Harvey Weinstein and a narrative that keeps tripping victims in court. When we the courts understand the psychology of abuse?

Harvey Weinstein is out to save his miserable ass from jail. He is whining about how hard he has had it, as he tries to besmirch the woman who accused him of sexual assault.

As a strategy, it could work, but it shouldn’t.

Jian Ghomeshi got off the hook because the women he beat responded to him, and he kept those emails as an insurance policy.

Weinstein seems to be using a similar strategy.

Just because someone you abused has any kind of contact with you after the fact, doesn’t mean the assault didn’t happen or wasn’t an assault.

Let us remember one crucial fact: there have been abusive men who killed their wives, and they do not get off the hook for the murder just because the woman stayed with him.

Women go back to abusers. They often keep dating them, marrying them, having children with them, and pleading to police not to take their abuser away.

The “Marry-your-rapist” laws have been around for a long time in various places. We glorified it for decades, especially Hollywood.


We are consistent with our messages. We really don’t take the psychology of abuse when it comes to these issues. Young women get abused, blame themselves, go back, and often end up in a pine box. When it gets to that extreme, then we get 48 Hours or Dateline NBC to chronicle what a horrible man the killer was for being so abusive as he gets a life sentence.

If he doesn’t go that far, then we blame the woman, as the judge lets him go free.

We have enough academic literature out there to have an educated guess how the dynamics of abuse work.

It would be a very good time to confront it and start making the most of it…

The Cut gets ageist, sexist and racist, then scrubs the evidence.

The Cut did something very, very bad: they made a decree, without a single fact to back it up that a successful actress who is not American married a successful US celebrity for her fame, and defamed her, calling her a “global scam artist.”

Not surprisingly, people got very angry, and the Cut deleted the article, but the updated one before the deletion can be found here.

But their excuse for maligning both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is very clinical and terse:

Upon further editorial review, we found this story did not meet our standards. We’ve removed it and apologize.

There were no facts. Just an assumption that American men are stupid and gullible, and Indian women are conniving and wicked.

Was the article racist? To an extreme. Was it sexist? To an extreme. If you are going to make those kinds of accusations, you do have to have lots of facts backing it up.

Les Moonves, for example, has been accused of extremist actions that would have been offensive to utter without proof — but with evidence, it is a completely different matter. That people who know Chopra well are infuriated speaks volumes to the chances that the piece had fuck all to it.

The article was vile. Had Jonas been the older one in the dynamic, no one would have said it; so it was also ageist. It picked on every one of Chopra’s personal attributes, and that is truly shocking.

And then they scrubbed the evidence, which, I don’t agree with at all: you are not undoing any of the damage, but hiding your own sins, hoping people will forget, and that is tantamount to a lie.

Chopra and Jonas can stand up for themselves, but that something like this hate piece can be published in a mainstream publication is mystifying…

The strange world of Reality Deniers.

I find Truthout to be very silly.

Here they are slagging a dead president in an article, and then beg for money because fewer people are reading their slagging.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.11.29 AM.png

You are not “independent news.” You are Left-wing propaganda, and it costs no money to say something easy like George 41 was an Establishment president. Duh.

But welcome to the world of the Reality Deniers who do not know what is real and what is fake.


They think they know, but they always run to the lie.


I had my fill as a teenager of the lies of the press, and I said enough.


People treat Reality Deniers with kid gloves, lest the snowflakes are inconvenienced.

Never mind the kind of hell the rest of the world endures in the name of protecting a few psychopathic and manipulative cowards.

The fortresses Reality Deniers have created are huge and thick, but they are built on lies.

They rigged the battleground, and then covered up the battleground with distorting mirrors.

Enough is enough.

It is time to uncover the battleground, and show the rigs, but not in the old ways that no longer work.

The Reality Deniers are getting brazen, thinking they can just do whatever they wish. See drunk drivers ride around, and one police department want to shame them because nothing else is working.

Because Reality Deniers are allowed to throw tantrums, feign victimhood, misdirect by villainizing people who they destroy, and rig laws to work in their favour.

But there is another method to dealing with Reality Deniers.

And it is more than just exposing them.

It is turning over their own rules, and being the Nightmare of Reality.

But not in the traditional way that journalism once did.

That doesn’t work because that profession got infected with Reality Deniers, and fucked up the profession.

So, there comes a time when you have to get the joke, and find the right mindset to deal with those cowards and liars.

And turn the world into a laboratory, and a stage.

That’s what I intend to do.

And that is your message from…


The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-Five: I was a girl scientist doing strange things in the name of science. I still do the outrageous, but in the name of truth.

When I was a little girl, I was precocious.


I skipped grades. I was in my high school’s gifted program. I won awards.

I was also very much into science, even as a toddler.

I was a girl scientist and girl inventor, and I did very strange things in the name of science.

I poured orange juice into the television set to see what would happen (it makes a popping sound before it explodes and black smoke comes out of it). That experiment was a failure.

But I had many successes. I took apart the stereo, fixed it, and put it back together working better than before as a kid in grade school with no help.

I still got punished for it, but it went down as a victory in my science journal.

I made little contraptions. Some worked, some really didn’t work, and some really, really did not work as intended.

When I hit university, the nature of my experiments radically changed from basically engineering to psychology.

Experimental psychology opened up a whole new world for me, and suddenly, I found myself doing a very different kind of science.

I still conducted outrageous experiments. At first, to test whatever theories I was learning in my classes, but then when I got a hang of it, I invented my own.

No one ever knew it or figured it out. Not the quiet ones, and not the surreal eccentric ones.

Then came the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, and I decided to put my peculiar talent to good use by conducting experiments as a journalist.

Those were instructive beyond my most optimistic expectations, but sometimes I pushed the limits, like the time I struck up a conversation with a Secret Service Agent when then Vice President Dick Cheney was giving a speech in Toronto to journalists.

I thought someone was going to have to bail my ass out of some sort of secret jail, but the shocked and jittery agent indulged my questions without overt incident.

That is how far I was willing to go to find out the reality of a situation, and my books are empirically solid enough to be used in academia and have been repeatedly.

When I began Chaser News the first time, I upped the outrageous factor of my online experiments, and found out a lot more about people than I had ever expected.

Then when I stopped Chaser, life focussed my energies on far more serious matters, and I had no time or mindset for them.

Until 2018 and then my life was thrown into a place below hell, and then suddenly, those old ideas transmuted and came roaring back with a vengeance.

So I started conducting even more outrageous, but empirically sound experiments. From tweaking noses of social media moderators by creating such a tangle of fine lines to make a spider’s web and see their increasingly angry responses as they have no clue how much I am tweaking their noses just to see how much Big Brother information that have on me as their user (throwing bricks to get jades, kids — and you would be shocked how even dinky little sites have big data on you), to other more subversive experiments, I am gathering data, and the Internet allows it on a global scale, but I am not lying, hacking, cheating, or stealing.

I am just doing something small, subtle, and peculiar.

My latest invention is something I dub mind wild: mix in Mission: Impossible, experimental psychology, culture jamming, Candid camera, military strategy, Spy magazine, and Just for Laughs Gags.


Chaser is going to be hard news, but by the summer, it will be hard news with a twist. The F.R.E.E.D. will be added to this blend by the fall, and it will not be like anything you have seen before.

It will be scientific. It will find new information.

What it won’t be is the same old way of doing news. While the old ways of academia try to observe, but can never really get it, Chaser jumps into the eye of the storm to do something to turn over every rule to break them.

The girl scientist grew up to be an inventor of an alternative to the way we have been doing journalism, and she is excited…

Michelle Obama knocks Sheryl Sandberg. The typical female catfight snorefest rages on.

