Memo to the American Conservative: If you don't understand the business of your own profession, then don't write about it.

The American Conservative has a stupid article about the death of journalism. It is the same sort of stupid other Left-wing media trolls have whined about, and I have said before, but let me say it again.

Journalism properties were bought by asset-squeezers for the last twenty years because legitimate companies could no longer make a profit because no one was reading their product anymore.

An Asset Squeezer is a vulture that feasts on dead carcasses. The end. The American Conservative has no grasp on the concept at all, and that’s truly frightening. They are blaming vultures for their death, which is ridiculous.

Asset Squeezers know how to make a profit from dead properties. They fire everyone they can. They sell assets, such as real estate. They cut down on printing and sell off the printing arm. They get rid of things as they shed resources that are profitable whether or not the publication is.

If this concept is hard to understand, think of it this way: you can’t find a job, but you have debts to pay; so you sell all of your jewelry, stocks, bonds, and collectibles before selling your house.

You are still bringing in money, but as you are not working, sooner or later, you have nothing more to sell.

The gravy train runs dry.

Now suppose your house and all your chattels were acquired by an asset-squeezer. The difference is they sell your house, car, gold, keep the cash, and then kick you out once they sold your last possession.

That’s what happened to newspapers.

But it is also actively happening in broadcasting, too.

I covered the newspaper industry in the early aughts: this was happening back then, too.

The American Conservative doesn’t compute: they are talking about the New York Times’ digital subscriptions as if it were a hopeful sign, when it is a sign that the industry imploded.

You still have a few relics who want antiquated information, but they aren’t going for local, but whatever seems to be left over. It’s like a fad food outlet being everywhere, and then it loses its popularity, closing most of its outlets, save for a few in a couple of larger markets, and then people who still want it drive up a distance to get to the few remaining one.

But even that will not last long. Once the habit of not reading local was broken, eventually, people don’t even want the big city papers as they can no longer relate or have real use for it.

When the smaller arteries dies, the bigger ones die as well, and that is a basic concept reporters still do not seem to be able to grasp.

Your audiences have been shrinking for decades. You are attracting grim reapers operators for a reason.

Do not expect a Reality Denier to know what the fuck is going on — they only report from the planet Deludo, and keep hoping for a miracle in Hell…

Am I the only writer who doesn't have a hate/fear for social media these days?

Reading this article in Reason magazine made me wonder just why people in the communications industries were always so terrified of social media.

I am not a fan of this publication, but they hit the nail on the head here:

Then there's the legacy media, which is also doing its damnedest to characterize tech and social media companies as not simply all-powerful, but unprecedentedly dangerous in their actual effects on our lives, dreams, and politics.

…The New York Times recently released a breathless, three-part video series called Operation Infektion about "Russian disinformation from the Cold War to Kanye." Neither of these products (and others like them) do a particular good job of explaining why new modes of media are particularly dangerous or even effective.

…The overall impact of these sorts of journalistic pieces is to add to the idea that we are in a bold new world that needs bold new solutions. Ironically, of course, those solutions are themselves older than the mummies on the Senate Judiciary Committee: breaking up businesses or heavily regulating them, typically with rules written by the very people who run them.

Reactionary, yes, and not just mainstream legacies. Foreign Policy is in on it, too:

The Internet Is Going To End Up Like Greece

When the big players get away with open fraud, trust disintegrates.

I doubt I am the only one who can handle social media. It is not the be all and end all of my existence. I write here, for instance, but I also write books, and am working on number five as we speak. There is a lot to be said about the power of the Fourth Medium.

For example, I could have never taken courses from Oxford or Harvard unless I relocated before. Now, I can and do take courses from academic institutions I respect the most. I have far more control here than what authors before me had.

Are there problems with the Internet and social media? Yes, plenty, but the distaste for it comes from the lack of instant and enduring fame and fortune that Big Tech always hinted at during its heyday. It made a lot of cheap and easy promises that people bought into, and a lot of young people became disillusioned. If the glamour factor actually was true, people honestly wouldn’t care about the intrusions. Celebrities have had reporters and paparazzi stalk them and know the colour of their gauchies for decades, and they put up with all that bullshit as those factions made money from celebrity Big Data.

And legacy media made a killing on that Big Ass Data.


And that was perfectly fine.

I always said that Big Tech’s fortunes rested on them keeping their Big Promises, and you really can’t do that for billions of people.

But if journalists think the power is going back to them, it’s not.

We don’t drive Model T’s anymore, but we didn’t go back to the horse and buggy.

We traded up.

And when the fifth medium comes along, people will flock to it because those players will make a new and different promise.

