, military strategy, Spy magazine, and Just for Laughs Gags.


Chaser is going to be hard news, but by the summer, it will be hard news with a twist. The F.R.E.E.D. will be added to this blend by the fall, and it will not be like anything you have seen before.

It will be scientific. It will find new information.

What it won’t be is the same old way of doing news. While the old ways of academia try to observe, but can never really get it, Chaser jumps into the eye of the storm to do something to turn over every rule to break them.

The girl scientist grew up to be an inventor of an alternative to the way we have been doing journalism, and she is excited…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Four: It is all about being a magician, and knowing the greatest trick of them all.

I have always had a love affair with magic.


I knew it well, but my hands are not built to do magic tricks.

But I always was fascinated how someone could fool a room full of people and deceive a collective’s perceptions of reality.


I learned a lot from studying magic.


One was that people love novelty, but they hate change.

It is okay if it is the shallow and cosmetic kind, but visionary, deep changes are despised.

The Internet was a rare exception because it’s shallow novelty gave it an edge, and destroyed journalism because they hate change most of all.

A shrewd politician knows that to be popular, he should offer novelty, but no change. Don’t let the lies of the middle class fool you. Sure, you’ll have people babble and spew how they want socialism, and all that jazz, but if you should give it to them, they will hate you forever.

The good old days when people had to work hard to survive ensured that people didn’t have all this free time to think up bullshit.

They refuse to work on their own shortcomings, but get offended at statues.

Of dead people, of course. It is safe to slag a corpse. A living person is going to sue and hire a powerful PR firm to bury the haters.

The Internet brought that shallow passivity, but deep down, everyone knows the clock is ticking on this nose-tweaking bullshit game.

Notice how Canadians reacted at GM closing one plant in Oshawa.

No one said, “Hey, big fucking deal, we have legal weed now, and people can get jobs in that industry.”

Not the leader of the province, the country, or any expert or pundit.

Remember that.

And it has been around since October, a very recent employment option, that isn’t crossing anyone’s minds.

Because deep down, we know it is not going to save Canada.

Because for many people, the change they hate is already happening, and not the shallow novelty.

A shrewd politician knows it, and uses sleight of hand to make it seem as if something real is happening, but makes sure it is the safe and established status quo.

The egotist wants his “imprint”, and makes changes that frighten the middle class who shit their pants and howl.

The prime minister has an inferiority complex, and knows he is a lightweight ditz, and he is too stupid to know that is the reason the middle class voted for him: they don’t want change. They want the novelty of his socks and hair.

All he had to do was smile for photo ops, and he could have been prime minister for life.

But he has no idea that the middle class want a middle manager and a trade show model rolled into one. Look good at cocktail parties, fake laugh at people’s dumb jokes, feign interest in their bullshit stories, and then go the fuck home.

But when Trump blew into town, the Liberal regime made a huge tactical error, and they wanted to prove something, and so they got in Trump’s face, instead of flying under the radar, and lying low until he blustered out.

A shrewd politician does nothing. The less you do and say, the better it is. it is harder to do nothing, but easier in the long run.

People will always level complaints at politicians. It is a habit. They catch their spouse fucking the cheated on spouse’s “best friend”, and the idiot has to blame someone instead of getting a lawyer and taking the cheat to the cleaners.

And then they take it out on the leader of a nation. It is someone else’s fault.

When you have a society built on show, and everything is fake and false, go along for the ride.

If you are dependent on votes of the little people for your pay check, you do very little. Don’t rock the boat.

If you have a compulsion to point out lies, be a visionary, and don’t give a flying fuck what people think, politics is not going to be your bag.

And it is not mine.

I am going to tell you it’s your fault you’re a big chicken before telling you off. My political motto would be, “Alexandra Kitty is not running for Santa Claus — so keep your fucking wish lists to yourselves.”

But just because I won’t go on stage and do a dog and pony show for the little people, it doesn’t mean I don’t know the tricks and stunts of the magician.

I do.

I will expose them because that’s what I do best.


Seeing those feints, ruses, and sleight of hands, even from afar to know how the trick is playing — and on whom…


As I have two weeks left in my course before I start writing my latest book, I am working now three stories for CHASER:

  1. The first is about Canadian journalism, with a specific current angle. That’s the teaser so far.

  2. The second is about international politics, the ties in a modern historical era with a future implication. Not too hard to figure out if you read this site regularly, but it is with several twists.

  3. The third is purely historical — it is an event that happened in US history, but I am taking it to the modern age, and re-examining a forgotten and overlooked aspect. The two competing narratives of this event has two groups claiming victimhood — there has never been a resolution, but what I am looking at is the third and most important bombshell that got buried in all of the gossip and speculation. While much is in dispute in the historical record, one thing is clearly not, and yet we never talk about it, even today.

The first two will be on-going for the site, but the third is going to be a One Shot.

These will be slowly unrolled in mid-February. In a couple of weeks, I will have my year-end analysis, more detailed updates…and then at New Year, my vision of what will be the underlying theme of 2019.

I have done this two years straight, and to jog your memories:





Two for two, so far, stay tuned…

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 2.53.44 AM.png

Memo to Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism: I read your little "report", and you knuckle-draggers still don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

The more people in journalism education spew, the more ignorant they reveal themselves to be.

And why the old guard needs to clear out.

They are perpetual bunglers.

Even if they draw a pay check from Oxford University (I took a short course on Art Nouveau from the uni last year because I am a silversmith, and it was a fabulously informative course, but art history has nothing to do with journalism).

But boy, do they not know the first thing about journalism or journalism education.

The wankers put out this farce of a bullshit report that is atrocious and ignorant on every level:

Time to step away from the ‘bright, shiny things’? Towards a sustainable model of journalism innovation in an era of perpetual change

It is ignorant garbage cobbled together by motherfucking poseurs who really aren’t very bright.