Michelle Obama got calculatedly petty and catty at Sheryl Sandberg because the Leftie Mean Girls on the playground are apparently jealous:

At Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday, a very candid former first lady weighed in on whether she believes women can "have it all." Speaking off the cuff, Michelle Obama explained why "leaning in" doesn't actually work, and she caught a lot of attention for it across the internet.

“Marriage still ain’t equal, y'all,” Michelle told the crowd, which had gathered for a sold-out stop on her book tour, according to Vanity Fair. "It ain’t equal. I tell women that whole ‘you can have it all’ — mmm, nope, not at the same time, that’s a lie. It’s not always enough to lean in because that sh*t doesn’t work."

And men do seem to have it, and have had it all for centuries, but women cannot?


Women are intellectually inferior to men and are too stupid for the work-life balance?


Is Michelle Obama some sort of Stepford, neo-Victorian delicate flower?

Apparently so, but there is a more conniving reason for the swipe.

The Left are script-followers and lock-steppers, and the new helmet-haired biddies of this generation. Sandberg is merely a target because the Left want to blame everyone else but themselves for their incompetent failures.

Sandberg at least tried to have a war manual for women, and that was important.

Bravo about writing a helpful book, and not just another Look at Me! pabulum that passes for a book.

Oh, and that book was lauded when the Left thought Facebook was going to be their own little propaganda tool.

And now we have women who are knocking it because it was flawed?

While offering no constructive alternative?

Okay, let Michelle Obama bring us an alternative.

She has a university education, and I take it she has the ability to do some research, and come up with something that is both reliable and valid, empirically-designed, and has utility.

Sandberg at least made her own power and fortune on her own, and hence, has more credibility than the one woman who married into her position, and rode on her husband’s coattails.

Women have to do more than squawk, tattle, shame, and get into catfights: they have to lean in it, punch in, scratch in, kick in, crawl in, steamroll in, blast in, roar in, and fucking fight in.

You’re not fucking fairy princesses, bitches. Life is hell and does not give one flying fuck about your wedding pictures, cupcake recipes, and which toady loser you’re fellating.

You are on your own. You are free to succeed or fail based on your own strategies and active plans for the future.

You are also free to lean in to neo-Victorian Liberals, and go tell them to go fuck themselves and stop spewing bullshit in public.

Because I don’t recall Michelle Obama doing anything for women for her eight years in the limelight other than point out to women how deficient they were and needed First Lady meddling to tell them how to feed their children.

Women these days have decided to retreat and take steps backwards, not forwards. If they want to be oppressed, they are doing an impeccable job for the misogynists. #MeToo was the last real push, right before it got hijacked by the Democratic Party and was FUBAR…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Forty-One: I am not a follower. No, I am not a leader. Oh, and I am not your mother, either.





When I was in grad school, I took a creative writing class, and for my short story assignment, I wrote about something that happened in my childhood.

I had a classmate my own age who always called me Mommy.

I wasn’t his mommy, nor did I want to be the mommy-figure in his life.

It was a pain in the ass. I was a nice kid, but I didn’t want to be a superheroine or a social worker to some kid.

I was an explorer and an adventurer as much as I was a thinker, a philosopher queen, and an inventor.

Having a kid cling on to the back of my coat all recess long, calling me Mommy cramped my style.

It also cramped my style that my First Grade thought it was a bright idea to use me as a “buffer” in the class, meaning I was stuck in a separated row of students, right in the middle of the class’s naughtiest boys because she thought I would have a “calming” effect on them. The entire class faced the blackboard, but The Row was apart and faced the desks.

With me stuck in the middle. When my mother asked my teacher about it, she gave her reasons.

And right beside me was the boy who called me Mommy. He would hold on to my arm and declared that he loved his mommy, and then the teacher would yell at him and then try to pry him off my arm, and I fell down once because of it.

That is not the way you punish good students.

But the lesson stayed with me.

Young, well-behaved girls get no support and will be repeatedly thrust in baby-sitting roles for enabled boys.

And I wasn’t going to have any of it.

Nor was I ever going to be subservient to anyone.

Because either way, it is always rigged for women to be maids and nannies to a collective at the bottom — or at the top.

But the radical centre is a different story, and the place I decided to create mine.


I do not believe in being a follower. You need courage by entourage, you have problems.

I also do not believe in being a leader. You need courage by entourage, you have problems.

I don’t like to mom people. I deal in truth. I deal in reality. My dreams are my own. My theories are for me to test to see how closely aligned they are to reality.

People do not want to take risks. Part of the reason is mental laziness, part is cowardice, but there is that conniving little part that likes to get things on someone’s else’s work, and you get to ride on the coattails thinking you’re smarter than the genius whose sweat and grit paved a road for you to take.

I am on to you, you worthless little motherfucker.

And not happening.

I do not have a messiah complex.

I have an Alexandra Kitty Complex.


Because I am Alexandra Kitty.

It is reality.

And thats’s what my material.

I make better realities. I have dreams, and I have reality, and I use both.

But I am not a follower, and I am not going to lead people to the promised land.

You make your own map and go there on your on blood, sweat, and tears.

But I will deal with reality here.

Not as a leader or a follower.

But as someone who chases out in front.

And that’s where Chaser will be, from the radical centre…

Misogyny, Toronto Star-style.

I do not understand the sexism of the Toronto Star.. They have had a hate for Caroline Mulroney from the get-go, and are really working overtime to destroy her before she begins.

This column is quite amusing:

The dream dies for Caroline Mulroney

Really? The woman is a rookie MPP and has been there, for what? Ten minutes, and you have already decreed her rising the ranks as being dead?

Shut up with the melodrama, chauvinists.

She’s got years. The buck stops with her boss — the premier, if you have already forgotten. Not her.

The Star didn’t have any of the same objections with their pet boy Justin Trudeau when he selfied his novice self into the Prime Minister’s office. The Star drooled all over him, and didn’t give a flying fuck about his lack of credentials or declare his chances to be leader leader ten seconds after he entered politics.

Look, I know it’s hard to pretend you are progressives. This elaborate charade takes up a lot of brain cells, and having to fake it by saying the opposite of whatever conservative gave you a wedgie in school is a challenge. I get it.

But here is a hack for you goobers: if you keep knocking the woman, but give the man a free pass for the same things, you are being sexist swine. The end.

This isn’t even a case of micro-aggression. This is full-on macro-aggro.

I have no opinion of Ms Mulroney. I am neither fan nor foe. You need a body of work in order to make a proper assessment, and you need to look at colleagues from other provinces as well as her predecessors before making an informed assessment.

Otherwise, it’s just sexism disguised as informed opinion. You don’t have to like her, but when you are that obvious with your woman issues, especially the ones who do not cheerlead your own personal political ideology, the problem isn’t her — but you…

Memo to the University of Berkeley: Let's stop trying to rig things to socially engineering façades.

The Drudge Report suffers no Leftist fools, and has a link to a Campus Reform knee-slapper that advocates rigging the academic board by doing away with student evaluations because white male professors get higher ratings than female or minority counterparts.

Oh, please.

No, I do believe they do get higher evaluations, and for good reason: white men have a longer history of teaching; so it should be no surprise that this demographic have it mastered.

So the goal now is to set those ratings as the Gold Standard, and work toward other demographics reaching those levels.

Otherwise, you are going to screw over students with your social engineering with bad habits.

I have been teaching for almost twenty years, and my student evaluations were always way above the provincial average.


That is a tiny portion of the comments I have received over the years. I have always excelled even though I am a female of Eastern European heritage. Why should I be penalized by removing an important component of determining how good is a professor just because the under-performers don’t like their own results?

And before anyone prone to sophistry and temper tantrums goes on about students having prejudices, my students didn’t exactly take to me the first couple of weeks. I am not some appeasing servant. I am fiery, eccentric, hard to read, demanding, unpredictable, lippy, and also suffer no fools.