Big Tech will not be what they are now, and it will come a lot sooner than people think. Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix — they may be giants, but so were dinosaurs.

And the Internet is a transitory medium. Those salivating at breaking them up don’t seem to see that the act is most likely unnecessary.

To me, it doesn’t matter. Print, radio, television, and Internet never frightened me.

And what comes after won’t rattle my cage, either.

I study the medium, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and then make plans.

But the Victorian Left do not understand that nothing is perfect — and that includes them.

They are looking for purity perfection, and God and Goddess have better things to do with Their time than to indulge a fickle crowd who get offended by everything little motherfucking thing.

Memo to the fragile virtue-signallers: you are offended by an old song, but ignore the fact that your friends, neighbours, coworkers, siblings, and children are getting beaten and abused by their spouses? Fuck you. Navel-gazing is not cool.

Get a life, a sense of humour, morals, and some genuine courage while you’re at it.

Because if you’re trying to get some fame and fortune that way, here is the memo: it won’t work, either…

Who watches the watchmen? Snopes gets silly...again.

The Daily Caller has yet another example of Snopes fucking up.

And it is not the first time it has shown Snopes to be, well, silly.

But it has all become very meta, with fact-checkers fact-checking other fact-checkers.

All self-proclaimed, of course, and they do nothing better or differently than journalists do, and often much worse.

Facebook relies on the unempirical Snopes, which is a stupid thing to do, and my favorite Snopes screw up is this one, particularly this bit:

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 5.25.45 PM.png

It is not “misinformation”: it is just a joke. It is DIY humour and farce, making fun of serious memes that pollute social media.

Kids, don’t take it seriously.

But Snopes started as a site that debunked urban legends, which doesn’t take a lot of brain power to do. Then it branched out into something that is out of their depth, and it shows.

That you have sites such as Facebook think Snopes brings them credibility is also just plain silly.

We have no shortage of "watchmen” out there, usually with a partisan-bent, with no qualifications, and often with zero experience in journalism to actually know how stories are constructed. That is not a minor oversight. Anyone can be an armchair critic: it takes mastery and precision to know exactly where the breakdowns are, and how to fix them. Snopes lacks that, and it consistently shows. Figuring out that everyone has an uncle whose dog carried a deal rabbit home from the neighbours and he had to buy an identical one only to find out the rabbit died and wasn’t mauled by the dog isn’t hard.

Blindly believing “fact-checkers” is no better than blindly believing the press — neither has the discipline, and consistently bungle facts to the point of becoming a unintentional farce of their own.

And what would Sgt. Al Powell have to say about that?

(Just kidding!)

Is running for president a good excuse to get rid of your business?

It looks like Bloomberg News is being tweaked for sale, by getting rid of the top (read: most expensive) talent.

He could have merely placed it in blind trust, but given the climate, selling it makes more sense, and a presidential bid is a great reason to rid yourself of something that’s no longer powerful or has clout…

Harvey Weinstein and a narrative that keeps tripping victims in court. When we the courts understand the psychology of abuse?

Harvey Weinstein is out to save his miserable ass from jail. He is whining about how hard he has had it, as he tries to besmirch the woman who accused him of sexual assault.

As a strategy, it could work, but it shouldn’t.

Jian Ghomeshi got off the hook because the women he beat responded to him, and he kept those emails as an insurance policy.

Weinstein seems to be using a similar strategy.

Just because someone you abused has any kind of contact with you after the fact, doesn’t mean the assault didn’t happen or wasn’t an assault.

Let us remember one crucial fact: there have been abusive men who killed their wives, and they do not get off the hook for the murder just because the woman stayed with him.

Women go back to abusers. They often keep dating them, marrying them, having children with them, and pleading to police not to take their abuser away.

The “Marry-your-rapist” laws have been around for a long time in various places. We glorified it for decades, especially Hollywood.


We are consistent with our messages. We really don’t take the psychology of abuse when it comes to these issues. Young women get abused, blame themselves, go back, and often end up in a pine box. When it gets to that extreme, then we get 48 Hours or Dateline NBC to chronicle what a horrible man the killer was for being so abusive as he gets a life sentence.

If he doesn’t go that far, then we blame the woman, as the judge lets him go free.

We have enough academic literature out there to have an educated guess how the dynamics of abuse work.

It would be a very good time to confront it and start making the most of it…

If 60 Minutes was always a toxic place to work, then how credible was it?

60 Minutes is getting rapped on the knuckles for what that little clique tolerated and fostered over the decades.

After how many decades?

It was a Good Old Boys club, and its original leader Don Hewitt had abused a female underling, ruining her career, and the network has had to pay her millions.