So what does the propaganda say?

Nothing real.

You don’t have to go very far to see it is an attempt for a bunch of leeches to try to keep their racket going.

They puke about “storytelling” as if that should be a part of journalism.

Assholes, if you want to do the storytelling, go write fiction.

People need facts to know about reality, not about the bodice-ripper narratives that you fart out that stink.

The report is a feint, trying pretend they are on to something, when they are prolonging the agony of pulling a big, shiny salary as the profession imploded.

You assholes — every single one — should be fired for incompetence. The fact that journalism collapsed under your watch is all that anyone needs to know.

Memo to the University of Oxford: kick those wankers out. Do not promote bullshit and draw attention to the fact that you have an embarrassingly shitty faculty run by goobers who do not know what the fucking hell they are doing.

Because they spinning yet another bullshit story as they drag you down with them…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Three: My word is my bond, just like the obscure guy in the bug suit.




People who know me, know me. They can tell you that my favourite colour is red, I love black turtlenecks, Turkish coffee, Sherlock Holmes, boxing, the Theremin, Kintsugi, The Hives, Flesh For Lulu, the Eurhythmics, the Monkees, Spy magazine, the movie People Will Talk, the book A Confederacy of Dunces, the artists Han Hoogerbrugge and Salvador Dali, and the restaurant The Broken Gavel.

And Ted Kord the Blue Beetle.

I have the entire Charlton run (his publisher of origin and also the name of the street where the hospital of my birth is located) and many others published by DC Comics in the 1980s.

I have multiple action figures, books, and other oddities all regarding the character whose name is an acronym for Odd Trek.


People wonder why I have such a deep reverence for Ted Kord even after all these years.

The answer is simple: he is what every person should aspire to become.

He is both strong and gentle, serious and funny, extraordinary and mundane, wise and naive, but most of all, his word is priceless.

He promised the previous Blue Beetle that he would be take on the mantle as the original was dying in his arms.

No one heard this promise. No one could hold Ted Kord to it, but he did keep his word, even though it cost him his business, and essentially made him a broke transient living with the Justice League.

His life fell apart, yet a promise is a promise.

And that is the very definition of morality.

Doing what is right, good, just, kind, and moral under the worst of circumstances.

There are very few people in the real world who can say the same.

But I know I am one.

And like the Blue Beetle — who put himself in danger though he was but a mere mortal — I have kept my word under shockingly dim circumstances.

But I did it.

It can be done, and it is the reason I can sleep soundly every night.

And I will continue to do it with kindness and levity.

The difference is Ted Kord’s promise had a name and it was Blue Beetle.

And mine is called Chaser…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Two: People will talk. It's just that I don't give a flying fuck.




My favourite film of all time is an obscure little picture with Cary Grant that did not do well at the box office, and then faded away.

People Will Talk.

I stumbled on this movie accidentally years ago, and love it more with every viewing.

Dr. Noah Praetorius is a truly maverick and eccentric, and he does what he knows is right, not what the gossips around him think is proper.

I understand Dr. Praetorius very well. I do what I feel is right, and if you do not approve, fuck you. You aren’t calling me to see if I can pay my bills, and may very well be tattling on me because you are a weasel.

I am not looking for approval.

Just remember that come February.

You have been warned…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-One: I am not a follower. No, I am not a leader. Oh, and I am not your mother, either.





When I was in grad school, I took a creative writing class, and for my short story assignment, I wrote about something that happened in my childhood.

I had a classmate my own age who always called me Mommy.

I wasn’t his mommy, nor did I want to be the mommy-figure in his life.

It was a pain in the ass. I was a nice kid, but I didn’t want to be a superheroine or a social worker to some kid.

I was an explorer and an adventurer as much as I was a thinker, a philosopher queen, and an inventor.

Having a kid cling on to the back of my coat all recess long, calling me Mommy cramped my style.

It also cramped my style that my First Grade thought it was a bright idea to use me as a “buffer” in the class, meaning I was stuck in a separated row of students, right in the middle of the class’s naughtiest boys because she thought I would have a “calming” effect on them. The entire class faced the blackboard, but The Row was apart and faced the desks.

With me stuck in the middle. When my mother asked my teacher about it, she gave her reasons.

And right beside me was the boy who called me Mommy. He would hold on to my arm and declared that he loved his mommy, and then the teacher would yell at him and then try to pry him off my arm, and I fell down once because of it.

That is not the way you punish good students.

But the lesson stayed with me.

Young, well-behaved girls get no support and will be repeatedly thrust in baby-sitting roles for enabled boys.

And I wasn’t going to have any of it.

Nor was I ever going to be subservient to anyone.

Because either way, it is always rigged for women to be maids and nannies to a collective at the bottom — or at the top.

But the radical centre is a different story, and the place I decided to create mine.


I do not believe in being a follower. You need courage by entourage, you have problems.

I also do not believe in being a leader. You need courage by entourage, you have problems.

I don’t like to mom people. I deal in truth. I deal in reality. My dreams are my own. My theories are for me to test to see how closely aligned they are to reality.

People do not want to take risks. Part of the reason is mental laziness, part is cowardice, but there is that conniving little part that likes to get things on someone’s else’s work, and you get to ride on the coattails thinking you’re smarter than the genius whose sweat and grit paved a road for you to take.

I am on to you, you worthless little motherfucker.

And not happening.

I do not have a messiah complex.

I have an Alexandra Kitty Complex.


Because I am Alexandra Kitty.

It is reality.

And thats’s what my material.

I make better realities. I have dreams, and I have reality, and I use both.

But I am not a follower, and I am not going to lead people to the promised land.