Yet my students learned, warmed up to me, and we both came out better people than we were at the start of the course.

I am learning a lot through Harvard’s course for teaching professionals, and every week excites me, and I cannot wait to learn (I am working on this week’s assignments as we speak) because I care about being the very best teacher Alexandra Kitty can possibly be.

That is the reason my evaluation scores were in the supper nineties every semester I taught.

I am the shepherd of a flock. My divine duty is to guide this flock from the side of ignorance to the side of mastery. I know every student by name, advocate for them, cheer them when they triumph, and work with them when they begin to flounder.

I am there for them when they are having an academic meltdown. When promotions meetings take place, I fight for every one.

That’s my job, and I am grateful to do so.

And my dedication is reflected in those evaluations.

So if your evaluations suck, maybe you should do what you expect of your students: hunker down, get feedback, modify your strategies, take courses to improve your technique, and go back in the battlefield again.

I am taking a very pricey course that is very involved, and my evaluations are untouchable.

Yet I still do it, and happily so. I keep myself up to code.

And by the international make-up of the other educators taking the course, these are also people who have taken time out of their schedule to do it.

So we shouldn’t get rid of a valuable tool just because we don’t like the reading.

We have identified a disparity, and the riddle to solve is how do we work toward making those kind of disparities vanish.

The hiding-under-the-bed technique isn’t going to help: it will merely alienate students, and that’s not the point of academia.

It is to engage and connect, and that means facing inconvenient truths to create a more thriving reality…

Parliament Hill's Bad Boys Club grows...

First Tony Clement, and now freshly former Liberal MP Raj Grewal is under fire for having gambled millions of dollars though his income doesn’t seem to align with it.

And like Clement, he had access to very sensitive information:

Until Sept. 19, Mr. Grewal was a member of the House of Commons finance committee, which conducted a review of Canada’s regime against money-laundering this year. Transcripts of the committee’s hearings show that he was particularly interested in the testimony of members of law-enforcement agencies such as the RCMP, the Canada Border Services Agency or the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), which collects data on financial transactions of more than $10,000 at financial institutions and casinos.

His antics in 2018 didn’t stop there, however.

But he did get the fuzzy bunny treatment from the Toronto Star in 2016.

And the Brampton Guardian, too.

It is a bad boys’ club in Ottawa, and one that gets all sorts of perks and goodies without much opposition until shit hits the fan, and then there is damage control, censorship, and manipulation of the optics; so even though it is bad, the really rancid stuff gets swept under the rug.

The political identity of the politician is irrelevant.

And the other bad boys aren’t too worried because they alway think the ones who got caught are just dumber than they are…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Thirty-Seven: When NATO bombed Serbs every night, they threw concerts on a bridge. The West needs to learn a few lessons from that. I did.







When the thugs of NATO bombed Serbs in the late 1990s, the Serbs didn’t whine and botch like the American loser youth who are demanding pensions and wasting their fucking pathetic existence on social media rehashing propaganda memes all in the name of getting their own way, never having to admit they are wrong, and trying to get everyone to agree with their selfish assessments and demands.

You know, if you get perpetually offended because you want to rig a conversation to get pity and validation as you micromanage and find fault with the words you measure, then the best course of action is not stop talking to people. Just shut up, and deal with your own problems, and break the cycle.

Or just learn a few lessons from Serbs.

Serbs, when they were being murdered by your various governments as you and your parents cheered them on, held concerts out on the bridge where they could be bombed.

You have snowflakes of the West write articles how people should talk to them because heaven forbid someone call them on the carpet for their manipulative woe is me bullshit.

Fuck you.

The Greeks protested the bombings at their own concerts, and called it out for what it was.

But the Leftist West could bomb people without batting an eye, but when their candidate lost an election journalists did their best to rig, the howling, screaming, and tantrum-throwing just turned people in North America into spiteful little trolls who no longer use a single brain cell nor moral, but will just opposite to whatever someone who didn’t vote for Clinton just to prove some nonexistent point.

Fuck you and your bad lying.

If a person who voted Republican likes ice cream, you will see endless trolling on social media about how bad and immoral it is to like ice cream because by the default delusion, the opposite has to be the right answer.

If Republicans want to permanently fuck up Democrats — you should all praise sex as beautiful, having children as glorious, being happy as wonderful, and having a life in a nice house as something to cherish.

Just do it. Watch what happens.

Watch as journalists declare having sex as demented, ensuring the next generation as fascist, being happy as immoral, and living in a home as treasonous and most likely some nefarious Russian-backed propaganda campaign.

They are miserable, and want the whole world to be as bitter and worthless trash as they are.

I sit here and have a very good laugh. I went to a place worse than hell in 2018, and my life was hell for two years when I had to basically give up everything to look after my grandmother when the paramedics dropped her in her own home on a hard floor in front of my mother who developed Post Traumatic Stress.

People who know me and my family can attest to what we went through. Nurses and social workers who came to our house to look after her were so impressed, that my mother won an award from CCAC two years in a row.

And the second time she received two different nominators independently of one another.

That was hell.

2018 was below hell.

And I fought back.

And happily so, grateful, smarter, wiser, and better than I was before.

And here are people in their twenties, staring at their godphone like a bunch of cowardly dummies, who have no idea what life is about, making royal decrees as if they were authorities in the matter and not a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers who didn’t get enough love as children.

They are collectively depressed, but too gullible and conniving to know why.

They should all be placed on a bridge and told that bridge is going to be bombed, and they aren’t escaping or going home as their godphones are cut off.

Okay, we are giving you an hour. Tell me of all the things you did on social media that will bring you comfort.

Tell me about the trolling on Twitter that will make you feel like you didn’t waste your life.

Explain how posting your ugly pouty mug with an animal face on Instagram will influence future generations.

Who is going to give a flying fuck a year from now about the propaganda memes you puked out on Facebook?

No one, that’s who.

And then, with a loudspeaker, make bitchin’ explosive noises with your mouth as you then shout, “Punked!”

Watch the trauma those little brats will have, and the lawsuits, and the sad, doe eyed Instagram pictures they’ll post with doggie nose and ears.

An empty shell.

Serbs threw a fucking party.

People in the West should be ashamed of themselves.

I clawed out of the place below hell. I was thrown in even though I never did a thing to warrant that kind of cosmic abuse.

And yet, when my grandmother needed constant care, I spent time with her and began an epic venture A Dangerous Woman as I became an art teacher. I have no regrets. My grandmother was loved until her final breath, and she knew it.

And even though 2018 was even worse — I came out with a published book, one new one, and a new lease on life. I am still transmuting, but I have new ideas and I am ready to take on the world with a big smile on my face.

No mid-life crisis for Alexandr Kitty. No wallowing or cowering for me. I am eccentric and I don’t have a single flying fuck to give to my haters.

You’re miserable. I am not.

I call them as I see them. I am not your cheerleader or ass-kisser, If you are fucking up or fucked up, I am going to tell you it to your face.

I am not wallowing or pining for socialism. I am not a bigot who is blaming Russia for random shit.

Life tried to bomb Alexandra Kitty back to the Stone Age, and I took those stones and built a brand new castle, fusing it with gold, and made it out of Kintsugi.

And there is a saying among us Kintsugi artists: broken is better than new.

I am still an upbeat, perky person who is enigmatic, eccentric, and filled with silliosity. I write outrageous stories, and live a Bohemian life as I have grand and futuristic visionary ideas about what the world can do with idealism and happiness.

Those stones I built my castle are precious ones. They weren’t just rocks.

Each one had a history, and I got to know and love them all.

And some of those stones were known as Chaser.

And I looked at them, smiled fondly, and said, Alexandra, try it again.

Chaser is going to be a party.

Shitty and petty losers can sit in their soiled underpants and stew in their stink.