Who watched these watchmen?

No one, apparently.

It does not surprise me. I recall Spy magazine making mention of it, but as usual, no one else picked it up.

I am not surprised by this report one bit. The press is quick to praise itself and paint themselves as martyr knights, but don’t buy the hype…

Should governments pay media outlets for anything? Toronto Star, we're asking you.

Here is an interesting video from Tory MP John Brassard, and the tidbit he discloses:

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 7.55.29 PM.png

You read it right: the Liberal regime gave the Toronto Star a $355 000 contract for unnecessary work.

And the Star is a very partisan outlet to begin with, having a little war with various Tory politicians from different levels, but not disclosing who is really paying their bills.

A government regime.

And then they have the nerve to put little bullshit symbols on their propaganda.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 6.51.29 PM.png

Don’t expect the Star to do any real journalism or have any standards. They are for sale to the highest bidder, and their coverage reflects it…

When Reality Deniers choose to be journalists, bullshittery ensues, and high schoolers proves to have a greater sense of reality.

AdWeek was shocked that half of high schoolers don’t trust journalism.

And they shouldn’t. Journalism got co-opted by Reality Deniers and it shows.

Just take this piece of bullshit published by J-Source.

It is beyond oblivious. The article laments that somehow, that journalism has suddenly become stressful because the new generation are precariously employed.

Memo to J-Source: journalists were poorly-paid and precariously employed when I started out in the 1990s.

Where do you dumb fucks live? The planet Deludo?

There were big cuts for decades. Journalists always had side gigs because the pay in the profession always sucked, particularly in Canada. The difference is that previous generations lied through their teeth, and the current crop, who were sheltered as they were sold a bill of goods by their mommies and daddies who assured them that they were special Indigo Children, are aside themselves that the pay and security are truly that bad.

And in Ontario, publications such as the dysfunctional Walrus were working unpaid interns more than full-time, until the provincial government cracked down on them.

And that was in 2014.

I chronicled the bad working conditions in my latest book — and that came from covering the profession, all while working as a journalist. I tried to avoid working for Canadian media outlets because the pay was beyond a pittance, while the US publications not only paid far better, but the weak Canadian dollar made my pay check even more lucrative. It was like getting a raise every day.

There was never job security by the time the 1990s came rolling in: publishers and editors were riding in a revolving door even then, and the Matthews Media Directory was perpetually out of date. I know because I used to get the latest one, and then start verifying the names and positions as part of my research into the profession, and then charting the revolving door. Reporters were getting canned frequently as asset-squeezers took over because circulations were plummeting — and it would have been worse unless the definition of “paid subscription” wasn’t rejigged to reflect giveaway newspapers, which is a big cheat.

But my favourite quote is this knee-slapper:

It was once possible to join a newsroom and stay there for years. At the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail, a reporter who joined the newsroom prior to 2016 could expect to be making at least $90,000 a year by their sixth year of employment.

In Toronto? With the housing prices being what they are alone? And considering the jobs cuts going on even then, and the shrinkage, that is an optimistic estimate, also considering that the net and the gross are not going to be the same figure, given the clawbacks on an average Canadian check. I doubt many were pulling anywhere near that much, given the modest staffs these publications have had for about the last twenty-five years.

So the article is a big pile of bullshit with fuck all to it. As usual.

No wonder a new generation don’t believe journalists. They truly are full of shit.

If they cannot be counted on to accurately reflect the reality of their own fucked up profession, then they cannot be trusted to cover anything else…

Memo to Vox: "no-platforming" doesn't work because no one is reading your bullshit, either.

Vox is a moron’s publication that is filled with sophistry, and mostly just motherfuckery.

They don’t get reality. They are Reality Deniers, Left-wing Edition, Subsection, Millennial Ass-Kissers.

They are gleeful that professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos is broke, and speculate the reason is that “no-platforming” (i.e., collective demand for censorship) is to blame.

No, it isn’t. That is an illusion.

Imagine you not having cancer, and then someone gives you a pill, and says you are now cancer-free.

Did the pill cure you?

That’s bullshit: you were never sick to begin with.

That is the delusion these Reality Deniers cannot face is one: they are bitching and kvetching on the Troll Scroll, banning people who no one was ever actually reading.

What people like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos did was court media attention by being obnoxious trolls and assholes. The press, who are lazy and have no idea what this “news” thing is, gave them loads of publicity, never noticing their own ratings and circulations plummet.

Then these hucksters, who have all sorts of carny tricks to seem as if they have social media followers, get one of the now Sister Five to pay them big bucks for a book deal. They get paid as pundits — and that’s how they make their money.