You make your own map and go there on your on blood, sweat, and tears.

But I will deal with reality here.

Not as a leader or a follower.

But as someone who chases out in front.

And that’s where Chaser will be, from the radical centre…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty: Bullshit Babblers and Reality Deniers litter a propagandistic landscape. Fuck that.


Neoliberalism's Dark Path to Fascism

Neoliberalism transforms freedom for the many into freedom for the few. Its logical result is neofascism.

That’s fear-mongering propaganda, kids.

This is how we try to rig and manipulate outcomes the way they used to do in previous eras of history, with all sorts of “scares.”

We no longer have journalism. We have propaganda so ridiculous and unfounded in reality that people are becoming numb to real dangers or warning signs because of it.

The Right did this so often that they lost clout, and the Left are doing it right into oblivion, too.

Now, we literally have people arguing that freedom is oppression.

These are the reality deniers. They are the meddlesome little control freaks who keep increasing the dire warnings because they have no control over people’s brains anymore.

So the babble bullshit.

The Internet has become a giant garbage dump of shrill propaganda — or a clogged toilet full of bullshit.

We have brutes in suits who want to control the collective narrative. They should go fuck themselves instead of being allowed to have their incompetence fuck up strangers.

Chaser may begin here, but the Internet is a madhouse for control freaks and propagandists, and quite frankly, bore the fuck out of me.


The moral masturbators are trying to position themselves as all-knowing messiahs who know who are “correct” in thinking — and the rest who follow their own instincts are fascists.

Fuck you.

I am not buying the bullshit that you are selling.

People are behaving impossibly, and that is the reason we need sensibility.

To make our own paradises.


Without getting distracted by reality deniers and bullshit babblers along the way…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Nine: We don't need another hero because we're overcrowded with villains as it is.



Now the ugly truth about disgraced Liberal MP Raj Grewal is coming out.

Too little, too late, assholes.

You always wait until it’s too late.

You hang out in those hallways and you hear everything; so this wasn’t news to anyone in the press.

The Toronto Star tried to spin his basketball obsession as a good thing, but sports and gambling go together, and shows you the incompetence of the reporters who did not grow immediately suspicious and start to dig deeper.

The Star was amused by it all, which was patently racist. People are people, and it is not cute that I am a fan of boxing just because I am female and used to engage in the sport.

But the press has a serious problem of wanting to manufacture heroes and using archaic templates to do it.

All it does is encourage villains to wear the mask, and when they get caught, they often have a victim mask ready for back-up.

I will not be indulging in that bullshit. You want applause, shotgun, go pay an entourage.

I am just interested in the facts, not stroking egos because the world is filled with vain and selfish villains, and we don’t need to make any more of them…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Seven: When NATO bombed Serbs every night, they threw concerts on a bridge. The West needs to learn a few lessons from that. I did.







When the thugs of NATO bombed Serbs in the late 1990s, the Serbs didn’t whine and botch like the American loser youth who are demanding pensions and wasting their fucking pathetic existence on social media rehashing propaganda memes all in the name of getting their own way, never having to admit they are wrong, and trying to get everyone to agree with their selfish assessments and demands.

You know, if you get perpetually offended because you want to rig a conversation to get pity and validation as you micromanage and find fault with the words you measure, then the best course of action is not stop talking to people. Just shut up, and deal with your own problems, and break the cycle.

Or just learn a few lessons from Serbs.

Serbs, when they were being murdered by your various governments as you and your parents cheered them on, held concerts out on the bridge where they could be bombed.

You have snowflakes of the West write articles how people should talk to them because heaven forbid someone call them on the carpet for their manipulative woe is me bullshit.

Fuck you.

The Greeks protested the bombings at their own concerts, and called it out for what it was.

But the Leftist West could bomb people without batting an eye, but when their candidate lost an election journalists did their best to rig, the howling, screaming, and tantrum-throwing just turned people in North America into spiteful little trolls who no longer use a single brain cell nor moral, but will just opposite to whatever someone who didn’t vote for Clinton just to prove some nonexistent point.

Fuck you and your bad lying.

If a person who voted Republican likes ice cream, you will see endless trolling on social media about how bad and immoral it is to like ice cream because by the default delusion, the opposite has to be the right answer.

If Republicans want to permanently fuck up Democrats — you should all praise sex as beautiful, having children as glorious, being happy as wonderful, and having a life in a nice house as something to cherish.

Just do it. Watch what happens.

Watch as journalists declare having sex as demented, ensuring the next generation as fascist, being happy as immoral, and living in a home as treasonous and most likely some nefarious Russian-backed propaganda campaign.

They are miserable, and want the whole world to be as bitter and worthless trash as they are.

I sit here and have a very good laugh. I went to a place worse than hell in 2018, and my life was hell for two years when I had to basically give up everything to look after my grandmother when the paramedics dropped her in her own home on a hard floor in front of my mother who developed Post Traumatic Stress.

People who know me and my family can attest to what we went through. Nurses and social workers who came to our house to look after her were so impressed, that my mother won an award from CCAC two years in a row.

And the second time she received two different nominators independently of one another.

That was hell.

2018 was below hell.

And I fought back.

And happily so, grateful, smarter, wiser, and better than I was before.

And here are people in their twenties, staring at their godphone like a bunch of cowardly dummies, who have no idea what life is about, making royal decrees as if they were authorities in the matter and not a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers who didn’t get enough love as children.

They are collectively depressed, but too gullible and conniving to know why.

They should all be placed on a bridge and told that bridge is going to be bombed, and they aren’t escaping or going home as their godphones are cut off.

Okay, we are giving you an hour. Tell me of all the things you did on social media that will bring you comfort.

Tell me about the trolling on Twitter that will make you feel like you didn’t waste your life.