Not me.

I am excited and happy that I could land on my feet, and when I couldn’t, I learned how to soar.

I am a tough little Serbian punk.

The West was always envious of Serbs. They always hated our spirit, reverence for our families, and stubborn nature that compelled us not to be ass kissers.

So to all you moral masturbators: get over yourselves. I am not buying your bullshit. I didn’t buy it when the Catholic Church pulled that shit, and you’re no church.

Chaser is going to be a wild ride.

The smearing of WikiLeaks is pathetic, but WikiLeaks went about it with too much seriosity, and they played it wrong.

Chaser is not WikiLeaks.

I get the joke.

I understand the psychological and propagandistic bombing the overlords has done with impunity.

You don’t fight bombs with bombs.

You become bomb-proof.

And then you gain strength by getting bombed.

If 2018 left me with one amazing gift, it was to teach me how to gain knowledge and power with every kind of bomb people in power throw at you — as well as the ones life throws at you.

I am a very good learner.

You now have a generation of Reality Deniers and Life Wasters who think they are playing it safe, when they have done nothing but gamble their blessings and opportunities away living in their self-imposed bubbles and prisons.

Fuck that.

Chaser is coming…

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 2.53.44 AM.png

Get the party started because the world’s most dangerous woman is ready to arrive and deliver…


America's Neo-Victorian Narrative: At what point do we call it out as bullshit?

American Leftist mainstream media has some sort of demented narrative that has done an enormous disservice to women as it has chained them to some odious ideal that is absolutely no better than their Rightist rivals.

They have women chained into some Neo-Victorian groove which has no basis in reality.

Women are the same as men. They can be assholes, just like men. They can be psychopaths, just like men.

They are not superior to men. They are not inferior to men.

They are humans, just like men.

But yet, when the Left try to make a case for women, they always fuck it up.

The fuck up began in the real Victorian Era that brought the first seeds of liberation, but it did so on a lie.

The lie wasn’t necessary, and it should have been done on the more powerful truth, but the conniving gambit has made problems and prolonged a battle that should have never started in the first place.

And that lie was the notion of romantic love.

Men saw women as the property, and the governments codified it with laws. Men mistreated women savagely, and it was an extremely oppressive existence for the majority, though there were women who were powerful, and lived full, exciting, and meaningful lives despite the rigs and artificial obstacles.

But for those who were more timid and passive by nature, they resorted to a clever feint: they humanized their gender by planting seeds of romance, and from there, women began to crawl out of that oppressive mindset, breaking away, getting the right to vote, not be property, get work, and making options and opportunity for themselves.

But the case was never actually made on the notion that women were equal to men.

Women were always presented as being the morally superior gender, which is bullshit. Just as you have moral women and men, you have untrustworthy and destructive garbage out there, too, and it comes in every gender-variety available.

You have women who have murdered their children. You have women who prostituted their children and allowed their husbands and boyfriends to repeatedly rape their children — and then feign ignorance, when they damn well knew what was happening.

My grandmother had a fight with a woman who was earning more than her husband, but she knew her husband was sexually abusing her daughter, and refused to leave because she said, “Who is going to support me?”

So you have women who always find excuses why their evil is justified.

We, as a species, have never quite learned to stop with those manipulative binary games where we demonize everyone or deify everyone. The case-by-case assessments are non-existent because everyone wants a hack and a TORTEE: The One Rule That Explains Everything.

The Victorian Era’s gains can be wiped out at any given moment because everything was based on a lie.

Had we had a braver focus on reality, women should be judged the same as men without any narrative rigs. Men can be full of shit; women can be full of shit; people are people, and the point is not to rig and hold back the kind and the competent, but to do our best so that we don’t have to suffer and can live better lives as we deal with our own petty jealousies and learn how to be embrace life instead of make it miserable.

And that means that consequences matter. Men should be imprisoned if they raped someone because they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and are corrupting society with their wickedness. The expense and traumas incurred are unnecessary, and yes, make his ilk be aware of what happens when you play those games.

But for the women who have allowed men to molest their children, they, too have to be taught the same lesson: no, sitting on your ass and allowing it to happen has no excuse that gets you off the hook. You are not some neo-Victorian victim: you are a wicked adult who knew exactly what you were doing, but figured the rapist’s pay check was worth more to you than the well-being of the child who had no say in coming into the world and having a piece of garbage for a mother.

And anyone who allows a child to be harmed is a piece of garbage. Fuck you.

But journalism is trying to retain some audiences — any audience — and is now pandering to anyone by offering to serve as their apologists, regardless of what the consequences of that pandering will be.

So what we have now are journalists using a Victorian narrative to advocate on behalf of psychopaths, and other destructive people who do not need compassion, but be held accountable for their behaviours, without incessantly looking for loopholes, and then thinking a neo-Victorian narrative will do it.

This piece of propaganda from the New Yorker is such as case in point: here we have a journalist painting a highly deceptive narrative about how horrible it is for children to be separated from their mothers who are in prison.

For many, yes, it is, but for some, those mothers have repeatedly exposed them to torture, abuse, starvation, rape, prostitution, and death.

Even if they weren’t convicted of those crimes, those mothers have a lot to answer for. They hung around a criminal element. They exposed their children to violence, gangs, drugs, weapons, and danger at every waking moment.

Not all, but not a couple, either.

This article is unscientific in the worst way imaginable. The author has willfully and deliberately chosen propaganda to spin a tale.

keep these hands off final.jpg

Many of these women have their children pimped out, in child porn, working as drug mules, and stealing…and they are placed in the same prison population as women who have done none of these things.

However, you do not take a manipulative approach: if it is bad for some, then it has to be bad for the whole.

And that is hardly the case.

We do not know how many of these women have abandoned their children, and only think about exploiting her motherhood once the reporter came marching along looking for some propaganda to spew.

If we had an actual journalist looking for reality and truth, this isn’t how you approach the subject.

You do not willfully manipulative and distort facts to make a false case, and then try to use the misdirection of a Neo-Victorian narrative to do it. There are so many holes and contradictions in this colour-heavy piece of garbage that it is useless.

I am not unfamiliar with doing a story about women in jail. I did one for Elle Canada about fifteen years ago about women who broke the law to please a boyfriend.

The piece was edited, and the editor took out a crucial profile without my knowledge, but let me explain what I did.

First, I spoke to a dozen people who were classified as experts in various areas of my subject of interest. This gave me a crude roadmap. I then went digging to find individual cases of specific women, and I researched about fifty women just to look for patterns. I read court transcripts, articles, and conducted interviews.

I then looked at fifty more who did not fit the profile, but were in jail for other reasons. They were my control group so I could compare and contrast their situation with my group of interest.

I didn’t make grand sweeping generalizations, but then I interviewed about a dozen women who fit the bill, and then I went with four women.

Unfortunately, my editor removed the last one, and I was not pleased.

While the other three women I spoke to were sympathetic, the last one was not.

None were blameless. One had no children. None should have been there for twenty years, but they should have been punished. The state was not wrong in punishing them, but mandatory minimums were obscene.

But one had a son and dated a drug dealer. Another one was a mother who took up with a prisoner, left her husband, and opened a business where he killed someone and then talked her into confessing to the crime. The third did not have children, but was involved with a drug dealer as well.

I had sympathy all the same for these three, but it was the fourth that was a caution against seeing the situation in a Victorian way.

The fourth was a teenaged killer who murdered an innocent stranger in her sleeping bag to prove to her boyfriend that she loved him. When I spoke to the D.A. about her, he warned me that she was an out and out psychopath.

And, boy, did he have her number.