It is hype, aided and abetted by journalists.

Then these grifters push their luck and keep going for the gutter, trying to keep in the spotlight, and they push one step too far, frighten a jittery press who all run away because they are looking for a safe and sure thing with zero effort, trolls on Twitter rant like idiots, and then the scheme collapses.

The outlets who paid thinking they had some sort of find or get, stop footing the bills, and the house of cards collapses.

But the numbers aren’t really there to ever justify the lavish attention.

Not even the hate watchers.

Everything is inflated. No-platforming doesn’t work because there is no real platform to begin with.

It’s a sham.

You have people play up to the press, buy fake followers, and put on a dog and pony show, and then they are somehow “celebrities” or controversial newsmakers.

And Vox ought to know it is all a shell-game considering they aren’t a very popular publication.

I have a small, but stable readership here. I had a much bigger one a decade ago with Chaser News, but even back then, I could see the writing on the wall. You don’t have much to work with given the climate and the me-focused population who would rather look at their own social media feed than get genuinely informed.

And now they are even boring themselves as they are also abandoning their own outlets.

I don’t try to drum up business for myself. I spend nothing on advertising. I post links on Tumblr and Twitter automatically, but the bulk of my audience come from searching for something on a search engine, stumbling on me, looking at the “Who is She?” section, and then sticking around.

And to these people, thank you. Thank you for being your own thinkers and making your own decision to stay.

That’s the audience I want: the ones who think for themselves, and arrive here absolutely on their own volition.

Tomorrow, some trolls may target me and have Twitter and Tumblr censor me.

It will not make a dent because I don’t “work” those sites.

This is my base of operations, and I am in a good place with that.

Memo to Raj Grewal: When you are in the hot seat, you don't get to call the shots.

The more disgraced MP Raj Grewal and his proxies speak, the worse it becomes.

His lawyer had the nerve to decree that everything is now a “private personal family matter” because, they are alleged to have paid off his massive gambling debt.

No, it is not now a “private personal family matter.” That is utter bullshit. It is a matter of national security, and now they are up to their eyeballs in it.

If they paid it off now, they could have paid it off before it hit the fan. We know nothing about his family or how they have the means to cancel out his seven-figure debt so quickly.

And now does he owe them favours? How does he repay them, especially on an MP’s modest salary?

The matter gets more serious at every turn, especially as Mr. Grewal and his proxies seem both parts arrogant and oblivious to the nature of the problem. Gambling, by its very nature, involves nothing but a criminal element, from loan sharks to bookies. He did not get into debt by playing too many scratchies.

And they absolutely knew who he was, and these characters are just going to be honourable and allow him to gamble without trying to get an in of some kind?

Absolutely not. He was in debt in seven figure territory, and that’s enough to kick him out of the door.

He is radioactive, no matter what.

And this matter is of national security.

And perhaps even global in scope.

That his proxies are trying to contain a nuclear bomb is outrageous.

If the Prime Minister lets it go, he, too can no longer be trusted to have the best interests of the country, and no amount of trying to deflect attention by using words such as “sanctimonious” and “ambulance-chasers” is going to cover up the dire nature of this country’s reality.

At the very least, an inquiry is in order — for Grewal, and Tony Clement. Both of them have no business in government affairs. Period.

The “I have an illness” narrative may explain it, but it doesn’t excuse it. They are exploitable and vulnerable to criminal elements.

MPs have had an easy ride for far too long. If either one or both gets a free pass, you know for certainty that this nation is in the crosshairs of organized criminal elements and terrorists.

It will be too easy for them.

And the way this country has no laws, regulations, protocols, or morals to begin with — we are already at someone’s mercy, yet have no idea about it…

The Confirmation Bias and the Death of George 41: why aren't we looking at Bill Clinton's War?

Many Left-wing partisan outlets are having a field day slagging the corpse of dead president George Bush. It is cheap and easy filler.

But Democracy Now is indulging in some serious confirmation bias with a piece about how Bush’s Gulf War had been sparked by real war propaganda generated by Hill & Knowlton with the pseudo-testimony of a teenaged girl named Nayirah who claimed Iraqi soldiers killed Kuwaiti babies by taking them out of incubators and leaving them on the floor to die.

It is recounted in detail in my first book, and it is a stand-out example of you don’t have to be a good or logical lair to fool journalists. As far as bullshit stories go, it is one of the worst.

But having reporters placing the blame on a dead president is even bigger bullshit.

John R. MacArthur, who was the one who broke the origin scam, was on the panel, and he goes on at length about how journalists back then were doing good work.