Explain how posting your ugly pouty mug with an animal face on Instagram will influence future generations.

Who is going to give a flying fuck a year from now about the propaganda memes you puked out on Facebook?

No one, that’s who.

And then, with a loudspeaker, make bitchin’ explosive noises with your mouth as you then shout, “Punked!”

Watch the trauma those little brats will have, and the lawsuits, and the sad, doe eyed Instagram pictures they’ll post with doggie nose and ears.

An empty shell.

Serbs threw a fucking party.

People in the West should be ashamed of themselves.

I clawed out of the place below hell. I was thrown in even though I never did a thing to warrant that kind of cosmic abuse.

And yet, when my grandmother needed constant care, I spent time with her and began an epic venture A Dangerous Woman as I became an art teacher. I have no regrets. My grandmother was loved until her final breath, and she knew it.

And even though 2018 was even worse — I came out with a published book, one new one, and a new lease on life. I am still transmuting, but I have new ideas and I am ready to take on the world with a big smile on my face.

No mid-life crisis for Alexandr Kitty. No wallowing or cowering for me. I am eccentric and I don’t have a single flying fuck to give to my haters.

You’re miserable. I am not.

I call them as I see them. I am not your cheerleader or ass-kisser, If you are fucking up or fucked up, I am going to tell you it to your face.

I am not wallowing or pining for socialism. I am not a bigot who is blaming Russia for random shit.

Life tried to bomb Alexandra Kitty back to the Stone Age, and I took those stones and built a brand new castle, fusing it with gold, and made it out of Kintsugi.

And there is a saying among us Kintsugi artists: broken is better than new.

I am still an upbeat, perky person who is enigmatic, eccentric, and filled with silliosity. I write outrageous stories, and live a Bohemian life as I have grand and futuristic visionary ideas about what the world can do with idealism and happiness.

Those stones I built my castle are precious ones. They weren’t just rocks.

Each one had a history, and I got to know and love them all.

And some of those stones were known as Chaser.

And I looked at them, smiled fondly, and said, Alexandra, try it again.

Chaser is going to be a party.

Shitty and petty losers can sit in their soiled underpants and stew in their stink.

Not me.

I am excited and happy that I could land on my feet, and when I couldn’t, I learned how to soar.

I am a tough little Serbian punk.

The West was always envious of Serbs. They always hated our spirit, reverence for our families, and stubborn nature that compelled us not to be ass kissers.

So to all you moral masturbators: get over yourselves. I am not buying your bullshit. I didn’t buy it when the Catholic Church pulled that shit, and you’re no church.

Chaser is going to be a wild ride.

The smearing of WikiLeaks is pathetic, but WikiLeaks went about it with too much seriosity, and they played it wrong.

Chaser is not WikiLeaks.

I get the joke.

I understand the psychological and propagandistic bombing the overlords has done with impunity.

You don’t fight bombs with bombs.

You become bomb-proof.

And then you gain strength by getting bombed.

If 2018 left me with one amazing gift, it was to teach me how to gain knowledge and power with every kind of bomb people in power throw at you — as well as the ones life throws at you.

I am a very good learner.

You now have a generation of Reality Deniers and Life Wasters who think they are playing it safe, when they have done nothing but gamble their blessings and opportunities away living in their self-imposed bubbles and prisons.

Fuck that.

Chaser is coming…

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 2.53.44 AM.png

Get the party started because the world’s most dangerous woman is ready to arrive and deliver…


The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Six: Digital? That's so 2010. And 2019 is around the corner.

Condé Nast should be called Condé Past.


The shake up continues.

The industry is in turmoil, and the moves they hoped would “shake things up” are falling flat.

The Titans of Industry are archaic and are yesterday’s news.

But the articles covering their downfall don’t get it, either.

Just look at this headline:

A shakeup at Condé Nast highlights the disruptive impact Facebook and Google are having on legacy media brands — and how they're trying to adapt

Hello! Big Tech is fading fast, let alone trying to adapt to a rapidly passé medium.

What is this? 2010?

Digital is not the future. It is the present.

The fallout happened way back then; so why do we have clueless journalists pretend they know what the fuck is going on?

They are stuck in the past. They aren’t even in the present, let alone the future.

The party started without them, and the party is now winding down.

So what are they gearing up for now?

They have no clue.

Chaser knows.

And I am getting ready for it…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Five: Social Media is dead. Chaser may begin here, but it is not going to stay here.

Recently, I quit a website called Metafilter.

I was on it since about 2007, on and off, mostly off, and when I left, I had a bit north of 1600 posts. If you do the math, you see 2.5 posts a day isn’t a place where I had much of a presence.

I was quoted once by the Telegraph way back in 2010 about computer games that looked as Excel and Word programs, but Metafilter never did a thing for me. They have Projects section where I placed my various web sites for one reason: to establish provenance.

It was never my favourite site, but it was average, and I had a few things to say on a variety of topics over the years, some things people agreed with, some things people ignored, and there were some people who were abusive toward me, and the moderators didn’t do anything about it.

I never reported any of it, either, people I believe in free speech and preserving a record. I had gotten personal emails from people who were irrationally abusive, and one who I did threaten to report because he or she took offence that I thought Plan 9 from Outer Space was a stupid movie, and they repeatedly hurled nasty emails my way.

I had a couple of nice emails, but in the span of a decade, the net effect is nil. I have been on Ello a lot less than that, and have better feedback there.

I had all but abandoned Metafilter, and I may have posted a couple of responses in the last couple of months, two of which had to do with journalism — which is obviously my expertise.

I had for a while posted about A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, as it related to publishing and fiction stories.

I can say with absolute confidence that I have never gotten any sort of “lift” on any of my books or websites from Metafilter in the decade I have been on it.