She was in her twenties by then, and could not understand why she was in jail when she was “daddy’s girl.” She murdered an unarmed sleeping stranger on the say so of her boyfriend, and to her, that should have been reason enough to get off. She thought her sentence was profoundly unfair, and she had all sorts of reasons and excuses, and used a lot of that neo-Victorian propaganda to spin her tale of woe, that sounded very similar to the New Yorker article.

It was bullshit, and in my story, I laid out the facts without her own self-serving spin, but it was taken out, and I had no clue until after publication, but if I had known, I would have pulled out my article. The fourth was critical to understanding that you do not break out the violins just because you want to pretend you are moral, woke, and sensitive.

A lot of people are going to spin a story to gain sympathy, and make themselves look like victims, even if they are the villains and the primary architects of their own ruin. They dust off their children and parade them only when it suits their purposes, but they could not give one flying fuck about them.

A more responsible piece would not be spinning any story. Take fifty women with children who are in jail, and get the facts of each one.

Not just how howling sad it is that their children are separated from their mothers. That’s a confirmation bias right there.

But what kind of mother was she before she was arrested, and no, her version is just her interpretation.

Were those children in foster care, for instance? What do teachers and neighbours know? What do social workers know? You have privacy obstacles, but it is funny what you can dig up when you are determined to find the truth.

I would talk to psychologists and social workers as well as police, judges and D.A.s about the different categories of mothers they come across, and then start to grid my profiles with my information.

I would also talk to activists and advocates of these women.

But I would not be “picking sides.”

What you will find will be far more complex that the simpletons of the New Yorker will puke.

And you have to present the shades in a single piece.

Some children will be very sad and lost, but for others, it will be a blessing in disguise.

And you have to find out why and face that reality that not everyone who gives birth has the right to be called a mother.

Because women are people. Some are good, some are bad, and some are whatever the wind takes them.

Women, just like men, are the captains of their own ships.

My grandmother was alone during the Second World War. She had a limited education, no family, it was war, violent, and anarchy.

She didn’t stoop to illegal activities. She didn’t harm other people. She became a nurse during the war, and saved lives.

Even when there was no options, she made the one that counted, and she raised my mother, moving to Canada, and getting a job on the day she arrived without having connections or knowing a lick of English in a country that looked down on Eastern Europeans, labelling them DP — Displaced Persons.

Whenever I start getting to sympathetic to someone’s sob story, I think about her, and then get snapped right back to my senses.

North America has countless social services and organizations to help people when they are down. There are jobs here. There is free education. There is a bounty of opportunities that never in the history of mankind were there — in a world where there is Internet access and you can even fucking crowdfund if you need money for an emergency.

So in 2018, there are no excuses. None. If these were truly neo-Victorian ladies, they would be gravitating to those safety nets.

And they are not.

It is time we stop spinning garbage narratives to manipulate people, and start presenting empirically-tested information to paint a realistic picture of the world.

People feel sorry for themselves as they wallow and make excuses why they are acting in ways that is beneath them.

If you have true morals and sympathy, you do not enable that vile behaviour, but take away the crutches of narratives, and start presenting facts.

Not the rancid garbage the sheltered goobers at the New Yorker like to spew because they can’t function as moral humans being and try to build fortresses of lies to poison the information stream…

♛The Sport of Queens♛ Part Three: The Madness of Queens

In this instalment of The Sport of Queens, Joan the Mad unleashes her insanity for the sanest of reasons…

Cleopatra looked at the Mighty Queen Nzinga and shook her head. “You just had to tweak Joan the Mad’s nose again, didn’t you?”

“This force blocking our path is made from the madness of those who have lost their sanity in the waking world. Joan is the only one here who understands that mind’s fragmented language.”

“But what if she breaks and we cannot get her back to us?”

“Then I will jump that wall and join her as my penance. However, I do believe she can converse with that wall and come out of it in one piece.”

“But why is there a wall?” asked Victoria, “To block us?”

“Perhaps,” said Nzinga, “But after I had been drenched in that sporkle, I had wished to find the solution to our dilemma, and then Joan came to me, and she never does. I believe this substance is the essence of stars that compels it to make wishes come true. It is a spore with sparkle.”

“Sporkle,” sighed Mary.

“Joanie!” Queen Maria shouted as her sister in arms began to walk unsteadily toward the Vortex of Living Insanity, “Be careful! It is not worth losing your essence to a wicked beast.”

“It is not a beast,” said Joan she reached the outer layer and went on her hands and knees to examine it, “It is my mind on the outside.”

“It’s a trap! Be careful!” shouted a distressed Grace O’Malley, “Joanie! It’s not your madness! It causes madness to those in the waking world! It is a virus that feeds on the souls of those who become infected.”

“It is my mind. It is my own mind…”

Just as Joan the Mad touched the vortex to caress it lovingly, it nipped her finger.

“Traitor!” she howled with rage, “I gave you love and you gave me hate!”

“Oh no,” said Catherine the Great as she pushed herself to the front, “What has she done? Joanie, come back here before it devours you!”

Queen Joan began to scream as her words suddenly became visible, but unintelligible – each was frozen and shattered into razor-sharp shards that caused the vortex to bleed.

“Joanie!” screamed Cleopatra as she ran toward her, “Come back!”

But Joanie began to laugh, grabbed one of the shards of her broken words, and tore open the vortex as a sea of blood surrounded her before it became a wall separating her from her companions.

Then the wall became a thunderous cloud and shattered, leaving nothing but a laughing vortex in its wake, causing the queens to feel its madness as if it were their own and Queen Victoria grabbed the queens as she pushed them aside to safety until she got them all safely away from the vibrations of madness.

Himiko held her head as she looked around. “I have been in the Otherworldly for many moons, and never I felt something so wrong and overpowering.”

“That’s madness for you,” said a grim Grace O’Malley, “It knows our wavelengths and it tried to take us, too.”

“Nina,” said Vikki to Queen Nzinga, “That madness just devoured Joanie.”

“I had not anticipated that.”

“Because it feasts on insanity, and now it has a queenly version of it. We are now without a queen and with an enemy that can unbalance us at any time.”

“What can we do?” asked Queen Elizabeth the First.

“Wait,” said Mary, “Juana la Loca is a queen regnant.”

“So?” asked Cleopatra.

“Now it knows the ways of a queen regnant, but there is another sort of queen – a queen consort. We replace Joanie with a consort until we figure out how to reverse this nonsense.”

“A different kind of queen, meaning a different set of rules.”

“Any particular queen consort in mind?” asked Catherine.

“There is Queen Draga of Serbia, who was slaughtered. She already knows the ways of being devoured by an army.”

“Her husband was smitten with her against his mother’s wishes, and he exiled his own parent,” said Grace, “The people never liked her, and when rumours circulated that her brother would be made heir to the throne, the army was sent in to kill them both rather gorily, stabbing them to death in their pajamas and then throwing their bodies over a balcony right into a dung heap. She isn’t an Edenite, and I doubt we’d find her in Heaven.”

“I don’t think she’d be in Hell for what it’s worth because it’s not a sin in the Sport of Queens,” replied Maria, “But where would we find her?”

Nina smirked as she raised an eyebrow. “She was murdered.

Himiko gasped. “Of course, one of the Women of Orchid would know. They give orchids to the Fallen and Draga would qualify.”

“Draga would seek them out,” added Vikki pensively, “She’d want everyone to know of the injustice of her waking world fate.”

“Where are the Orchids these days?” asked Lizzie, “I hear the male companion has flown the coop to go back to the waking world to cause a ruckus.”

“There are three of them hanging about, and my best guess is if we post one of us at the Sorting Station, we’ll run into one of them,” said Mary.

Catherine nodded. “Some of us will have to deal with that Vortex. If this sporkle that Nina found has any wish-granting powers, perhaps we can wish for Joanie to come back to us unharmed.”

“Agreed,” said Maria, “But one of us does have to pick up a replacement queen first.”