No, they weren’t. They were lazy assholes who parroted press releases. Don’t try to be a revisionist. The reportage back then was absolutely horrid on every level, and Western journalist have a lot to answer for in their bullshittery.

George Bush got the war because the press demanded the war. They were the ones who kept going on about dead babies.

And yes, I have the original articles, transcripts, and broadcasts to back up my claims because I am doing exhaustive research for my next project.

And every reporter MacArthur cites in that interview put out bullshit. So let us not play a game of make pretend.

But the Democracy Now segment is interesting in that they are trying to manipulative and frame a narrative that somehow George Bush was a bad man because he was a Republican…

Yeah, except Bill Clinton did a whole lot worse and he was a Democrat. Not only did his policies allow vested interests to shape it, it is under his watch that modern Middle East terrorism flourished.

And he had been directly warned about it.

If we had an honest press, there would be different conversation going on: why does the media spew war propaganda?

And how come political ideology has never served as any antidote to bloodshed?

George Bush did what every US president before and after him have done. He is not a special president.

So when this kind of partisan propaganda gets spewed, you have to be very careful not to fall for the spin, and realize it is a game of misdirection, and a highly manipulative one at that…

The Cut gets ageist, sexist and racist, then scrubs the evidence.

The Cut did something very, very bad: they made a decree, without a single fact to back it up that a successful actress who is not American married a successful US celebrity for her fame, and defamed her, calling her a “global scam artist.”

Not surprisingly, people got very angry, and the Cut deleted the article, but the updated one before the deletion can be found here.

But their excuse for maligning both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is very clinical and terse:

Upon further editorial review, we found this story did not meet our standards. We’ve removed it and apologize.

There were no facts. Just an assumption that American men are stupid and gullible, and Indian women are conniving and wicked.

Was the article racist? To an extreme. Was it sexist? To an extreme. If you are going to make those kinds of accusations, you do have to have lots of facts backing it up.

Les Moonves, for example, has been accused of extremist actions that would have been offensive to utter without proof — but with evidence, it is a completely different matter. That people who know Chopra well are infuriated speaks volumes to the chances that the piece had fuck all to it.

The article was vile. Had Jonas been the older one in the dynamic, no one would have said it; so it was also ageist. It picked on every one of Chopra’s personal attributes, and that is truly shocking.

And then they scrubbed the evidence, which, I don’t agree with at all: you are not undoing any of the damage, but hiding your own sins, hoping people will forget, and that is tantamount to a lie.

Chopra and Jonas can stand up for themselves, but that something like this hate piece can be published in a mainstream publication is mystifying…

The strange world of Reality Deniers.

I find Truthout to be very silly.

Here they are slagging a dead president in an article, and then beg for money because fewer people are reading their slagging.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 12.11.29 AM.png

You are not “independent news.” You are Left-wing propaganda, and it costs no money to say something easy like George 41 was an Establishment president. Duh.

But welcome to the world of the Reality Deniers who do not know what is real and what is fake.


They think they know, but they always run to the lie.


I had my fill as a teenager of the lies of the press, and I said enough.


People treat Reality Deniers with kid gloves, lest the snowflakes are inconvenienced.

Never mind the kind of hell the rest of the world endures in the name of protecting a few psychopathic and manipulative cowards.

The fortresses Reality Deniers have created are huge and thick, but they are built on lies.

They rigged the battleground, and then covered up the battleground with distorting mirrors.

Enough is enough.

It is time to uncover the battleground, and show the rigs, but not in the old ways that no longer work.

The Reality Deniers are getting brazen, thinking they can just do whatever they wish. See drunk drivers ride around, and one police department want to shame them because nothing else is working.

Because Reality Deniers are allowed to throw tantrums, feign victimhood, misdirect by villainizing people who they destroy, and rig laws to work in their favour.

But there is another method to dealing with Reality Deniers.

And it is more than just exposing them.

It is turning over their own rules, and being the Nightmare of Reality.

But not in the traditional way that journalism once did.

That doesn’t work because that profession got infected with Reality Deniers, and fucked up the profession.

So, there comes a time when you have to get the joke, and find the right mindset to deal with those cowards and liars.

And turn the world into a laboratory, and a stage.

That’s what I intend to do.

And that is your message from…


Watching the collapse of rot from the Sparrow's Nest.

France 24 is a bullshit news agency, and some of their articles adhere to the old Establishment rules, making them comical.

Like how Canada is “desperate” to fill 400,000+ jobs.

No, we are losing jobs left and right here. It is frightening how fast and furious the bloodletting has been here, and how many well-groomed beggars we have in “good areas” these days.

And how television news is “holding its ground”.