So I never see it as some sort of free advertising, but when I know something or have experienced something, I will talk about it.

But recently, Metafilter did something that angered me enough to deactivate my account for a second time (the first was years ago, and I wasn’t upset: I just wasn’t going there, and then deleted it due to my own apathy, and had a change of heart).

In the span of a week, I replied to two threads about journalism, and, as usual, explained my background with links…

The same way I do here. If I am talking about one of my articles, I post the link. If I talk about one of my books, I post the link.

Just as I post links to articles and books other people write. I don’t consider it free advertising for me or them.

If you are going to talk about something specific, you give your evidence. It is common curtesy.

Every once in a while, I may be on a forum, and decide it is too much trouble, but then immediately people would rather ask me directly than google it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 10.07.30 AM.png

I should also mention that only my latest book has a publisher that is still in business. The Disinformation Company is no more. bluechrome is no more. Zer0 Books is still in the game.

A lot of magazines I have written for are also dead. Presstime is no more, for instance, and I was their Canadian correspondent.

As for A Dangerous Woman, I have my short stories up on this web site, on Ello, and, until I can find the proper venue, many of the eBooks on Kobo are downloadable for free.

And I mention my books and stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Ello, but those venues are not what sell my books.

It is word of mouth.

So for one post, I had mentioned over at Metafilter what I have mentioned here, other places, and my books: the journalism needs an overhaul, it is antiquated, and should be replaced by an alternative.

No problem.

And then came the second one about George Lakeoff’s stupid ideas about Trump, and one poster made some uppity comment along the lines that reporters are already savvy on Trump, and then I said, what I always do.

That they don’t because he keeps playing them, and they keep getting played.

And, as I always have had to do because I am Writing While Female, give my qualifications on it.

That’s when the temper tantrums came out.

It was perfectly fine for me to mention my qualifications when people agreed with my sentiments, but when they didn’t; so tattled like cowardly little children who didn’t get a lollipop, and I got this vexing email:

Hey, I know media and in particular Fox propaganda is something you've done a lot of work on, but people are starting to flag your comments about it as spam and self-promotion. It would help a lot if you could engage with others' discussions; I think right now people feel like you're posting formulaic advertising for your books rather than engaging in a conversation with other posters, and it's picking up a lot of flags and bringing the conversation to a screeching halt. I'm sure that's not your intent, but that is how people are taking it right now.

So I get censored because a few snowflakes don’t like what I have to say, and are looking for excuses. If the accusations weren’t so misogynistic, they would be hilarious, especially considering how few media interviews I have done over the years, and the kind of year I have had to battle for my very survival, and what my priorities have been. Accusing me of self-promotion is akin to accusing a recluse of being a media whore.

But the message was interesting: we know you are not self-promoting, but complainers are twisting logic to say as much, and we’ll take their dishonest side, without ever giving you the opportunity of giving your honest side.

And Lakeoff honestly believes in truth sandwiches.

Peter Pan may want to muse from Neverland, but Tickerbell was all booked up today.

I gave my response:

They are picking on me because they do not like what I am saying, and are finding any excuse to censor me. If I don't post a link to what I am referencing, then I get abused. If I post a link to what is my expertise, I am accused of self-promotion.

And if I wanted to shill my work, I would be doing it in a larger forum than Metafilter. I would be doing interviews on larger platforms, which I turn down, and I would be writing fawning books to appease the press. I hardly post on Metafilter anymore, and there is a reason for it.

So I venture out twice and talk about a subject I know something about, and now I am getting a warning? When I don't, people get rudely patronizing and ask how would I know, and now that I do, they have rigged it so I am some sort of self-promoter? Nice try.

If they want to flag me and run away from life, I don't actually care. If you want to erase my comments, go ahead. If Mefi want to ban me or censor me in any way, go ahead.

I am an easy target because I am a female who is not marching to some sort of preset script, and I am fully aware of it.

I have been abused on Metafilter numerous times over the years, and took the hits in stride. I believe in democracy and free speech.

If I am getting in trouble because I am merely proving I have expertise in a subject area, and this is condoned by Mefi, then fuck it. 

I had added an extra line that for all I knew, those who were complaining had a vested interest in censorship and controlling a narrative.

After all, I am not given any information of who is doing, their identities, or why.

So, I deactivated my account, and gave the reasons why.

The same reasons I gave here.

But I am not on social media much these days. Twitter and Tumblr have been reduced to posting links automatically from here. Ello has the same Story Studio fiction as this site and eBooks do. Facebook I use to mostly check-in to various Starbucks as I once posted whatever things I thought would amuse my mother who recently signed up, and now left because she finds Facebook boring and keeps to using my Pinterest account as she has discovered documentaries on YouTube — until that bores her; so even my Facebook is barely used.

So, in all honesty, this is pretty much the only place I post other than the private Harvard forum where I am taking an online course in teaching. Another three weeks, and that’s over.

I have been thinking a lot of about the Internet, which is a transitory medium. The digital is the present, but it is not the future.

And the reason is simple: it is far too much a “me-centred” medium that shelters people and gives them the impression that it is all about them, that they are never wrong, are perpetual victims, and they are owed something for free without effort.

It is the reason we suddenly have ideological stagnation and regression. We have educated youth who want pensions are talk about socialism as if it were the answer when it wasn’t the answer for millions of people who tried that experiment, and failed.

And when you are young and educated, you are not owed a pension because you have not significantly invested in society.

The fact that these unoriginal thinkers cannot come up with a brand new ideological or political system is all you have to know.

We have an old, reactionary, and Victorian group of script-followers who having fainting spells when someone has an original idea that does not involve applauding their sophistry.

That’s not going to be Chaser.

It will be about presenting new ideas, and challenging the uninspired Establishment, regardless of their age.