“I’ll do it,” said Nina, “After all, it was my idea to send Juana la Luna to reconnoiter that mass of insanity in the first place. If I speak to their leader, she will tell me.”

“And if she doesn’t” asked Vikki.

“I am certain I can decollate her even in the Otherworldly and use her head as a reminder that no one defies the command of a Queen.”

“I pray for her sake, that she is the accommodating sort,” said Himiko.

Nina nodded regally and walked toward the Sorting Station as she used her own will to create a mighty sword that looked as sharp and fierce as the queen holding it.

The Mighty Queen Nzinga sighed as she looked regally bored at the groups of recently arrived at the Sorting Station. Some were the sort to immediately get whisked away to Heaven, while others were the sort to wind up in Hell. None would be queens, and their lack of good breeding showed. She waited patiently until a beautiful black woman came to console a group of children who were murdered by their mother and pinned orchids of their shirts. The woman had one blue eye and one brown eye.

That was the leader of the anarchist activists known as the Women of Orchid.

Queen Nzinga sauntered over. “You are the leader I wish to seek.”

Belinda Markey looked up. “Who are you? I can tell that you weren’t murdered.”

“I lived to a ripe old age and died peacefully. I am Queen Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba and I have come to speak with you.”

“With a sword?”

“It has its own message should my first fall on deaf ears.”

Belinda looked angry. “A threat to my essence? What kind of nonsense is that? I had a murderer kill me because things like that wouldn’t persuade me! Now if you want something, put down the toy and speak your peace, Your Majesty.”

Queen Nzinga looked impressed. “You are a sister in arms. I have heard much about your valour and bravery.”

“They couldn’t put me in Hell or stop me.”

Queen Nzinga made the sword vanish. “I am looking for a Queen consort that may be among your ranks. Queen Draga of Serbia.”

“What about her?”

“There is horrific imbalance in the universe and ten Queens have been dispatched to stop it, though one of our rank has fallen into a sentient vortex of living madness, and now it knows the sport of queens regnant, but not of queens consort…”

“And Draga is a queen consort.”

“She managed to exiled her mother-in-law and nearly got her brother to be heir to the throne when her mother-in-law’s army slaughtered her and her husband.”

“The son who exiled her.”

“Yes, her mindset is cunning enough for the job. We need to speak with her immediately. The fate of existence rests in finding a replacement to Juana la Luna.”

“Juana la Luna?”

“Joan the Mad.”

“She wears an orchid, I can tell you that much. I can relay the message, but it is up to her to decide if she wishes to join you – or if you can trust her.”

“She is not an Edenite. We must do our best given the horrific turn of events. Joanie was our friend and we all loved her despite her sorrowful disposition.”

Belinda looked sympathetic as she nodded. “I will do my best, your majesty. If the Orchids can do anything more…”

“We will let you know.”

Queen Nzinga walked away and vanished to rejoin her fellow Queens as the clock begin to tick louder and the air felt darker and colder around them…

To be continued…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty-Five: Journalism never got out of the Stone Age. Neither did j-schools.

Journalism is still a very misogynistic industry.

The managanda from the National Post is obnoxious, and the fact that they pay women to spew self-loathing propaganda doesn’t make it okay.

The structure is still Patriarchal. The assumptions are still skewed and rigged to favour those who oppress others. You can pretend to be politically correct all you want, but if you have a system that shames people for thinking differently than you do, then you are not a free or democratic society.

And sexist it remains. We see articles on white male doctors who have breakthroughs, but I doubt you know Person #23 on the List of People Everyone should know.

Dr. Jane C. Wright.


You may have heard of her breakthrough treatment from the 1940s.


That’s right, for those of you who fought against cancer and won thanks to that treatment, that’s the African-American woman who saved your life.

Yet do we talk about her at all? Do you know who we are discussing?


Not at all.

The whitebread folks never do.

Women have a lot to contribute, but when they do, they are not appreciated.

And it takes years for them to be able to see their plans through.

I have been fighting that fight for over a quarter of a century.

Try getting j-schools to listen to a radical new approach to journalism.

I am white, but female, and the road is no easier for me.

And yet, Google sees me as a person of note.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 1.03.16 PM.png

Twitter won’t give me a blue check mark, but the biggest search engine does.

And so does Bing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 2.52.32 PM.png

McMaster University recognized me with their Arch Award — and I was the first female to receive it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 3.02.02 PM.png

I am referenced in academic articles. I am referenced in serious scholarly books. I have students from Ivy League schools interview me for their own scholarly work. I give talks, as I did to one lovely book club yesterday. I gave interviews.

And yet, I am shut out. Repeatedly.

My work is sound. My research goes beyond thorough — one of the members of yesterday’s book club marvelled at me having 61 pages of references.

Nice catch: I did have 61 pages of references; almost 14% of the book contains references I used.

That is thorough research.

I was as thorough with Chaser News, just as I was that thorough as an author, journalist, and academic student.

I use references from multiple countries and multiple languages. I use references from the distant past to the present. I have used interviews, studies, legislation, transcripts, you name it.

And I am certain many of you have stumbled upon my site, and have to click on the Who Is She? page to figure out who is this fiery woman who keeps saying journalism is dead?

How would she know?

I know because I am the creator of Method Research. I know because I have no trouble doing the legwork and seeing things up close for myself.

I work tirelessly on this problem and have done so for many years. I have had comments that I should be creating programs at the university level to change journalism’s ways.

And as I have said, I have.

Read When Journalism was a Thing, and see how much I have crafted the blueprints for such a thing. Read Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news because that is a textbook for information verification for journalists.

But I am routinely ignored.

I do not stop trying.

And I am still actively working on it. Chaser as well A Dangerous Woman Story Studio figure into F.R.E.E.D. and Matriarchal Storytelling and prominently so, and both have been around for a while now.

But unfortunately, too much of the toiling could be entirely avoided and placed where it should be placed: at creating something innovative and new — not having to create the space to make it.

And don’t think I am expecting a statue, building, or huzzahs for this work.

Dr. Wright invented chemotherapy, and you all still don’t even know her name…

The Clement Affair: As always, no one bothers to ask the men what they were wearing when they found themselves trouble.

Tony Clement was a known troublemaker for many years, but journalists in Canada never let those yokel middle class commoners know anything about it.

But now it all comes out.

But as late as 2016, the Huntsville Forester has a profile on him called “The Real Tony Clement”:

Our MP, Tony Clement, announced his bid for leader of the federal Conservative Party on Tuesday night. This positions him to possibly be our prime minister in the event Trudeaumania weakens by the next election.

Clement has always worked hard for this riding and has been uniquely available and considerate of its people. He has always had our backs. An "unapologetic Conservative," he has been generous of his time and his influence when it comes to both the people of privilege and those who struggle to get by; he has been a strong supporter of the non-profit organizations that serve those in need.

Doubtless having our representative in the big chair would benefit our riding. Certainly, it has the journalists at this newspaper intrigued; covering the top office from a Muskoka perspective would be one sweet beat.

The question is - would it be good for Canada? Clement's track record is with two hyper-conservative governments that turned even dyed-in-the-wool Conservatives into Liberal voters. There are strong arguments against the value systems demonstrated by both Ontario's Mike Harris and former prime minister Stephen Harper.

Clement did well with both governments, toeing the party line and building a powerful career. But have we met the real Tony Clement? He is loyal to his leaders and we suspect there are times when he didn't necessarily agree with the line he was toeing. He's selling an "optimistic, modern conservatism" and we're curious to see what that looks like on paper. He said Canadians want government to be an empowering force for good - and he's right. He said he is the leader to bring a better quality of life from health to the environment. Those are two tricky pledges given the records of Harris and Harper on both topics. Clement is running on the values of hard work and personal responsibility, enterprise and freedom, family and community, and equal opportunity for all. He calls these the highest aspirations of Canadians. In his time here in Muskoka, he has personally demonstrated those values. Clement has got our attention and we are eager to learn more about Tony Clement the leader.