I wouldn’t bet on that, either.

The Winter of Discontent is here. Stalwarts such as the Right-leaning Weekly Standard are in serious trouble.

The Drudge Report is probably the only newsy out there that is still viable, and there are no end to the stories about the collapsing profession.

Drudge reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s The Endless character Death who is the one designated to close up everything the last news property bites the dust.

Speaking of television, it looks like the network that gives you 60 Minutes had an overlord that was destroying evidence of his bad deeds. Les Moonves was a naughty boy, but was the driving force of a media outlet.

How much of the facts do you think you know come from watching a network that allowed that kind of garbage to happen?

The rot is collapsing all around journalism. It was never dealt with when it was manageable, and now the piper is busy collecting what it owed.

The Tacoma News Tribune is laying off 67 people. Mic is also going into the toilet. Thomson Reuters is letting go 3200 people over the next two years.

Any journalist want to lie in public and pretend the profession hasn’t collapsed?

Yes, there are those who think maybe because the Washington Post is saying it is hiring, there is hope.

Give it a few months, they will be slashing. This game is nothing new.

The Reality Deniers run journalism and gather news stories. If they were doctors, they would tell a terminally ill cancer patient there is hope because they still have a few normal cells left in their bodies, and fuck all the cancer growing.

Cowardice makes liars of an entire profession.

And as I watch from the Sparrow’s Nest, I see the starving predators go after each other in a frenzy.

And it is an ugly, pathetic sight…

Memo to Vanity Fair: Online garbage like Vice, Vox, and Buzzfeed produced bullshit fairytales for cowards. That's why they are tanking.

Vanity Fair, has some bullshit trying to use a brain cell to figure out why garbage like Vox, Vice, and BuzzFeed aren’t working:


Vice, Vox, and BuzzFeed, among other companies that once heralded the dawn of a new media age, are now grappling with decidedly old-media problems.

Because they produced bullshit fairytales for cowards. They had nothing real to offer. They snarked, and produced garbage that was worse than what traditional bullshitters were puking out.

The motherfuckery seemed hip to shut-in nerds and reality deniers, but they offered no substance.

The played it safe, and the reason garbage like BuzzFeed could get dumbass investors to give them Benjamins during funding rounds.

And investors are timid wankers who look for safe.

They hate calculated risks because that requires brains, heart, balls/ovaries, and then take lunatic gambles instead.

BuzzFeed is fragmented bullshit, while Vice is sexist bullshit.

Vox is pathetic sophistry emo bullshit.

And not a single one of these smug bullshitters reinvented journalism. They didn’t improve it, or produce a single story of any value. They are the trailer park of the profession.

Because that would take guts, and none of these egotists have it.

These are journalism’s feral and neglected progeny, rooting around the profession’s dump and cobbling together whatever garbage they thought they should settle for.

And we wonder why journalism collapsed?

Vanity Fair should get a clue once in a while and stop churning out this kind of clueless garbage; it’s not journalism, either…

Macron blinks, proving that rioting is the best medicine.

There is an old Serbian saying that Nice and Stupid are two brothers.

I always say, maybe, but they aren’t the same person.

People snapped and rioted, and the government had to relent.

If ex-pat Serbs were that forceful during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, they wouldn’t have been painted as the villains, and Western nations would have had to report and see the war for what it truly was, but Serbs tried reasoning to their devastation.

I remember when you had union workers in Canada used to do more than strike: they would turn over cars, and then the rich, who are cowards who have everything to lose, had to behave like human beings.

But then you had PR campaigns co-opt the next generation, making having a working class job or being in a union sound degrading, and then you had gullible workers look down on unions who then lost a lot of clout.

While completely ignoring the fact that the rich have their own unions, and we call those lobby groups.

It is the reason you have super-rich robber barons, and the trampling of worker’s rights. It is also the reason journalism collapsed.

Because they started aligning with those robber barons as they connived themselves out of a job and destroyed their own industry.

People who get a little power over someone else become decrepit and they will abuse workers and would chain them to their cubicles if they could.

You need checks and balances in society because sometimes you are the monster who needs to be slapped back with sensibility because your decrees become psychopathic and vile because nothing is ever good enough for you, and you get greedy and demanding more and more, thinking you are owed everything, and motherfucker, you’re not.

The Gilets Jaunes, have let the French government know that they are being insufferable assholes and exploded.

It would be nice if you could say to people politely to back the fuck off, and stop trying to shake you down. People have a horrible tendency to think just because there is goodwill and politeness, that somehow, there is stupidity and weakness to exploit.