It will not censor reality or give in pressure. It will not care about your insults or how offended you are, or whether you think I am about self-promotion.

I never installed a flying fuck storage area; so I have none to give.

So maybe it is time I went all out with self-promotion. I have never actually gave it a whirl.

Because what people have been promoting lately is propaganda and garbage.

But I have never been either of those things.

And it is time for me — and the rest of the world — to experience a change in the right direction.

I don’t need Metafilter to do that because I have another medium in mind and at heart for it…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Four: If you are babbling about "truth sandwiches", you really don't know truth.

Western civilization is one that infantilizes adults.

It is the reason why those over-thinking and over-educated sheltered souls keep missing the mark.

We have a linguistics professors actually going on record, thinking that he is more cunning than Donald Trump, and babbling and spewing about truth sandwiches.

Are you serious?

Do you honestly think this is some high school debate?

Memo to George Lakeoff: this isn’t your classroom, this is real life, and you obviously have lived a very sheltered life.

So, let me give you a little lesson in reality.

People will marry ugly slobs who will eventually steal their money, isolate them from their family, and when they get what they want, off them.

No non-existent, ABC Afterschool Special “truth sandwich” will convince them of anything. They have their fairy princess narrative, people who are not in love with the scum bucket will be painted as jealous, and they will be ignored.

And do not instruct the moronic press with lessons because they are as corrupt as the president.

And that’s why people do not believe them, either.

It’s all just a line in the sand, and when you have a linear divide, people will see their superiority, and then that’s it.

Psychologist Brett Silverstein showed that creating two random groups was all it took.

So save your lectures for your captive audience of students.

But don’t buy your own hype.

Trump is more cunning than you, and more cunning than journalists.

And anyone who talks about truth sandwiches with a straight face is asking for a knuckle sandwich instead.

I will not be treating adults as children.

Come February, the dynamics of this web site will change.

I have been busy lately, and among other things, I have three weeks to go on my course, and a move to make.

I will be writing a book for a US publisher as well; so things are picking up here, but I promised a few things, and they will be coming.

I never talked down to people — not back then, not now.

And I don’t defer to authority, either.

If some people thought they didn’t like what I had to say before, they have not seen anything yet…

Memo to the National Post: Even if when you post an alternative opinion, you still don't get the trouble you're in.

The National Post has a certain snooty obliviousness to it that explains why it isn’t relevant.

This latest column is interesting, trying to argue the case against the government because it would “politicize” journalists…as if they were not politicized already.

Media outlets were openly lobbying the government for the Benjamins in the space that is supposed to be about news.

They were whoring themselves right out in the open, saying they were bribable.

They stated they were for sale and demanded the government be their johns.

Including the National Post.

Notice that they never made any changes to either their business model, nor their journalism model.

Doing the same passive thing and expecting a positive outcome.

Because their motives were never about informing people, but lording over them.

And they figured the government has money and the same intention: so let’s finally drop the pretence that there is a separation, let the press be your organ and rub us the right way and we’ll aim wherever you want us.

And this is the second time the government gave money to media outlets.

Two hundred fifty million was not enough for the whore.

Now it is more than double the last time.

And the last hit didn’t do a fucking thing; so how will this be any different?

This Brothel of the Damned is a hoot.

Andrew Coyne notes the fucking around:

Well now its 2018, and the publishers have long been leading the charge for federal aid — not only in luncheon speeches but in their own pages, not to mention numerous private meetings with federal officials. The publishers’ association even went so far as to suggest a model of how the money might be delivered, complete with promises of what sort of coverage they would provide in exchange.

If the government had balls or ovaries, they would have told the press to go fuck themselves, but the government is as loose with their morals as the media who has been lobbying for fuck money.

And obviously, they sheltered their sugar daddies in order to get the dough, and screw the little people: they are the targets to manipulate, not the electorate to inform.

And then the attempted sunny spinning of rot:

The government’s blackly brilliant answer: an “independent panel” of journalists will determine who is eligible to receive the government’s cash. Of course! Make the inmates fight among themselves! Let decisions about which journalists get to keep their jobs be made by other journalists! Who can blame the government then?

So while one group of journalists is scrambling to stay onside with the panel’s government-mandated definition of “core journalism standards” and “professional journalism,” another group will be angling to be appointed to this panel. Since that’s where the real power will lie.

Just so we’re clear: I don’t actually think the government will appoint a group of card-carrying Liberal hacks to this “independent panel.” They won’t need to. If the example of the Liberal-appointed “independent” senators is any guide, they will be scrupulously non-partisan, of unimpeachable respectability, and dependably progressive.

That’s right: people who fucked up the profession get a cushy government job to make decrees about which one of their little friends gets taxpayer monies as if they should be entrusted with a task they messed up the first time.

The press in Canada have already marketed themselves as government hacks. They haven’t been independent: it is the reason Left-leaning Ontario either went Right: whatever the press told them, they didn’t believe. That they trusted Doug Ford more than the press or the Grits says everything you need to know.

It sounds like a case of federal Liberal incompetence, but it is a case of federal Liberal corruption. This ruse is something I would expect from some socialist or communist regime: brazen nepotism with an open Big Brother bent.

What we are starting to see is a quiet revolution: people are now pulling away from Establishment entities. Those overlords are trying to demonize those by claiming they are fascist populists, but the gambit’s effectiveness is not gaining traction. That Canadian media outlets have hedged their bets wrong shows, (a) that they have no idea of the reality they proclaim to be covering, and (b) they are now in serious danger of a different sort. They have now declared that they are against the people.

But journalistic ignorance is to blame for their predicament.

I have been taking a course on teaching through Harvard University, and there are discussion forums where educators taking the course can post information. I had posted a two-part news article about what we are learning this week from a public radio station without making any comments one way or another about the quality of the pieces.