Nothing about what is happening now.

Not even in non-journalistic media.

Remember how Rick Mercer had fun with him?

Yeah, nothing based on what has been revealed now.

It is nothing like the UK’s Profumo affair, however. No dreamy babes in this equation.


But a whole lot sleepwalking.

The local press in Clement’s riding made no hint of it. No national reporter did, either.

Big media, small media.

Brain dead media.

That is the reason we had a news media: to ensure someone was watching and said something before it got this far.

But, ha ha, not a chance.

No one bothers with men in power.

Not to question their truisms, behaviour, untested nutjob theories, nothing.

No one to ask them what they were wearing when they got into trouble.

We have a “boys will be boys” mindset, but no female equivalent.

Where women get their money is actually counted against them in many financial dealings as if it spoke about their character without a shard of empirical evidence, but not for men, for instance. No one questions where men got their wealth.

They do not question if the man is up to the job or not.

Women get scrutinized from every angle.

Now we find out that there were all sorts of red flags with Clement, never mentioned before until the trouble got too big to hide.

Think of the financial resources it took to clean up his messes over the years.

And he had the cover of doting press coverage all along.

Now the narrative is to blame government officials.

Not so fast.

Journalists loiter those halls of power every day. They see things. They hear things.

They witness things.

For all the babbling and spewing how journalism is needed, they never actually do their jobs.

CNN is putting out feelers about suing because the White House had enough of pissant Jim Acosta, and his buffoonery became a cringeworthy spectacle.

If he was a competent newsman, he wouldn’t be sitting his ass on that chair.

He would be finding out facts, not grandstanding, and certainly not voguing and morally masturbating at the same time.


Bad governments come from a sleepwalking press, and a public that cowers in the corner as they don’t really want to know the truth…

National Post's Managandaist excuses for Tony Clement continue.

Christie Blatchford, the resident National Post’s managandist and scum bucket apologist, is excusing Tony Clement with the age-old bullshit story that boys will be boys and men have no self-control:

Clement a reminder when it comes to lust, brains are first thing to go


Sex has nothing to do with it.

Because if men have no control over themselves, then it stands to reason we must strip them of all of their rights and powers, and herd them into cages where they can do no damage with their loins because they are beasts who must be oppressed because, by golly, they have no higher-brain functions and they are just going to fuck anything that moves.

It is funny how men have control of themselves when they want or need something.

Clement was practicing an age-old tradition of getting things he wanted with his unexpected uninhibited behaviour. Men who sexually harass others at work or even assault women are not doing it for the sex. It is just a weapon of terrorism or a way to unbalance, distract, confuse, or disarm a target directly or indirectly. Sex may be the excuse or justification, but that is a lie. Unremarkable men like Clement did not get as far as he did because he was blinded by lust.

He was merely emboldened because he got things his own way even though there was nothing extraordinary about him and he got spoiled and left with an impression that he was more cunning than people around him.

And if left unchecked, those ideas go to extremes in some others. It reminds me of Tori Stafford’s murderer, a paunchy nobody who had women do extraordinary things for him, such as one who turned tricks to get him a vehicle. Then when that power went to his head, he got one to lure a little girl for him to rape, torture, and murder.

Sex didn’t drive that killer. The rewards of power did. The weapon of choice may be sex, but if sex doesn’t do it, threats of blacklisting, deprivation, violence, or destruction will. It is no different than the manipulators who resort to crocodile tears and claim sadness or weaknesses when they are exposed as being untrustworthy and selfish, but when you are unmoved by their waterworks and excuses, suddenly they shut off the act, and anger and aggression quickly replace it.

It is funny how fast those Koh masks change depending on the angle of the lighting. Illuminate by denial and standing your ground, and you see that far from emotions guiding the person, it is pure, cold, calculating logic.

The West is a society of ignorant enablers who make big decrees, but never looking at any evidence refuting their bullshit stories. Clement is not some poor little boy lost who is a slave to his domineering penis. Those men get distracted and never get far in life. They don’t have the focus to succeed.

And Clement went far too high up the food chain for that argument to hold any water…

What the fuck, CBC? What's with the "sad woman" picture? Stop portraying women as cowards scared of life.

Look at this picture that CBC gave the slug “sad woman.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 10.16.02 PM.png

And this is the article it illustrates:

Saskatchewan 1st to introduce Clare's Law, aimed at stopping domestic violence

I read the article, and that photograph has no reason to be there. It is just a Shutterstock image.

So what the fuck?

Why are you using that picture? You have some skinny, bare-legged woman hiding her head in the darkness. Damsel in distress retreating and hiding from life? A victim who just sits there and lets the attacker just come and get her?


Could we stop that sexist shit once already?

It is a stupid and monolithic tone to set. You don’t need that image. How about something from real life? The law is based on a murdered woman: use her image. Or those who lobbied and passed the bill.

That law did not come about because someone sat in an empty room passively.

It came because of action, assholes.

So the Patriarchal propaganda image doesn’t need to be there, thank you very much...

Canada's Dick Pic Scandal gets bigger all the time...

Gracious, Tony Clement got his white boy ass booted out of the federal Conservative Party.

Women are coming forward to counter his claims this kind of debauchery was just a one off.

Bullshit, of course. A man his age, education, and position is not some innocent babe in the woods, kids.

I heard managandist Christie Blatchford on the radio trying to make the case that somehow Clement had the same mental capacity as some gullible teenaged girl who gets knocked up the first time she had sex.

I don’t think so.

The Privy Council and the RCMP are investigating since, as I mentioned before, Clement has clearance, a position of power, and access to things and they have to make sure that didn’t get compromised along with his dignity and career.

His judgement is obviously whacked, but that is what happens when everyone is asleep at the wheel…

Tony Clement resigns as justice critic because he was a naughty boy with too much free time and not enough savvy.

Federal Conservative MP Tony Clement got himself into trouble and not only is he leaving his post, the RCMP had to be brought in to clean up his dirty little mess.

Not everyone understands this whole Internet thing. My mother came into it about less than a year ago, and she already got bored of Facebook and dropped out, but all she ever did was post funny animal videos and still uses Pinterest for jewelry ideas and funny animal pictures.

This is how you should be sinking your life on social media.

But Clement was not Internet savvy:

"Over the last three weeks, I have shared sexually explicit images and a video of myself to someone who I believed was a consenting female recipient. The recipient was, in fact, an individual or party who targeted me for the purpose of financial extortion," Clement said in a statement.

Once it is on the Internet, it is forever, Mr. Clement. Do not follow the ways of Anthony Weiner. He also got himself in a shitload of trouble. Do not send nudies of yourself to strangers online, especially if you have a cushy high-paying job where you get paper crowns with minimum effort. That’s just fucked up.

I suggest the Tories contact my mother immediately for the job: she is nice to animals, has an artistic flair, is dedicated to social justice of all kinds, and has a minimum interest in the Internet…

The re-launching of Chaser News, Part Twenty: Vladimir Posner wrote about parting with illusions. The West have yet to part with their delusions.

I am upgrading my teaching skills through Harvard University’s short course at the moment, and it is, not surprisingly, extremely expensive, labour intensive, complex, and fascinating. It is mostly psychology, and it is a program geared at professors who teach.

But I am enjoying it immensely.

A lot of the things I knew from my undergraduate training in psychology, but of course, there is always something new to learn, and this week, I learned something about how students test.

If female subjects were given a plain math test, their scores were the same as their male counterparts.

But if they were told the test was to measure gender differences, suddenly, women did far worse on the same test.

Drawing attention to gender did something very bad.