#MeToo was once that kind of collective explosion until the Democrats usurped the movement and turned it into a big, whiny, mess. That’s the reason it got fucked up and was reduced to a whimper.

But when power proves to be tyrannical, it needs a counterbalance to show that it is all an illusion, and that goodwill is not the same as being superior and invincible.

It would be nice if humans evolved with a modicum of morality, but sadly, all they seem to do is look for new skins, masks, and scripts to put on to pretend they have a moral or intellectual edge, and can now do whatever wicked thing crosses their minds.

In France, Macron was forced to see that eality. He has been behaving horribly, and the dose of reality came by means of rioting. It is unfortunate, but seems to be the only language the brutes in suits actually comprehend…

Tweaking the noses of the puritanical neo-Victorians: Misdirecting the middle class locksteppers has never been easier.

Rubbing the noses of American neo-Victorians has never been simpler.


CNN is shitting its pants.

American presidents have been responsible for untold deaths over the decades, but a high-five between world leaders is just too horrid for words.

And journalists keep lying to the public because they are assholes.


No, assholes: they goad presidents into sending armies to kill people; so they use guns by proxy.

Fuck you, propagandists.

But that is a propaganda poster, and a very bad one to boot.

Journalism should never have been neo-Victorian chicken shit.

It was supposed to be about facts. Give information, not go into a helmet-haired tizzy.

No wonder world leaders have found cheap and easy ways to tell the press to go fuck themselves.

They have become the rebels who know how to play the gullible press who have been reduced to being old biddies gasping because people do not abide by their ridiculous fake rules.

The self-oppression of the middle class is the purest form of sanctioned insanity.

People make fun of those delicate flowers of the Victorian Era and of those bored housewives of the 1950s, but they are far, far more repressed than any other time in modern history.

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.

Yes, but who would have thought that people would willingly shackle themselves, throw away the key, then judge others who think that is just plain nuts?

If the morons at CNN expected Trump to say anything, they are truly losers. You cannot slag him for everything he does, and then expect him to be your concierge.

The press has no idea what a leader is supposed to do, and neither does the public.

The ignorance of the neo-Victorians is blaring. They move the goalposts because the truth is they want to confine leaders to being Santa Claus the Butler who is doomed to fail. Bribe us or we’ll bully and blackmail you.

When we get AI instead of humans running our countries, that ought to take care of things.

A computer doesn’t give a flying fuck that you’re offended. It will just be given data and spit out who gets to live and die based on an algorithm.

If you demand too much, then the software can cut its losses by cutting you out, and save on resources.

And that’s the ultimate tweaking of an offended public…and it’s coming.

But cloning world leaders? I don’t think so…

Big Tech may be crumbling, but journalism was FUBAR long before that: revisionist bullshit stories are just bullshit.

Apple used to be about innovation.

Now it is about censorship, propaganda, and dictatorship — and the reason Big Tech is imploding.

Tim Cook has made a bullshit decree, about how “hate” has no place in Big Tech…and yet Big Tech has manipulated, controlled, censored, spied, and betrayed users at every turn.

Go fuck yourself, you miserable hypocrite.

Then the Washington Post’s clueless toady, Margaret Sullivan is actively trying revisionist propaganda, but she lacks the intelligence for it, and her transparent stupidity is something I chronicled repeatedly in my latest book, but this one takes the dummy cake:

The digital-media bubble is bursting. That’s hurting a generation of promising young journalists.

Nice try, moron, but journalism fucked itself up way before that. Big Tech got away with shit because few people understood their con games, and journalists fellated those Big Tech Boys until they started to lose their jobs without reinventing themselves.

Don’t blame Big Tech for your decades-long professional incompetence, you asshole. Fuck you.

And the self-serving bitchfest doesn’t end. We have garbage being spewed how Big Tech is so bad, but nothing about how journalists kissed their asses with question for decades. The robber barons got away with it because journalism is a profession filled with nerds and cheerleading dummies who never question anything.

Big Tech is just another version of Donald Trump: they kiss their asses until they realize they were nothing more than discarded pawns, and then they remember to point out all the things they knew all along, but buried.

And never take any responsibility or have anything resembling a learning curve.

So fuck them all.

Big Tech is in a heap of big trouble, and journalism is already a dead profession.

I have been saying this for a long time — ignored and uncredited, of course, but I am on record for pointing all of this out long before it was posh.

2019 is going to be a very different year. The Limousine Liberals are going to be in serious trouble. Big Tech and journalism will both see very different, but unprecedented implosions. The Champagne Socialists are in for a rude awakening when their Limousine Liberal parents are forced to cut them off for survival once more — and without Big Tech enabling their delusions, the Indigo children are about to find out exactly why they are called that: because life if about to beat them black and blue.