It isn’t surprising that one professor immediately saw the holes and flaws with the piece, and asked smart questions, and it was then I responded that when you have a product that misinterprets information, the public are misinformed, but have some sort of demented idea that now they are informed, and make demands that they shouldn’t because it doesn’t apply to their situation.

And giving money away to losers who fucked up their profession as they start to argue who is going to get the pennies is pathetic — but as I have said before, throwing money to these knuckle-draggers is a waste: this won’t save a dead profession, and it will not help the Grits win the election.

Because the middle class in Canada are jittery, arrogant, unknowingly misinformed, and have gotten too cocky as they have been lulled into believing it will all work out in the end regardless of what happens.

More fascinating, is that you have a divided Left, and weak Right who will battle it out, but the upcoming election will not be decided by either group.

It never is.

It is the pragmatists in the centre who call all of the shots.

And they have much to ponder.

For one, traditional media doesn’t sway them at all. Because they look at the bottom line and governments never give them any graft or goodies because they are always pandering to their own flock and fringes, bypassing them completely, mistaking those who are too intelligent to hold political affiliation with being apathetic.

For another, Donald Trump won the battle on social media, bypassing the press, and both the press — and the rich white Leftist Establishments overlords shit their pants because they thought they were clever and cunning, when they were just conniving with the ridiculous assumption that the Internet was just for those hip young Leftist kids and old Republican retirees wouldn’t be able to use social media.

Fucking arrogant morons.

So then the Left discredited social media with their various distorted canards about Russia, as if countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the US don’t regularly meddle and use propaganda to rig elections themselves.


So they managed to frighten their own base, but not as much as they could: the US primaries will almost always have both the House and the Senate switch parties to oppose the president…and the Senate didn’t sway.

So had we not had this shit fit propaganda-fest, the outcome would have been more in line with the Left than the Right.

Now, this is a significant shift. This means that social media’s fortunes have now been tied to traditional media, and neither is an actual force.

What we have is a void, and the prime group that will determine the election have been freed from both influences.

All thanks to the Left who have been behaving like the Catholic church: trying to shame people in order to control and manipulate them under the laughable pretence of “morality.”

Both have been derailed.

Trump won on social media, and then the Left burned that bridge, thinking people would hop on the traditional media bandwagon, and it is the reason the Canadian federal regime is now bribing the dead Canadian media.

Doug Ford won his majority without either social media nor traditional media backing him.

The NDP and the provincial Liberals played up to both, and both lost.

Ford’s victory is neither minor, nor contained to Ontario: it is a significant shift in the ideological landscape, and what we are witnessing is a rapid transition away from all forms of media.

As the extremists on both sides are rapidly burning through their goodwill and authoritative capital, the traditional structure of communications is imploding. The overloading of the overlords is merely speeding up the inevitable with no alternative on their minds because they not real leaders with vision or an eye on the future: they are conniving hoarders trying to cling on to power.

And Canada has an old school fuddy duddy Liberal regime who not futurists but script-followers who think bribing a dead profession will do something for them.

They should remember state-run propaganda did not work for the Soviet Communists, either.

And that was pre-Internet days.

The Internet was always a transitional medium the way radio was: it paved the way for television.

And it is paving the way for something else.

The Canadian Liberal regime are not the guiders to the upcoming era.

And neither are the American Democrats.

The lot of them are Yesterday’s Rulers.

That is going to cost them more than they realize.

Journalism is also Yesterday’s Chroniclers.

And hitching their ride on any government is not a good idea.

The Internet trained people to speak in a public forum, once you have trained a collective, they can rebel against content, but never the structure or the expectation.

They can abandon Facebook, but not the idea that their internal pecking order where they are they are right and have the right to express themselves and expect immediate change.

And that neo-Victorian narrative allows that fake halo where they cannot be judged, expected to pull their own weight, or question their motives or assessments.

That’s why you have perfectly healthy and abled-bodied people making sad faces for the CBC and the Toronto Star how evil it is to take away their free government money and make them go get a job as if that were horrible punishment.

The reality is that we have a Western society that is reality-averse. When you have a public that is that way, but a regime that is savvy to reality, you have a people who are exploited.

When you have a reality-savvy regime and a reality-savvy electorate, you have true, visionary progress, and you can properly channel idealism to achieve great things in short order.

But when both the regime and the electorate are reality-averse, you have an Age of Propaganda where everything is swept under the rug and people play mind games trying to prevent reality from exposing itself and revealing the truth.

That means nothing real ever gets done, and then the denials of the sheltered government prevent them from taking the hits…

But the electorate are not so lucky, and when you have an awakened reality-savvy electorate stuck with a reality-averse government, that’s when the real troubles begin.

The Grits are using unworkable reactionary methods to connive their way to victory. It would have worked for Ontario Grits, when laughing boy Patrick Brown was at the helm, but then more cunning minds prevailed, kicked him to the curb, and installed reality-savvy Doug Ford who cruised and cha-cha-ed his way to a majority.

Donald Trump is now quietly reassessing the game board and has kept quiet. The knuckle-dragger haters assume he is becoming more predictable, but he will come back with a new strategy in the new year when the timing is right.

They forgot he did the same when he had to file for bankruptcy in his heyday, and then came back with a hit TV show that catapulted him to the White House.

People think they have found the hack for eternity and are holding on to it, even though it is working against them.

A stagnate society is a weak society that is resting on the laurels of the visionaries of the past.

Italy used to be the innovators of Murano glass until you came to the generation that hid its methods and stuck to the old ways, and then lost their prominence when the Czechs came on the scene with their better and more creative ways.

Governments are no different, and neither is journalism.