African-American students were in the same boat: if they were to just write a test, their scores were no different than white students…

But if they were asked to write their race on the paper, they fared far worse on their scores.

So we know that drawing attention to race and gender alone can negatively impact people when they need to be tested, meaning the scores do not actually reflect ability when that irrelevant factor is brought into the equation.

And yet the Left does nothing but draw attention to it.

If we want equality, the solution is not to divide, but multiply and unify, allowing for the differences to be left alone and be a normal part of a fabric’s pattern.

One plus on equals a bigger one.

And all equations equal infinity.

The Western Left is bent on divide and conquer.

And selling delusions.

Vladimir Posner had a very interesting book called Parting with Illusions.

But the West has yet to part with their delusions.

In this case, but drawing attention to perceived differences that are skin deep, the Left is actively creating tribes, and with its competitive rig, ones who must compete with each other to be the ones who get the most pity and attention.

But in order to get attention, the tribe must submit to being helpless.


You must be a victim.

You need the safety of your in-group, and never be an individual who can stand alone.

You must be herded like sheep, and take but a single path with the Left as your shepherd.


I will choose my own adventure, thank you very much.

But the Western Left do a very good job at erasing history to present themselves as the only enlightened ones, drawing attention to race and gender, knowing full well that people begin to falter when their innate trait is being called out.

But the Right have not been as backwards or as villainous as the Left like to pretend.

Let’s take alleged progressive country Canada for instance.

Justin Trudeau’s narrative is that he is progressive, but what progressive things has he done to date?

When you start looking for tangible evidence, you soon come up with the truth: Canada has no leadership, and Trudeau is no prime minister, he just plays one on selfies.

It is one thing if you are progressive and not make a big deal, but his cabinet has many females, and none have done very much.

Chrystia Freeland has bungled her portfolio badly. Someone with extensive negotiating skills had to be placed there, and she is out of her league, and it shows.

We didn’t need to blink on USMCA or fall for the oldest trick in the book:


Make noise in the East, but strike in the West.

A basic ruse undetected because we have a regime convinced it knows something.

But they know the little people back homes also know shit about it.

Parting with delusions is the first step to sensibility.

And Leftist bigoted stereotypes that they alone know something about equal opportunity.

In Canada, Lincoln Alexander was the first black man to be a member of Parliament, and then the fist black cabinet minister in 1979.

He was not a member of the Liberal Party.

No, not the NDP.

But the Conservative Party.

So despite everything about the Grits, they weren’t the ones who were about racial equality, but they will certainly pretend they are the only ones, even if they are doing nothing but paying lip service.

Alexander had an illustrious career and is Person #21 of the List of People Everyone Should Know. He broke many firsts in Canada.

The Left no longer acknowledge that other people aside from the Left create progress. They have spun of narrative of having god-like powers and anyone else who does not worship them is a devil.

Delusions of grandeur, and dying your hair blue or getting a tat doesn’t cover up your helmet-haired blue rinse mindset.

It is one of the numerous reasons I lost respect for the Left entirely. Pontifical prickery doesn’t do anything but serve as a mask to hide the inner hatred and prejudice from that neck of the ideological woods.

So, it is the reason I am in the Radical Centre.

A bird needs two wings to fly: a left one and a right one.

I soar by trade; so I am not going to cut off one wing to prove some bullshit point.

I keep centred and balanced: I see the weaknesses of both and do not allow one side to dominate the other.

Because both sides are corrupt by nature and designed, with rigs that ensure no one questions their true motives.

But there are empirical ways to uncover it.

Chaser uses the methods to reveal rigs and stratagems. It is a road map showing how manipulators try to the public.

I don’t expect most to have the courage to do it. I have had my fill of Left-wing bigots, but I know they do their best to mask their prejudice, from pretending to be interested in accents as they are othering you, to explaining away why African-Americans used to vote en masse for Republican candidates pre-JFK (“because they just followed their masters” some white liberal moron recently told me in all seriousness, trying to explain that these were a people without their own mind, free will, or intelligence until the Left started to do their thinking for them. I had my fill of the White Man’s Burden narrative exactly one millisecond after the first time I encountered it).

I never assumed I was to meddle in the lives of other people: I was to get out of their way for them to thrive, and they didn’t meddle to interfere in my life. I wasn’t suppose to swoop in and assume I knew better how to live another’s life just as they were not supposed to do the same to me.

No rigs. No propaganda. No othering. No bullshit stories. No excuses.

No exceptions.

Chaser didn’t play political favourites, and it won’t now. It is about truth and reality, not delusions and propaganda.

The truth is we don’t actually have a political party that has understood the notion of citizen freedom. We have never had one that codified the rights and responsibilities of both the government and its populace.

We never had a government that forbade the middle class from parroting scripts and devoted its energies teaching them the difference between a lie and a truth, and a perception and reality.

And journalists were never any help. They can virtue-signal like psychopaths like to do, but when it comes to truly understanding empathy, they will block the handicap spots at a polling station and not move when someone with a disability needs it because their own egos are more important than covering the reality they are supposed to see and comprehend.

It is all a scam.

Not everyone will appreciate Chaser. I don’t care. It is about the truth — and building a foundation from there…

Pseudo-Progressive Bullshit Stories: Fauxminists belittling feminists of the past.

Here is some social media bullshit.


“Boomer feminism”?

Fuck you, you asshole. Please give a detailed list of all the tangible things you have done for feminism.

Boomer feminists got abortion rights, broke glass ceilings, and pushed for reforms such as birth control, and what did your generation do?

Cosplay at passive protests and accomplish nothing.


Fuck you all. You might as well have been carrying placards saying, “Mommy, make the mean man stop!”

But having no respect for their foremothers is something pseudo-feminists do because they don’t care about feminism or woman’s rights.

They care to stroke their egos by creating false pecking orders where they are the superior to the women who actually struggled and did tangible things that produces results.

It reminds me of an obnoxious 1971 Art Journal article from Jan Thompson about women in Art Nouveau where she treats every woman born before her to be some sort of pathetic weakling while missing all of the feminist seeds found in those art forms.

What pseudo-feminists are doing is propagandistic and revisionist: it is a form of a Strawman fallacy where the past is distorted to make the slacktivists of the present seem more enlightened than those who did all the heavy lifting.

It is ungrateful and disrespectful, let alone manipulative: trying to erase the history of women in the past, which is what misogynists have been doing for centuries.

These are the women who made the castles with their own blood, sweat, and tears., and we now have do-nothings bitch because the wallpaper is dated.

Fuck you.

And heaven forbid if that “Boomer feminist” expresses a controversial opinion. Let’s silence her, eh, fake feminists?

Or fauxminists?

But people who do nothing are always conniving to make genuine hard-workers seem inferior to them.

Feminists do not spend time on Moo getting business cards declaring themselves to be feminists because no one would know by their lethargy.

Strong women do not babble and spew garbage.

They do.

They do for others, such as Irena Sendler, Person #18 on the List of People Everyone Should Know.

She was a Polish social worker in the Second World War who saved Jewish children, exposing herself to grave danger, and she paid a terrible price.

And, of course, her efforts were so gloriously ignored for decades.

So the fauxminists of the present are just misogynists putting a enlightenment spin on their old ways.

All of a sudden with absolutely no experience, knowledge, or credentials, they are decreeing who is a feminist or who isn’t.

As if you would know.

Take off those stupid red capes and learn from your foremothers as you compare their accomplishments to yours.

Marching up and down like a bunch of dummies is not feminism.

Once upon a time, when women had no options, they took it as a last resort.

You fairy princesses should have evolved by now.

You have created no laws.

You have founded no new political parties.

You have started no original school of thought.

You are a whining and judgemental void who have yet to make a single contribution to feminism or the world in general...