But the implosions will not be outrages. They will not be violent, mass protests. There will be too much shock and unpredictable turns for that to happen. There won’t be civil wars or revolutions.

The social engineers miscalculated a lot of things, and they are trying to sweep things under the rug, as Apple is doing with their overt censorship. They learned nothing from the fall of journalism: you can censor and ignore things all you want, but once people had freedom that you take away, you become Public Enemy Number One, and then you’re fucked. You don’t have Steve Jobs to bail you out this time.

People don’t need apps, especially when things go south for them. Once people are stymied without their distractions, they will see how piss poor they were all along — and that having a godphone and tats doesn’t make them middle class.

When that reality sinks in, it will be a whole new ball game.

And then the Sucker Circus unveils a brand-new act to shock and amaze…

A Dangerous Woman Story Studio update

It looks like there will be one more One Shot coming in a week.


It is one that was half-written since about 2014, and was patiently waiting its turn in the queue, and now seems like a good time to finish it.

I didn’t think I would have the time, but there is actually one more One Shot from this series, along with a couple of stories in the magazine, but I want to finish them all in 2019 because I want to get to the next leg of the story arc.

As for the first wave of Magnus Lyme Mysteries, there are three more in the popper, and I am working on the next one called Chick Bait. I am eager to get through these as well so the second wave of stories can be done — ones where Miss Lyme is infiltrating the Circle in the Sky and romancing Dr. Hunter Colby. We know a lot about her first love Dwennon Garrison as he has been spun-off into his own mystery series of short stories, but very little about the enigmatic Dr. Colby. Dwennon wasn’t supposed to be a character: he was to be her unnamed first boyfriend with his older brother Felix in one of her short stories; but then Dwennon seemed to speak to me, and my plans had changed.

I make no secret that I adore four male characters: Dwennon, Hammond Hughes, Phil Lipton, and Theodore Nathanial, and out of that list, Phil is the most patient as I had him in an unpublished manuscript since my early twenties with no connection to Magnus Lyme. Eventually, when I began writing in a Matriarchal-style, the two characters clicked, and paths opened wide for me.

I have an art book I have to do, and that means A Dangerous Woman will most likely be on hiatus until June, and it is the reason I want to squeeze in one more short story.

I have another series in the works that is structural in nature, and the novella will have two separate and unrelated stories told in the same novel style. When this will come out, I have no idea.

I have a course to finish, a move, and a book to write, among many other things, but I am still actively working on Dangerous Woman stories and venture in general. My problem is to find a profitable way to take it to another level. There is a definite readership for them, and there is a supportive base for them, but I need to shore up and settle a few things after surviving a shocking, unpredictable, and horrific year.

I need to look after myself, as well. It has been a shitty year, but I triumphed. It is hard to believe that I got through everything that fell on my head at the same time. You heard of the trope “dropped a bridge on him”?

Well, someone dropped a universe on me, hoping to keep me dead and buried, but never mess with an eccentric Serbian punk.

We survived holocausts and oppression, and we are still around to tell you how much all the Establishments suck.

And we don’t forget. We are stubborn little punks.

So there is much in the cosmos that has a lot to answer for to me personally, but my life still goes full steam ahead.

The scoreboard this year?

Universe 0, Alexandra Kitty ∞.

And I wasn’t looking for a fight. I was looking to teach others innovative and important things as I write books, and do constructive and kind things in the world as I looked after my family and animals.

C’est la vie, motherfuckers.

I go on with my life with my favourite character of them all, a prim and proper punk by the name of Magnus Demeter Lyme, who is there with her adoring creator all the way.

Stay tuned…

Bad journalism and why Chaser has become my driving force.

I have been writing about perception misaligning with reality for a long time — since 2005 when my first book was published, and multiple times here.

My undergraduate thesis was on the topic, after all, and it is something I know well.

After all, my book through A Dangerous Woman Story Studio Dr. Verity Lake’s Journey of a Thousand Revelations studies the phenomenon, and her signature course is Truth, Perception, and the Nature of Reality.

So the Atlantic’s inferior copy of my musings were of interest to me.

Reading and listening to this ignorant bullshit from oblivious motherfuckers reminded me why journalism needs an alternative.

Because journalism is akin to reading a medical book, and then deciding that you can now be a doctor.

That’s what we have, and that’s not acceptable.

Not anymore.

Chaser is empirical. It is more than just an art or craft — but an actual science.

And when I read bullshit from the Atlantic, it makes me more determined to combat their kind of cancerous garbage that pollutes the information stream to do it in a more professional way…