Both are clinging on to the past, particularly the leeches who have hedged their bets of hiding under the cover of Leftist ideology. They are the ones discrediting and ruining that faction.

The same goes for journalism, and now social media.

Money and dirty tricks will not salvage it because the mindsets have altered in a generation.

What’s next?

Another subtle, rapid, but significant shift.

Chaser will be there, and it is going to be an exciting escapade…

An update...

The latest edition of A Dangerous Woman magazine is coming along, and it will be about by December.

Chaser Investigative News will debut in mid-February. This will comprise of two stories because I am going to be writing another book, this time for an American publisher on an art topic — more on that later, but suffice to say, I am also an artist, and A Dangerous Woman does have the sporadic line called Dangerous Art; so for the regular readers, that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

If you haven’t been following the train of thought here: A Dangerous Woman has been the incubator for my ideas until they reach a book form. Strangely enough, it is the nonfiction portion that has been having more success than the fiction, although by number of downloads, fiction is far more popular. I want to take the fiction to another platform, but there is only so much of me to go around.

I am over halfway through a teaching course, and that has been taking up some of my time, but there are other things that have delayed me as well.

As Chaser always had a personal angle, I will reveal that side when that venture debuts here. Chaser, like a A Dangerous Woman, is experimental and an incubator.

This website is a work in progress. So far, I have been pointing out the shortcomings of journalism, and then I brought the short fiction into the mix, and Chaser will be the hard news aspect.

But there is a fourth arm: learning about Who is She?

It will all weave together, with offshoots for each part with the intent of this being the initial springboard.

As I have said, 2018 was a catastrophic year for me. Things came out of the blue, and there was no way to prepare for them. Things were horrific a couple of years prior when my grandmother was dropped by paramedics and her amputated leg burst open and then she became bedridden and paralyzed for the last couple of years of her life. She died a horrific death, and she loved life and did not want to go at all. The traumas that ordeal caused both my mother and me were real and deep.

I gave up a lot to look after her 24/7. I was teaching art, and literally writing A Dangerous Woman in the snatches of time I had while I was looking after her as she slept.

She passed away over two years ago, and I had to pick up the pieces, and was getting my life back in order when 2018 struck me full force in cruel and shocking ways.

There are two songs that sum me up right now:

And this one:

Yes, I am a tough little Serbian punk.

Somehow, I got through it and I am pushing forward regardless.

It drives my detractors nuts, but fuck them.

I came out stronger, and more optimistic than I have ever been before.

You can crumble and stick to things that don’t work as you deny the problem and look to others to clean up your shit.

Or you can be the hero of your own story.

Those whiny and pretentious motherfuckers who call themselves journalists should be ashamed of themselves.

And so should anyone else who supports them and enablers their bullshit.

Shame on you, too.

So 2019 will be a different year for me.

Right now, I have a Harvard course to get through, and I am loving every second of it.

I have two Belle Eve stories to finish.

Then I have some big things to clear, then a book to write and two articles for Chaser to do.

I want to get back into teaching as well.

And my art.

I have a theremin to play.

I want to get back into shape which I couldn’t do this year, and I would like to go back to boxing.

When I hit those milestones, you’ll hear all about it.

There will be surprises galore.

Don’t think my latest book will be ignored by me. I was delayed, but a book doesn’t have an expiration date, and this is for the long-haul.

And memo to readers: If you want to say things to me, use the comments part of this website.

I don’t mind emails, but be a little braver than that, all right?

You know journalism imploded and are now reduced to pathetic beggars.

A lot of you know that I am right and that what I say is the truth.

The more voices that speak out, the less places the destructive forces that destroyed journalism can keep causing damage to both the product and to democracy.

So that brings you up to speed on Alexandra Kitty, who is a lot tougher than even she realized she was…


=4The Beginning5=

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Two: What is journalism's role? Don't ask The Narwhal. They have no clue.

There is too much sophistry and muck in journalism, and it is deliberate. The more you drag your feet and ponder bullshit, the more you put distance between you and the need to make changes.

The philosopher kings and queens are shallow thinkers and it shows. Sophistry upon sophistry and journalists never do anything substantial.

Here is a pile of worthless trash from the Whole Story and I wrote why it was a pile of garbage earlier. It is not worth the pixels it was written on.

But it is a piece of propaganda that serves as a jumping for the article:

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining Ripley and about 25 other journalists for a conflict mediation training in New York. We collectively grappled with big questions like: how do we tell “complicated” stories that allow for contradictions and expose people to the “other side” without giving oxygen to fringe groups and opinions that aren’t based on facts?

Are you serious?

Do you understand a thing what it means to be a journalist?

Can you imagine these knuckle-draggers covering the Second World War?

Their coverage would have no mention of the Nazis because they would not want to give oxygen to them.

Yes, this is how patently stupid the profession has become.

But do not think this is a real article:

There’s no doubt that part of what drives highly polarized news coverage is that news organizations are often rewarded with clicks for writing sensational, outrage-inducing stories — and clicks drive advertising revenues in the traditional business model. Thankfully, that’s not our business model at The Narwhal

As a non-profit, we are driven to serve the needs of our readers — who support us directly — first and foremost. This opens up the opportunity to prioritize a different set of values: how can our stories contribute to healthier public conversations? How can we portray Canadians in all of their complexity and steer away from the caricatures we so often see in the media? How do we slow down, take a step back and write about the systemic issues in a way that might lead to solutions?

That’s right, kids: this isn’t an actual piece of journalism: it is advertising for the Narwhal.

It babbles and spews, but now that we know that this isn’t an actual piece of reportage, we can ignore it.

And we do not need any more narcissism and propaganda.

If you have to ask what journalism’s role is, you have no business being one.

It is a sad thing that journalism has been reduced to shit-posting…